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Love Attraction Secret for WOMEN (Alcohol Free) Love Attraction Secret for WOMEN (Alcohol Free)

Love Attraction Secret for WOMEN (Alcohol Free)


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How about it?

Before, I ordered another company's pheromone perfume, but there was no effect.
I decided to buy by reading the word of mouth.
Since evaluation can not be done yet, ★ It is one.


June 28, 2010


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I am disappointed.

It is the first time to purchase a pheromone perfume Because I do not know which one is good I decided to look at reviews, but the smell is smelly with the smell of hairdressing that an elderly man is wearing.
I can not attract myself to this smell, but rather avoid it.
I do not do any smell of adult women.
Because it costs shipping costs, I purchased secret and angel, but both are smelly and can not be attached. I have done useless shopping. I want to return it.
I thought at first that the review would not be helpful.


March 15, 2017


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Reverse love affair

I will try hard to recover the person who was deprived with the reverse perfume perfume.


August 14, 2010


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The scent is ...

I decided to buy a review but the fragrance .... I thought that it can be avoided by this with a fragrance that can not be said anything like grandma.
I think I will smell this scent from myself .... Since fragrance disappears after a while, I want to try it because it is so much, but is it effective even if the scent got thin?
I am sorry to have expected it.
First of all, I think that there is no failure and there is a sample that can smell it.
Since I have not used it yet ★ It is one, I will report again if there is an effect!


June 20, 2012


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Since it is the first purchase ...

I am trying hard on my husband to notice my character's reflections

I would like my husband to hug me again, I'd like to thank enough for it and make every effort to match each day

Personally I often saw "calming myself" in the word of mouth, so I decided to try once, once the attitude and number of mouths are overrunning, I can settle for too much me


March 24, 2011


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How about the effect?

Although I got lost, I decided after looking at the word-of-mouth.
Is the effect still yet?


January 16, 2011


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I am sorry, it is dry.

Although I purchased a premium before, although I did not feel a gaudy effect, I did not feel bad comfort and I felt somewhat feeling that my feelings would rise so I applied for a secret monitor this time and got a free sample, but uh ... Iron Iran and the scent of rose, but I did not accept it at all. I put it on the back of the ear or on the neck, but I felt sick for a while. I have not used it since. It seems that it was not suitable for me though I chose it as a nail monitor. Excuse me.
Thank you very much.


February 15, 2016


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Want to Make \ (^ O ^) /

When I looked at other companies' pheromone perfume, it was a lie in hype and it was a lie as well as reviews, but this review was also good, so this review was good and the price was also reasonable, so I decided to purchase ☆ Now, I There is a person who is worried and I have a drinking party next week Because I thought that I wanted to use it at that time! I'd like to evaluate it in the postscript after reaching it and it arrives ♪ I'm getting delicious ~ ~ ~!


April 14, 2011


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This smell is kinda. . .

I did not like it so I gave it to my mother. It seems good for my mother like incense type.
He is talking about pheromone effect and he is also curious.
I heard that nearly 70 mothers seem to have no interest or hope for the effect of consciousness of men on flukka, but I feel that the feelings become bright and I feel like to be active.
Certainly, even if I look sideways it is such a feeling.


April 26, 2014


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Unfortunately it seemed not to me (T_T) I did not like the smell, it did not work.


June 27, 2018


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