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Love Attraction Taboo for MEN (Alcohol Free) Love Attraction Taboo for MEN (Alcohol Free)

Love Attraction Taboo for MEN (Alcohol Free)


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Scent with a sense of transparency

This time I applied for the monitor and won the prize so I used it. I have not started using perfume yet so I tried to apply for a monitor to find the perfume that suits me, but I think that it was quite fragrant to use it. I think that it was good to be able to keep the fragrance without losing the sweat although it is a hot summer days. I was saved because I could talk with female officials without too much concern about the smell of sweat even in my workplace. Personally I am thinking about purchasing because I thought that the first is vanilla musk, but it is as good as it smells as good as possible.

The better

July 22, 2018


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Vehicle immigrants

When I am working as a middle-aged office worker, I get on the train that was fixed at about the fixed time every morning. If there are many such people, if you take the same train as usual, people will always find it.
Always tired face uncle, OL always crazy about novels, youth always watching anime on mobile, aunt who is always located near the entrance ,,,

One of the things I was always worried about is "Aging odor uncle".
People around me seem to notice the odor right away, and if I thought that way I would not like it ..., I thought that I was interested in trying "love attraction taboo" To.

At first, I did not feel any effect at all, and if I was not considered to be an aging odor uncle, I was spending about OK.
Just the other day. Wednesday.

As usual, when you go to the station's home, there are more people than usual because of train delays, and it is unlikely that you can get on the usual vehicles. To ride.

There are different people there than usual. I wonder why I feel that I really feel an away feeling, and I don't care about it.

The train was quite crowded, and I would spend 3 stations in close proximity to a young woman. In order not to become a pervert uncle, shaking hands with leather straps with both hands!
I finished commuting different from usual. Put yourself away.

The next day I forgot that. Thursday.

Same time as usual, same vehicle as usual, usual aspects ,,


I feel like a young woman who faced her side next to me yesterday, but not? Because of the spirit of the mind,

The next day I remember just that much. Friday.

The same time as usual, the same vehicle as usual, and all usual things.
+ That young woman.

If, this ,,,!

It's always blue after the weekend. Saturday morning when even monday can not wait.


June 22, 2019


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I did not like smells that smelled so much.

I do not think pheromone works but I do not like smells that smells are exactly wood, timber shops and trees.
Zerañum purchased together was very fragrant and relaxed. I will not purchase the taboo anymore.
I think that it was good if it smelled of the tree of Kinmokusei.


November 27, 2013


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I'm sorry ...

Previously, we used fragrance of love attraction before, but there is a word that love attraction with a smell on this post is very good! There is a word that I should buy it when the non-fragrance items are over. It was.
In the first place, I tried with the feeling that it would be nice if the conversation went up if I used it because my job is a sales job.
I have been using for a week, but it is said that it smells nice and smells nice around it.
Perhaps, I think that customers may feel that way.
I will continue to use it from now on.
Thank you very much.


October 03, 2012


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The reactions of the girls around have changed.

This time I used a love attraction · taboo. I usually use perfume, but there were things I told from women that the smell was tight. However, this perfume is often said to have a smell like a smell and a slight smell. What I feel the most strange is that I can talk to women from where I am going where I am going and I am spending my days fulfilling every day. I do not have a relationship with a woman who is still aiming, but I would like to GET this summer. I often go to drink, but I started to be invited by rice from the shop 's offspring. I am surprised that the surrounding reaction has changed with invisible smell. I would like to continue using this perfume in the future.


July 28, 2018


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I was told that I want to eat

When I was talking to someone I was concerned about, and ... I thought that I was not able to do so, I was elected to this monitor, and I was told that I would be relieved if I was by my side several days after I started putting on this perfume. After a week I was able to date and I got to know how to get along. I thought that this perfume is terribly amazing! No way I'm so close to the other party that it melts. Thank you very much.
Continue to buy


June 29, 2019


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I was able to invite you to a date!

I was thinking for a clerk at an apparel shop that I have attended for many years and thought that I would like to invite her to date someday. So I wanted to increase the success rate even a little this time, I ordered this product with the desire to get courage.
The result succeeded perfectly, I think that it is honest that I could have confidence in myself with this perfume, but apparently the shop clerk 's girlfriend apparently started to laugh more than when I was not wearing perfume , I felt the distance of my face was getting closer than usual!

Because the other person often laughs, I am also easy to talk and I was able to invite him to go on a date with a natural flow.
From now on I would like to use it even at work!


July 23, 2018


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I liked it!

If you want to get along with the girl you like at a drinking shop and add a secret, you will be told that "the smell of the elderly" is honorable (lol \)
When putting taboos in revenge this time, it feels like getting used to each other with a high rating as "nice smell" !!
From now on I will attack with taboo !!


July 23, 2018


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If you notice

I really like the smell of my own taste.
I get on the train by commuting, but when I notice it, there are women around me and I also feel a glance at them. At work I became able to talk fairly with new women. It should be a trigger for new encounters from now on. However, it will be nice if you can keep it for a little longer as the scent will stop quickly. When I dare to mix it with my everyday perfume, it became quite a good smell, so I became a favorite.


June 24, 2019


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Exquisite scent strength

I felt very effective using Love attraction premium, so I tried using this product this time.
First of all, it is comfortable with a light fragrance and does not make you feel uncomfortable.
The woman who was with me said "Do not you smell something nice?" It seems like you could have had intimate time with more smiles than usual.
Because it is said that it is better to reattach every few hours when considering the pheromone effect, this light scent is convincing.


October 05, 2012


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The atmosphere is nice.

I was assigned to a lot of workplaces with ladies and I guided them from close range each day many times and I came across these perfumes as I began to try not to make the atmosphere as unlikely as possible.
In such circumstances, I have tried a love attraction so far with no fragrance, Bremium, Iran Iran, Gardenia, Secret.
Young Iran is the most effective for women who are in the department, and I also like the fragrance I like, making close relationships that are intimate enough to spend private time.
Gardenia and secret are hard to convey to her, so there was a feeling that each of the other women was effective.
I tried going to work a few days after spraying Taboo, which I decided to try this time, I think that I was able to give a good atmosphere to the young women of age.
Also, during breaks, men are only me but it is normal to be surrounded by colleagues' women and they are starting to enjoy talking about tea ceremony.
I'm excited about the future development.


July 29, 2018


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On a pleasant day

Normal no fragrance → premium fragrance → I also want to try smell, buy taboo. Now we have alternate taboos and premiums.
From the beginning of putting on taboo, the effect which was not only with the premium came out.
Although I have something on Mr. B sitting next to Mr. A, I tried not to turn around when I went through so far, but when I tried to go to Mr. B by going through, I turned around and was stopped Doing the gate ... not only once but many times. The situation.
To be honest, I'm in trouble when I am busy lol


August 17, 2015


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It is a good incense

There are slight alcohol smells, but it is a tolerable level.
I think that it is citrus fruit rather than rose I bought before · I think that it is a good scent in this autumn season.
Whether or not I attract women is too small to say so I can not say it, but it is good for a change of pace. I feel a fresh feeling. I do not understand anything about women though ...

Mitsu 32

October 16, 2013


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The scent of taboo

First of all I was attracted to the naming "taboo".
There is a woman thinking that it is a bit nice, I definitely want to try that person.
If it is a good relationship with that person, it is just taboo. It is perfect for naming.
I have not had the opportunity to meet that person at the moment so I have not been able to try it by himself, but I had the opportunity to contact with another woman several times and when I tried there, my eyes looked different I thought.
I tried it on two women, but they both met for the first time. Although I do not know how to contact usually, I was stared with eyes glaring backwards and glittering eyes.
It may be due to mind, but it seems to be embarrassing to look back from here, it was an experience that made me feel like 'Is this something?'
The fragrance is a sweet and sour aroma like a sweet and sour, after a while it becomes a calm good fragrance.
I felt fresh rather than taboo.
I feel refreshing but exciting.
I'd like to try it with the target person as soon as possible!


October 05, 2012


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It is very popular.

It is popular especially in the drinking room, is not it? I think that it can be captured a high evaluation that "Somehow makes it cut down". I used white before, but it seems to respond more directly.


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Already for a while ...

I heard that perfume sold here works well, so I bought a last chocolate perfume as a trigger to make a lover but it was a bit awkward smell for myself Taboo I used this time is gorgeous I thought that it would be nice to use it

Although it is an effect person, although it is usually a kind of angry family, it is surprising that gentle air has flowed recently Unfortunately, although it has not become a trigger to make her yet, I want to use patiently and connect with good edge I think


September 30, 2012


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With a woman in intention ...

I thought that if a woman who is interested in a separate building got along well, I thought it was a purchase.
It is a fragrance of a sweet tree with no disgust, and personally I like it a very incense.
I will try to use it from time to time and I want to check the effect.


February 07, 2017


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There are times when it does not match.

I basically like the smell of wood, so I tried buying it trusting what was written in the word. I smell the wood, but I also feel the smell after mowing and I will not suit you, I like the items here, so I will find a smell that you like ~


August 24, 2014


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Is good

At the end of the year, it was time for drinking party with work related women to increase, I tried using love attractions · taboos.
At first I felt that the smell of alcohol was strong and the smell of perfume was weak.
However, as time passed, the smell of alcohol and flavor became reversed.
It was not a strong odor, but a calm aroma so you can use it without a problem, and I was able to spend a fun drinking party with the surrounding women from the synergistic effect of a chic scent and a relaxed atmosphere.
I was surprised to hear that from a woman, "I feel relaxed and calm down, unlike a bit of a tough feeling during work. Please participate in the New Year's party."


December 16, 2014


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Man's weapon

I wondered when it was, after I got married, I couldn't use colons, and I was wearing a lot of colons under a single brand. However, when I saw musk on my home page, I remember that I used to have a long time ago. Recently, I have been reluctant to go back to the 3rd place in musk, and I think that it will start with musk in me men w musk.

Jun Chan

June 20, 2019


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