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Love Attraction Secret for MEN (Alcohol Free) Love Attraction Secret for MEN (Alcohol Free)

Love Attraction Secret for MEN (Alcohol Free)


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It is a very good feeling.

The next day when a love attraction / secret arrived, I got a little going to work (back of the wrist / ear) and I made materials for business negotiations as usual, a daughter who came close to me and worked while working I started talking about my family. I was shocked by this.
I thought that I wanted to use a secret because I had dated (drunk or karaoke) with my daughter about twice, but since I did not make progress afterwards I was going away, so I thought I wanted to try it with a sorrowful thought It is. It will be around 2 weeks for the first time to use, but as we have become able to talk with each other like we did before, we will continue to use love attractions.


February 18, 2016


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Love Attraction · Secret

Because it is a workplace with many women, we are attaching variously as it is.
I feel a clear difference between when I put this perfume and when I put it on. The number of times you can talk about it increases. And everyone smiles for some reason. And when you notice it seems like everyone is coming near. Is this also a pheromone effect? I'd like to always keep carrying it.


February 19, 2016


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There is effect ??

There is a woman who wants to turn around and I use this secret because I feel sorry for straw

In the morning and the afternoon a small amount was put on the wrist and the neck, and although I did not have much work, I passed around near her seat.
As a matter of fact, when I spoke to you, I felt that the tension seemed to be strangely raised, but I also thought that it might be a little spice to make communication easier as a conclusion.
I hope that the distance will shrink little by little from now on.


February 19, 2016


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Was it effective? !

The name of looting love is interesting, so I tried to purchase it.
The fragrance of a faint, ylang ylang was quite satisfactory.
I am going on at work but I feel that the roughness of the word usage of girls' employees and the feeling of giggis are lost around me.
When I look at my eyes and look at my face, my eyes match.
When I smile, my partner smiled and I feel like a casual conversation has increased.
For a female employee who always talks closely, (with a boyfriend), she was invited to go eat rice again if it is OK.
I was surprised at this.
Originally I do not want to make that girl her, but she is a bit nervous.
Thanks to the perfume, I still can not believe it, but I think I'm confident.
We look forward to the future.


May 15, 2010


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There was an effect.

It is a repeater. Women's attitudes and gestures are completely different at the time of attaching perfume and not putting on. I think that the effect is for each person, but I judge it as effective, I am purchasing every month. We are looking forward to hearing from you.


December 28, 2015


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Trial result

First of all, the smell is refreshing and tighter than I thought, and I personally like it with a faint smell feeling.
The key effect is. . Would you like to try it a little more? I have recently increased opportunities to speak to women and see each other so I think that I should actually continue and try to improve my likability.
I felt it was also useful to try it. As an frank opinion.


February 19, 2016


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How nice

It looks like a dream, whether it is so good.


March 21, 2010


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I am an unrequited love to a lady with a boyfriend, but because my workplace is different, I was usually greeted. After using this product, the opportunity to speak for some reason began to increase suddenly, I am going to dinner.
I gradually feel that the distance is approaching, I think I would like to continue using it.

K · Works

March 13, 2010


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Crisp appeal

I tried using it for improving the relationship with the heterosexual but unrelated business (those who seem to have a broad affair relationship).
Switching from another scent to here and trying to dial one's voice, even if I am doing it as usual as usual, the other side greetings and talks with a smile so that we can talk.
Perhaps the taste is divided by scent.
In addition, since the initial scent of secret is not conspicuous in a short time, I thought that it was recommended for casual appeal.


June 29, 2018


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It will be 40 soon.

It began to worry about the smell that makes a surrounding unpleasant by age and physical labor.
If you add perfume to sweaty smell, why does it smell more, why does sweat odor of usual relieve when you add secret? Even on a train at home, you can not see it with strange eyes.
I think I will buy a secret again.


December 21, 2015


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I look forward to it.

I tried buying it because evaluation was high when I tried reviews of various goods.
Such a thing is often a lie, but it seems to be able to expect somehow.

Black and white

April 30, 2010


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It may be effective ...

It seemed interesting and tried purchasing.
I have it at school, but I feel that the skin ship from her that she was dating before increased.
You should stick it again like this (^ _ ^ \)
I would like to continue using it for a while.


February 16, 2011


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I felt the effect

I bought it with the premium, but I felt that the premium was more effective.
It feels like a little smell

Moyashi monon

June 21, 2014


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You can expect moderate effects

I was asked for the address as I put it in the circle of the university. I could not say anything because there was no further development, but I think that there will be no effect so far.


May 07, 2010


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To judge

I tried using this product, but there is an effect? ​​The judgment of honest is not attached.
I think that it is better than not attaching anything, but I think that I'd like to see a little more though I think I have to actively approach myself with this perfume?


September 17, 2017


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I look forward to it.

I've been doing experiments on television before, so I am very looking forward to it!


January 18, 2011


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Is good.

If you attach this, communication becomes smooth more than usual and it will be fun.


May 10, 2016


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It is not bad smell.
It seems to work for young women younger than 30 years old.
To the daughter of a convenience store clerk going well, you can see flickering.

Justa Way

December 17, 2014


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Impression (^ ^)

A few years ago I thought that the effect was, of course, I think that each person is a temporary, maybe luck was just good

However, I think that there was an effect


July 03, 2013


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I wonder whether it will change ~ How is it?
Sometimes people come and go. . .


December 22, 2010


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