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Love Attraction Taboo for MEN (Alcohol Free) Love Attraction Taboo for MEN (Alcohol Free)

Love Attraction Taboo for MEN (Alcohol Free)


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Forever ♪ like Tokiwaki when I started dating

The reason I tried using the item "Love attraction · taboo (for men)" is wild, with a magnificent dream with a large scale such as "I want to become a moto" that many people see in the comments by others of other people Unlike men, they can get married, married, unlocked from their formal framework of marriage to their wife, who accompanied me for a long period of about 20 years and who walked together, I decided to let me test this pheromone perfume with the expectation that I feel nice if I feel a sense like romance remembering Tokimeki.

As a result, unfortunately we could not see "lovey" reactions which the male side imagined and expected selfishly can not happen in reality.

However, when considering while paying attention to details, while being chased by busy everyday, while doing a conversation, do not devote much of your line of sight, firmly staring at my eyes for a moment There will be more time to remember Tokimeki, time spent with a wonderful smile will increase etc etc ....
Anyway, I feel like I was able to fully feel the positive change in continuing a familiar family ♪

And the pheromone perfume laboratory suggests that we should not forget as an impression that we used items as a kind and courteous response of staff members who never feel uneasy about purchasers & It is reliable and perfect support.

Regarding that area, I feel that it is probably not the exaggeration to say that it is the industry top level.

So, among those who are planning to challenge for the first time in the field of pheromone perfume, if there are people who are feeling uneasy and do not have the courage to take the first step, the item of pheromone perfume laboratory is one push ☆


April 10, 2016


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Excellent effect - ideal for increasing segregation

In about two weeks, get 3 people!
Besides, they have a boyfriend (laugh)

If you invite at the ear, you usually drink with two people, if you bring it to the story of cheesy, you already have a good eye, Ike!

I think that the closer it is to bring out the effect as my pheromone, the more effective it is ♪

Re: Bad child

April 13, 2016


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Surely there is an effect!

Thank you for being a monitor this time. For the verification of this time, we performed on the premise that we will not change pheromone perfume every two to three hours, behavior, and clothes as usual. The period is 10 days. Results ,,, There was tremendous effect. Specifically, women in the workplace have become very cooperative, they also did their own daughter who usually does not help much. However, it may be said that all women have reacted. Apparently there seems to be individual differences. There was no reaction for men at all. I felt it was an indispensable item to upgrade human relationships.


April 11, 2016


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It is an event under examination of a love attraction taboo in a date with her the other day.
Is it about 1 or 2 minutes after getting into the car?
Because what it is hot Because it says that the temperature of the air conditioner is lowered, it is 20 degrees when seeing the set temperature. I am comfortable, is she getting hurt? If you think so, suddenly will not she start to take off the pantyhose!
It is good because I do not know unfamiliar, but it was my first reaction so far, it might be amazing taboo!
I also want to attack with a taboo next time.


April 13, 2016


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Results I tried

I tried using Love Attraction · Taboo this time.
I am rehabilitated by electric therapy every day because of low back pain.
Most of the doctors there are women.
It seems strangely that all the women have become gentle after using taboo.
Among them, one person was very kind and I began to body touch, I'm looking forward to it ^ ^.


April 15, 2016


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The reaction changed obviously!

I used it for the first time this time, I think that scent is refreshing first, I think that it is the perfect scent for summer. Unfortunately I was not able to meet the woman I was interested in but it was clearly changed how my nurse's contact with the hospital of my hospital changed, I became to be called from my surname by my name, It began to be heard just in time. And I made an appointment to go and play with two of them! Because it was told me to talk more than usual, is it thanks to taboo? (^^) v Purchase decision when lost!
With a future development and expectation, I dared to ★ 4, but I am satisfied with the product!

Rock FM

June 24, 2015


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It might be amazing

The taboo of the monitor felt familiar to me immediately. It is the 5th day since I started using it, but I am happy to talk about it from a woman of a type I am not good at, and I am having a wonderful experience with her being a candidate woman.
I made promises for dating soon, and finally I can feel the spring. This is thanks to pheromone perfume, too. I thank you (* ^^ *)


April 10, 2016


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Mysterious world

This time, I tried using "taboo" for the first time.
In the past, I used "premium" and "ylang ylang", but as a scent "taboo" suited my favorite.
However, as they are slightly fragrant, they can be used without much concern.
Although it is an interesting effect, I think that this taboo was the best.
After purchasing, I had the opportunity to go to dinner with two women, but I was able to have a smile and a conversation with a smile all the time, a skin ship such as a body touch can be done naturally, one person does not hate it, one person I was confessed about the woman.
I think that "confidence" will be attached to myself rather than working directly with the opponent.
Personally, I felt that it would be more effective to use it as a single love attraction than a superimposition with the perfume I usually use.


April 13, 2016


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Attitude ...

I am a manager and I am in contact with a lot of women clerks and workers, but I think that the thighs have become softer than before.
I feel like I'm getting smarter with women who are interested and I'm thinking about inviting them soon. At that time of course it is wearing this.


April 13, 2016


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A feeling that it will be effective as a jiwiwa for people who are next to me for a while.

Using a love attraction · taboo is about two weeks, but it is a feeling that a women next to a brief time, such as a drinking party seat, will be effective.
I was often able to grip my body to the next woman.
Some girls touched positively (lol \)
However, if you think about being able to talk with each other as quickly as possible, the feeling used until then will be more effective.
The neighborhood is used properly. I think that it will be interesting so I will try other products as well.

Perfume beginner

June 22, 2015


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Aphrodisiac effect to bring people together

This perfume has become an aphrodisiac effect that brings people (mainly females) to himself. I began to speak positively from the woman, especially with my favorite woman shrunk the distance shrunk and I finally got to date with thanks. I would like to say thanks to "Pheromone perfume, thank you" with gratitude.

Chip & Dale

October 03, 2012


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I love happy things, so I often participate in a drinking party, but I always end up with lots of fun and lots of fun.
So this time I tried to use it wishing to be individually two shots.
Then, at the drinking party the other day, when going to the second party, the teaser invited me to not drink again in two different places. . .
I asked him why he invited me when I was two. Then, "Since the atmosphere was good, I wanted to talk slowly." . . I felt that this love attraction does not directly feel like a good smell, but rather draws out the merit of myself.
Those who have not used it yet, I absolutely think that it is worth a try.


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With friends or women under love

A woman who is more than a friend or more than a lover or has enjoyed such relationship with each other was in the office.
Taboo at work, banquet at work. She sat down next to me and took a natural body touch.
That's it, but I had a good time.
Although pretty system girl has a high degree of attention even in the workplace, it was seen from other men as "Why?", It hurts (lol \)
I usually premium preference, I thought that natural fragrance is good, such as when there is no time to overlay with other perfumes.


June 15, 2015


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Gradually have effect

I am using it to make friends with women staff in a cold workplace.
Whether it has become warmer lately, when I stay in the same room from the female staff and morning, I gradually become gentle, and in the evening I will talk to you chocolate chocolate.
Every day a minute, there is a change little by little that the eye-catching time gets longer, talking to you, talking from here also decreases the number of times to go off.
But there are changes that are becoming more and more like friends for unhealthy female staff, whether it is effective for healthy people. It may be that the number of times it can be unreasonably expired has decreased (lol)

Hoping for change in the summer, I will continue again!

Protein mania

June 03, 2016


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This is seriously serious (lol)

From the result it was awesome !!
To date the products of Pheromone Perfume Research Institute have been repeating premiums, geraniums and so on, but the effects are origami, but this taboo is amazing.
It is a fragrance that enhances awareness of one's own, and it is a bargain to raise the tension by date.
Hugging from her and saying "It's embarrassing" ... I always began to sniff the smell in my body from the neck and told me I want to sniff all the time (laugh)

Large sky

November 05, 2013


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A female employee who is always counseling has noticed, "That smell changed somewhat? It is a nice feeling ~". After that, the child who noticed continues. The reaction was good. I would like to add it to one of the variations in the future.

Stay gold

January 09, 2016


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It may be more than expected

I was able to go drinking with my colleagues at my younger company for the first time. Until now I had nothing to do with work except work but after about two weeks after I started to use "Love Attraction · Taboo", I was surprised at her sudden invitation, "Please take me to drink!" From her. The distance between them has shrunk much.
The fragrance is discreet and can be used without problems even while working. I'm looking forward to the future.

Let's do our best

October 14, 2012


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She was able to get excited for the first time

In my case, I tried to tell her what I am going to change when I did not attach a love attraction · taboo.
【When I did not attach a love attraction · taboo】 It seems that it is hard to be cumbersome at first, and it spends nearly an hour to caress, but it seems to be comfortable ordinarily · · · · · · 【When I add a love attraction · taboos】 until caress When it is not there, it feels the same, I say it feels good, but that alone will not keep you from it.
Changes appeared after 10 minutes of insertion.
I think that the body temperature has risen as a result of a piston movement, but the ingredients of the love attraction · taboo seems to diverge violently from the body, and usually she started to be disturbed without disturbance.
Five minutes later, I heard that I heard a pant voice without hearing it.
I also thought that he was acting, but I think I was really worried because I can not put out on sweaty sweat on my back.
It was an experience I felt it is important to blow it to a place with a high body temperature so that it can efficiently dissipate even if I blow a love attraction · taboo.


October 20, 2013


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Taboo also repeated!

There are only a few love attractions I have not tried yet, but I've purchased it again because it is my favorite like Feel and Gardenia.
Taboo seems to be particularly effective when talking to women at a short distance, as I have tried using several kinds.
It is a feeling that women positively talk to women and want to talk to themselves.
I feel a little change after all.

Perfume beginner

July 19, 2016


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The effect of attracting with a sweet smell

Normally we use nonfragrance, but I tried to verify how effective this is on the opposite sex by using this product this time. Because it smells a little sweet, I think that it is the perfect item for this season. There is also an effect! With a commuter train, it is said that a woman is inevitably stiffening the surroundings (whether it is thanks to the smell), it is told from a woman who is interested, something to be attracted to the pheromone, it is a good feeling relationship.
We recommend this item!


June 25, 2015


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