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Love Attraction Secret for WOMEN (Alcohol Free) Love Attraction Secret for WOMEN (Alcohol Free)

Love Attraction Secret for WOMEN (Alcohol Free)


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The effect is tremendous. But the smell may be preference

The fragrance and preference can be divided.

But, I also thought that it was a bit difficult to use at the beginning, but I became flattening while using it.

I think that there is a great effect.
As I put it on, the closeness of her husband with the elementary school son is close!
In a situation where we are sitting on a holiday with a son and a husband on the sofa, I can not relax much.
Another time I heard that the husband who entered the room said "It smells like" It's a smell like "I heard that perfume is attached?", He says "smell of pheromone rather than rather" I was surprised.
It seems to be meaningful when I feel sexy, but of course that situation is not the case. I was surprised that somehow appealed to human animal sense, I thought that pheromone perfume is amazing!
In terms of scent ★ It is one minus, but the effect is ◎, so I will try again in future.


July 23, 2016


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Effective textile

I held an exchange party while drinking delicious sake with cozy friends.

Praised being praised.
We did it 2 to 2

I was the protagonist, the two men were in a state of melody.
I am married, but an adult male

It is a pleasure to be able to interact with gentlemen.
My spring is near coming.
Continue to enjoy your company's perfume

I will use it as an amulet.


February 18, 2016


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Adult scent

I felt Iran Iran's fragrance was strong The taste of fragrance may be divided

But it was told from the partner that it is "good fragrance"

This may be a secret effect as men become gentle


September 16, 2016


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Even though I brush a woman! !

I saw other mouths and thought about buying it!
I was worried a while ago as if my husband was cheating.
I also feel like having a child and throwing away a woman a little.
With the power of this perfume, I tried to buy a warrior to a woman like a single era, if I could harvest my husband again.


April 22, 2010


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Soon to be friends

An adult woman smells.
I stick it to the neck as much as a half push, but the next male is getting closer.
It was a difficult impression, but I became very good friends from the first day.
When I told you to go to the hospital, "I will go with you."


March 02, 2016


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Together with the second day ♪

I thought he wanted to get close to him, I thought I wanted to approach even a bit, I tried a secret! There is no noticeable progress with him yet, but it has been effective for other men ( Lol\)
I was invited to older men "Let's go to rice by all means!" I was surprised honestly because I had never been told before.
Although he is concerned, although there is no conspicuous progress, I feel that I feel somewhat. So, I became able to think more confidently. I feel that this is also effective. But I will aim for more clear progress! I feel better ♪


February 17, 2016


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If you give up as if it is not effective with your wrist ...

Since Venus had an effect, it purchased premium, kore one after another. The premium was effective with double formulation, but secret is one more thing. I liked the scent so I was using it by inertia for aroma purpose rather than pheromone effect.
A story of the last night.
I somewhat changed the place from wrist to neck. It was a while before my husband came home.
Well, it is wonderful ('艸 `)

A pale-haired husband changed his hand!
Even though I was busy with each other after giving birth, fatigue was gathered due to lack of sleep, I could not feel like that.

And it was fierce (゚ Д ゚; \)
It is an event four hours after one pushed left and right of the neck.

Cat's wife

February 06, 2014


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I buy a variety of perfumes in various ways and enjoy the fragrance.
The thing that I felt when I tried this is that the partner is usually irritated to everything in many cases and the relations between the partners are not very good and it is getting cold, but when putting on it is calming a little bit more than usual, so it works !? There is something I think.
I told you that it smells nice.
I am wondering if I can spare a little more calm.
I want to reprint this place when it is gone.


October 20, 2015


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Effective! What?

I had the chance to see him the other day for the first time in a while, so I took this and met.
Then ... that day I touched somehow and I was hugged (lol \)
I was wearing it on the back side of the neck, I sprinkled my face there and said "It smells good", so I think it is clearly this (because I did not put perfume on the other \)
Although I did not purchase for a while, it seems to be indebted to me again (lol)


July 17, 2015


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For the night ...

Secret is a fragrance ingredient Rose and Iran Iran, both of which I like my favorite fragrance. But I tried this time with a little bit of anxiety about how it would be okay if it was blended?
Reached and used, it feels a bit richer than Iran Iran alone.
Is it a feeling of a deep adult scent? I do not dislike it.
So, as for the person with the most important effect, I feel that it is being made gentle from men.
It feels like I'm in contact as a woman properly.
I feel like a night when I put a secret somehow.
So, I do not feel a big difference from other scents effectively, but I think that secret is to be distinguished from other scents as for night use.


February 17, 2016


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I was surprised at the speed of the effect.

I was attracted by a secret name called secret, and tried it immediately.
It was a bit different from the imagination, that the scent was not so strong. I was a little worried for a moment that? The effect was also thin?
To my company's boss, I was briefly spoken to you, I happened to think it was in my mind, but those who visit the company, those who delivered, do not see eyes with women other than me Feeling, my colleagues saw only you, right? It is enough to be told many times. I had no such thing so far, but I was perplexed, but I realized that, thanks to inner secret, this secret. Also, I would like to try other scents.


February 17, 2016


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I might like this smell as well *

This smell may be my first favorite * I always use it mixed with other perfumes, but I smell gentle without it *

I have been keeping it for hours, but when I met a person I liked it was better to think that it would be better after a while ??? * I thought that the approach from men was a bit more Will also


February 23, 2016


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Let me go

I am addicted to pheromone perfume and I purchase various kinds.
I feel like improving the effect when superimposing it with non-fragrance type one more than this one!
I think the scent looks like an incense with a little habit ,,,,

Mr. Chi

August 27, 2016


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I feel sorry.

I really liked married people, I am suffering seriously because they are filled with unbearable feelings. Even though he seriously thought about the future with me, the circumstances do not go forward and I am at a loss what I do not want to do.
I decided to purchase this product with a sorrowful thought, thinking that it might be a good idea to give a stimulus to make his feelings go straight to me.
I would like to expect the results of the future.


December 07, 2009


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It surely has come out!

From the conclusion ... I definitely realize the effect. First of all, it is a man that I do not like much, but my attitude and behavior are different. This was unexpected. Thanks to that, work has become very easy.
Also, I was able to meet on the 5th day with the effect on the person wearing, but I was able to meet, very kissing, feeling hugged, being hugged, gazing at .... I felt an effect that surprised even myself.
Afterwards, invited by two or more men, being gentle.
I can only think of the power of perfume. I want to ipi.


May 23, 2010


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I expect it!

Because there are opponents who can not be defeated by any means, I'd like to win this love match with this one! We are looking forward to receiving it!


April 26, 2011


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Exotic scent.

It is use with both premium.
The secret smell is exotic and bewitching.
When I met with someone I met for the second time, I was asked to squeeze the scent from behind.
It is said that the smell is so good, and naturally I had a hand around my waist and gave me an escort.
The power of the scent is horrible ......... I also ordered a second secret, a premium.


May 15, 2019


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Human relationships smoothly

I was not confident in myself and often get angry with my mistakes when I was at work, so I was in a vicious circle of losing confidence again.
I want to have confidence, I want to work warmly with everyone I bought this item. There was no particular change on the first day. On the second day a meal invitation from a colleague. Originally a close friend, I was surprised that I had never been invited. I did not go because there was a schedule ... The 3rd day failed in front of the strict boss at work, but if it was usual I got angry Nico Nico smiled and forgave me ... and my head was over While stroking I was told that "Do not always work hard".

It really has an effect ... It makes me feel calm and somehow, I feel confident.
Romance has not yet developed, but it is enough for me now that the relationship of the colleagues is smooth!
Now I am really easy to work, mistakes have also decreased and I will follow and ... It was nice to buy!

Cherry Blossoms

October 06, 2015


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Rip decision

This scent is close to the smell of Asian goods store.
Because it is my favorite smell, it is lipid decision!


May 07, 2017


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Classic 2

Secret & Premier is the strongest combination!
Private and business, big success!
Try it and you will understand.


March 07, 2016


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