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Love Attraction Secret for MEN (Alcohol Free) Love Attraction Secret for MEN (Alcohol Free)

Love Attraction Secret for MEN (Alcohol Free)


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No effect at all ... How do you guys do it?
Where can we realize that women have favor?
Seriously it is not a misunderstanding. Is not it self-suggestion to attach?

Mitsu 32

August 01, 2013


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Expectation losing · · ·

When searching on the net "Pheromone perfume laboratory" hit and it looked the best for taboo if you were looking at it in detail, so I ordered three taboo suddenly as well. The taboo that I was looking forward to arrived and I immediately tried using it, the scent did not suit my taste and it was sour or something I was useless.
So I returned two unused pieces and exchanged it with one Iran Iran and one white musk. I used Iran Iran, I smelled like a flower similar to lavender, but the fragrance disappeared right away only when I blew it for a long time but I did not like it.
However, when I used another white musk, I liked it because it smells so fragrant as healing sweet very much. Moreover, the fragrance lasts for at least 2 hours and when it is long it has a scent of about 4 hours. So, white musk is the most favorite so far.
However, when I called customer service, when asked what is most popular in men's perfume, I was told that 1st is taboo and 2nd place is secret. So this time, a secret guide mail arrived just on the monitor, so I applied. The item arrived and I tried it immediately, but the result was with Iran Iran .... The scent resembled Iran Iran and the scent got disappeared soon and no effect was felt.
After all, white musk of musk type seems to fit for myself for now. Next time, I'd like to apply again by all means when there is a monitor of vanilla musk.

Big Tom

February 16, 2016


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It smells a little ...

It smells different from my taste, and the frequency of use is decreasing. Sandalwood may be bad ...


September 07, 2016


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