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Love Attraction Secret for MEN (Alcohol Free) Love Attraction Secret for MEN (Alcohol Free)

Love Attraction Secret for MEN (Alcohol Free)


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I got a little confidence

I am 43 years old this year, but shy I have never made her before.
We can do daily conversation but it is no use unless you are conscious of your opponent.
Because I am not confident in myself and can not become aggressive.
I think that I would like to have a happy family soon and I thought that I would like to change myself and would like to use it as long as I can become confident even a little.
I usually do not use the perfume kind too much, but the fragrance does not get stiff and it smells faintly so I think that I could come into contact with women without worrying about the smell of sweat. Somewhat recently I feel that the distance of talking with a woman's colleague at a company is getting closer. I would like to try other scents.


February 20, 2016


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I decided to use a secret this time. At first it is a spicy scent, but I feel familiar soon. It is a good feeling. I feel that girls are doing kun kun. Do you understand?
It's at a nursery school where she always sends her daughter. Since I left something behind, my homeroom teacher goes to the play room. Since I thought that it was cute from the past, I greet and I am looking for something to forget ... hugging from behind. When asked, "Teacher?", "Can you stay a little as it is?" After that, I go often to pick up something I forgot. amazing!

My name is

February 19, 2016


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Maybe good! ! ! ! !

Looters ??? Is it true?

I tried using it thinking.
Train commuting during commuting If you think that it is "nice ~" from the other side, "I was worried, please tell me your address" (^ ^)

As I understand that my boyfriend exists when I exchange e-mails several times, why do you ask me why you called me yourself ...

"Something fragrant attracted from you ..." It was that he felt he wanted to stay on the side more when he was on the side in the train.
I am having a good relationship now.
Of course I took her from my boyfriend.


March 16, 2010


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With Gokon

I asked cute girls for an address exchange, but I told them I had no boyfriend, so I was told that this gigs are not fun because of the number match.
Since I thought that I wanted to do something, after sitting next to normal after tying up this looting perfume, I had a pretty good conversation and it got a fun atmosphere, so I heard the address once again but it was impossible after all. But when I go to the toilet I told you to go with me and I told you to exchange address OK! Sorry I refused many times due to surrounding eyes! I told you with a cute smile and successfully exchanged !!!!

Handsome man

February 21, 2010


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It is a very good feeling.

The next day when a love attraction / secret arrived, I got a little going to work (back of the wrist / ear) and I made materials for business negotiations as usual, a daughter who came close to me and worked while working I started talking about my family. I was shocked by this.
I thought that I wanted to use a secret because I had dated (drunk or karaoke) with my daughter about twice, but since I did not make progress afterwards I was going away, so I thought I wanted to try it with a sorrowful thought It is. It will be around 2 weeks for the first time to use, but as we have become able to talk with each other like we did before, we will continue to use love attractions.


February 18, 2016


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Love Attraction · Secret

Because it is a workplace with many women, we are attaching variously as it is.
I feel a clear difference between when I put this perfume and when I put it on. The number of times you can talk about it increases. And everyone smiles for some reason. And when you notice it seems like everyone is coming near. Is this also a pheromone effect? I'd like to always keep carrying it.


February 19, 2016


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There is effect ??

There is a woman who wants to turn around and I use this secret because I feel sorry for straw

In the morning and the afternoon a small amount was put on the wrist and the neck, and although I did not have much work, I passed around near her seat.
As a matter of fact, when I spoke to you, I felt that the tension seemed to be strangely raised, but I also thought that it might be a little spice to make communication easier as a conclusion.
I hope that the distance will shrink little by little from now on.


February 19, 2016


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Love Attraction Secret

When I tried using a love attraction secret, I first felt like my fragrance and I felt that I also became well.
And, when going out to restaurants for eating out, it seems that it has become quite large that I feel women's gaze for some reason.
I also feel that the surrounding women have become kind.
I think that I was really glad to use it.
Since I am planning to continue using love attractions in the future, thank you.


February 18, 2016


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Firmly effective

Thank you for winning the monitor.
I tried using it for several days and the effect appeared clearly.
A woman who always takes care of housekeeping has been doing housekeeping clerical work so far, but after attaching this secret, since it began to say "I have smelled something recently" It became intimate and I am able to spend time enjoying it very much. I'm grateful to you for giving me the opportunity to become "her" with just one push.
Please continue to deliver nice products in the future.
Thank you very much.

Bad shape

February 18, 2016


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Was it effective? !

The name of looting love is interesting, so I tried to purchase it.
The fragrance of a faint, ylang ylang was quite satisfactory.
I am going on at work but I feel that the roughness of the word usage of girls' employees and the feeling of giggis are lost around me.
When I look at my eyes and look at my face, my eyes match.
When I smile, my partner smiled and I feel like a casual conversation has increased.
For a female employee who always talks closely, (with a boyfriend), she was invited to go eat rice again if it is OK.
I was surprised at this.
Originally I do not want to make that girl her, but she is a bit nervous.
Thanks to the perfume, I still can not believe it, but I think I'm confident.
We look forward to the future.


May 15, 2010


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Effective! What?

I talk with my younger women of the same department of the company quite nicely, but she does not leave a coworker and a colleague.
However, I thought that "I want to do something!" And tried this "looting love limited pheromone", I began to talk to you with a shy looking feeling that I had not been friends from now until now.
It is refreshing fruity feeling that smells like female preference, and I like it quite well.
I think that self-confidence or aggressiveness has emerged by having this pheromone perfume in myself. It seems that it will take a little more time, but gradually it seems that the effect is coming out, I would like to continue to increase parentship with her.


March 14, 2010


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I bought it with half-trust.

I suddenly became interested in pheromone perfume, casually arrived at this site, tried to buy with half-trust.
Because I had no encounter with her for three years (laugh)

I thought that the impression at the beginning of turning on, "I failed as" perfume "· · ·" (laugh \)
But as I got used to it, something certainly the fragrance of a man's sex appeal, atmosphere feeling · · · feeling.
In a couple of days after starting to put on, there was an encounter suddenly, and repeatedly crossed the line with a date rushing on the rainbow. .
For the first time in 3 years (haha)

Looking back now, I am surprised to think that there was also the influence of this perfume !!

I have recently forgotten to completely use it ,,, I think that it was not a catastrophic result because of that (lol \)
I think I will start using it again.
Well, it may be worthwhile to order a piece first, thinking it was deceived!


February 10, 2013


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I gained confidence

It is a repeater. I have not had her before, I was not good at talking to a woman, but after I turned on I felt like I was able to speak to a woman, and I thought that the conversation is getting excited even though it is not a big deal To do.
She can not do it yet, even if you can talk normally, it is a great progress for me, so thanks to this perfume I became more confident in myself.

A boy

May 04, 2010


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Recently, I attend a dentist, but I was surprised to tell my honestone when I went with this love attraction · secret, suddenly tell me a phone number. There is such a thing!


July 20, 2011


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Iran Iran···

I am interested in aroma and I often use this essence for myself.
Iran Iran is said from ancient times that it raises the sensitivity of women, I think that some kind of effect will be no doubt.
As it was effective with other aroma IN, this time I decided to purchase it for the purpose of completely dropping a woman.
I do not think that effects will come out soon, so I look forward to a fancy sweet and neat scent while waiting for an invitation from the other party.

Middle age like aroma

March 22, 2010


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There was an effect.

It is a repeater. Women's attitudes and gestures are completely different at the time of attaching perfume and not putting on. I think that the effect is for each person, but I judge it as effective, I am purchasing every month. We are looking forward to hearing from you.


December 28, 2015


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Trial result

First of all, the smell is refreshing and tighter than I thought, and I personally like it with a faint smell feeling.
The key effect is. . Would you like to try it a little more? I have recently increased opportunities to speak to women and see each other so I think that I should actually continue and try to improve my likability.
I felt it was also useful to try it. As an frank opinion.


February 19, 2016


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It is different from the aim ...

I thought that he was a junior who was in the company ... I used it.
Although I sit next to actively at the conference etc., it seems that the effect is not so effective for that junior at the moment.
However, the attitude of the senior employees of the older seats of the neighbor (older one who are older) is different from usual (lol \)
Even though I make coffee, I usually do not work overtime, but when I work overtime ... I still have it. This is an interesting development with this, but for the time being I would like to see a little more.

Year of application

March 15, 2010


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No effect at all ... How do you guys do it?
Where can we realize that women have favor?
Seriously it is not a misunderstanding. Is not it self-suggestion to attach?

Mitsu 32

August 01, 2013


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to jojo

The surrounding women become easy. In the meantime I was talking to a cute shop clerk at a convenience store!
This is one of the effects!

Protein mania

September 09, 2016


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