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Love Attraction Secret for WOMEN (Alcohol Free) Love Attraction Secret for WOMEN (Alcohol Free)

Love Attraction Secret for WOMEN (Alcohol Free)


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※ These reviews reflect each customer's personal experience. Please note that they do not guarantee you will get the same or similar result.
The reviews on this website include those for Love Attraction Secret for WOMEN (Alcohol Free), which is sold only in Japan. Please also note that alcohol-containing products cannot be shipped to international addresses.

The fragrance is subtle ...

Because evaluation was high, I decided to buy a secret next to Jasmine.
Fragrance ... 100 It was awfully shocking that it looked like a soap scented perfume that seemed to be evenly ... It was my feeling to the last but ... It was a scent with no luxury and I should have bought a fragrance free I regret it ....
There is no effect yet.

Chestnut tree

July 28, 2012


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It can not be used everyday ...

The fragrance is the strongest among the things I have used so far.
And because I do not like the fragrance so much I can only put on one push at the most.
It is a nice feeling that other things are good for 3 push, but ... I personally feel that romance and scent are similar.
Unfortunately I do not agree with romance, I think that there is no repeat here either.
I will use up because it is a waste, but I think I will stop putting it near the..
* It is reevaluation from one star to ** star two.
The fragrance has become accustomed to somehow and no longer feel bad. I feel that the advantage lasts longer than other objects.
Perhaps it is good for those who can not be attached frequently.


February 06, 2016


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Well ...

After all it seems that this effect also depends on people · · ·. It may be that there is also a matter of taste of the scent of the other person after that.

Love attraction / secret Starting using, it is almost time for the first one to disappear, but there is no change in the surroundings.

On the contrary, the person who wanted to turn to the direction which expected the change to the best direction is in the workplace, but since starting to wear this scent, from where you will speak frankly, I feel like I was placed. · (P __`.). ゚ ·

Before attaching, I was casually talking to you ....

But ★ ★, because I like the scent itself.


October 05, 2011


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I would like to try hard to get the power of this perfume because I have not been able to actively so far,

I will report again when there is a change.


April 16, 2011


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A rich scent ... in a hot season

I tried using a secret. Hot summer · · ·, I was not able to wear it to the upper body with too much aroma, so I made it fragrance from my feet. There seems to be effects ... But I interrupted the use in 2 days to a scent that is too thick to replace "mu" m (_ _) m Also, I will try using it in a cold season. Until then, ★ × 2. I will evaluate again ~ (~ ω ~;))))


August 22, 2013


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I will continue a little more.

I bought a boyfriend that I'm going to attract for two years. This secret has a strong smell, I felt it smells like a smell from those who were old. (I was not very good at it. \)
Actually attached, it was shocked that my boyfriend said "Oloness like smell!" (', _ __) I did not think that way, but how to feel is each person. I think that I like a sweet system, so I would like to challenge a sweet perfume this time!


October 03, 2016


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It smells. . . .

I purchased it because it is very appreciated, but the scent is too maddam. Moreover, I think that sustainability is good.
I only used it a couple of times, so I do not know the effect.
~ ~ ~ !!!
It is a feeling which it is said what to do.


December 16, 2014


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I expected to have

Hoping that the night life with him will be more fun ...

Planning is

April 13, 2011


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The fragrance ...

I bought it because it was a highly rated review.
The scent never suited me.
It is said that the grandmother's smell or the smell of a toilet .... I am concerned whether this fragrance will hate men.
So, I attach it as soon as possible and skip the scent.
The degree of effect is ... especially unchanged.
Next time, I will try another scent.

Gourmet toiga

May 15, 2013


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Adult scent

The reviews are very good and I bought it.
Turning on, milf, just the smell of adults, maybe not very good ...


May 20, 2015


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Is it a scent of men's taste?

Even though someone found this scent, I thought it was a moment when I turned on, similar to a grandmother who is wearing a crisp cheap perfume, similar to the smell when I passed each other.
But expecting the effect, the time when the husband comes back home, 3 push, because it is effective for the person to whom the pheromone wears, I think that it is near my nose, the fragrance of the aroma stimulates the surroundings in my chest · I put on the earlobe so that the scent reaches my husband.
Privately, I did not like it because of the grandmother 's smell, but my husband said that she smelled like good ... so I kept my nose kissed.
I think that there is liking for scents, I did not think that this scent was received by my husband. Even from the surrounding men, it was said that it smells nice, but ... There were no special changes, just being able to praise the fragrance.
On my own, I did not like this scent and there was no special effect, so I made it two.


September 05, 2012


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I felt sustained scent

This fragrance did not suit me. I am not good at the fragrance of the image like an aunt wearing. From the morning to the early afternoon the scent did not fit and I could not concentrate much on other things.


May 13, 2017


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Unrequited love

I am in love that can not tell people.
I want to have it all but ...

Someday · · · with expectation.

With this evaluation because there is spirit and there is spirit and it is not yet fulfilled.


April 03, 2011


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Not good

It smells like an incense with a dull smell, like the elderly smell .... I did not understand the effect well ^ ^;


October 27, 2015


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I expected to have

I'm feeling half-trusting how effective it is ... I will try it ww


November 11, 2010


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I do n’t like the smell

As soon as I put it on, it was an irritating fragrance of cosmetics that turned back and forth.
The image is the aroma of thick makeup.
Why is it so word-of-mouth?
I bought it because of its good word of mouth. . .
The taste of scent is really different for each person.


November 21, 2019


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I'm looking for a dark scent that will get colder and get warmer.
Although it is not plundering, I am thinking to attach it as an amulet that approaches my favorite person.


November 07, 2010


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Well ...

I recently wanted to meet her grazing boyfriend after a long time and bought it with alcohol free.
At first, I did not like the smell when I wore it, but I came caught, but if I had the effect I thought it was Gaman! Although my boyfriend endured, my boyfriend is not reacting, I do not like the scent I like I could not concentrate and immediately washed off with a shower.
Then they sticky!
You probably did not like your boyfriend either.
Still I do not intend to completely deny the pheromones, so I would like to try other scents!

Kari Pu

September 05, 2018


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There is a smell ...

I tried buying thinking that it is good in the word-of-mouth. The scent looks like the cosmetics used by my grandmother, and I feel sick further when my physical condition is bad (* _ * \)
I do not feel the effect of pheromone too much, maybe I like a smell with a slightly light feeling.


March 23, 2018


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Somehow an adult scent

This fragrance was my first purchase, but it looked like an adult, it was like a soapy scent.
It is not my image so much, so I personally prefer it.


September 11, 2018


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