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Love Attraction Taboo for MEN (Alcohol Free) Love Attraction Taboo for MEN (Alcohol Free)

Love Attraction Taboo for MEN (Alcohol Free)


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Oriental No. 2

I had a variety of tastes, I liked Oriental and I used secrets in particular for a long time, but this time I challenge "love attraction taboo". Try it for a week and try to live it. . .
First of all, the smell.
The woody smell that comes with tun immediately after turning on, and then it's a little sweet and ruddy. (Sometimes said by women that it has a sweet smell like candy. \)
Secret is elegant sweetness. Ylang Ylang is a slight sweetness. I feel the image.
I like taboos more interesting than ylang ylang. As communication effect, we did not visit timing to become close to heterosexuality this time, but always use "the elder sister of the cleaning shop carries to half car for some reason to see the amount of finished luggage" usually there are many No way to act like that, the first experience of Edo. Is this also effective?


June 25, 2019


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If you notice

I really like the smell of my own taste.
I get on the train by commuting, but when I notice it, there are women around me and I also feel a glance at them. At work I became able to talk fairly with new women. It should be a trigger for new encounters from now on. However, it will be nice if you can keep it for a little longer as the scent will stop quickly. When I dare to mix it with my everyday perfume, it became quite a good smell, so I became a favorite.


June 24, 2019


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Man's weapon

I wondered when it was, after I got married, I couldn't use colons, and I was wearing a lot of colons under a single brand. However, when I saw musk on my home page, I remember that I used to have a long time ago. Recently, I have been reluctant to go back to the 3rd place in musk, and I think that it will start with musk in me men w musk.

Jun Chan

June 20, 2019


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Try using taboo

I always use non-fragrance type continuously, but I tried using a type with fragrance called taboo this time. Before going to work before the start of work, spraying several times on the wrist etc. before going home, the distance to the woman at the workplace and the visited place became clearly distinct, and I was able to confirm favorable words and gestures ... · It is an honest comment that it is impossible to feel the part of obvious change, using taboo. However, I realize the effect called pheromone, so I will continue to use it from now on.

How about

August 01, 2018


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Vehicle immigrants

When I am working as a middle-aged office worker, I get on the train that was fixed at about the fixed time every morning. If there are many such people, if you take the same train as usual, people will always find it.
Always tired face uncle, OL always crazy about novels, youth always watching anime on mobile, aunt who is always located near the entrance ,,,

One of the things I was always worried about is "Aging odor uncle".
People around me seem to notice the odor right away, and if I thought that way I would not like it ..., I thought that I was interested in trying "love attraction taboo" To.

At first, I did not feel any effect at all, and if I was not considered to be an aging odor uncle, I was spending about OK.
Just the other day. Wednesday.

As usual, when you go to the station's home, there are more people than usual because of train delays, and it is unlikely that you can get on the usual vehicles. To ride.

There are different people there than usual. I wonder why I feel that I really feel an away feeling, and I don't care about it.

The train was quite crowded, and I would spend 3 stations in close proximity to a young woman. In order not to become a pervert uncle, shaking hands with leather straps with both hands!
I finished commuting different from usual. Put yourself away.

The next day I forgot that. Thursday.

Same time as usual, same vehicle as usual, usual aspects ,,


I feel like a young woman who faced her side next to me yesterday, but not? Because of the spirit of the mind,

The next day I remember just that much. Friday.

The same time as usual, the same vehicle as usual, and all usual things.
+ That young woman.

If, this ,,,!

It's always blue after the weekend. Saturday morning when even monday can not wait.


June 22, 2019


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I'm sorry ...

Previously, we used fragrance of love attraction before, but there is a word that love attraction with a smell on this post is very good! There is a word that I should buy it when the non-fragrance items are over. It was.
In the first place, I tried with the feeling that it would be nice if the conversation went up if I used it because my job is a sales job.
I have been using for a week, but it is said that it smells nice and smells nice around it.
Perhaps, I think that customers may feel that way.
I will continue to use it from now on.
Thank you very much.


October 03, 2012


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Scent with a sense of transparency

This time I applied for the monitor and won the prize so I used it. I have not started using perfume yet so I tried to apply for a monitor to find the perfume that suits me, but I think that it was quite fragrant to use it. I think that it was good to be able to keep the fragrance without losing the sweat although it is a hot summer days. I was saved because I could talk with female officials without too much concern about the smell of sweat even in my workplace. Personally I am thinking about purchasing because I thought that the first is vanilla musk, but it is as good as it smells as good as possible.

The better

July 22, 2018


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I used it for the first time this time. Although smell is my impression, I thought that likes and dislikes can not be divided and I think that it is a fragrance that you feel that everyone smells good. But I was carrying it because it was a sweaty season. Although it did not strain from the company's women · girl friend as an effect, there is something a bit in the subway used for commuting. I am always on the same hour's train, but I have a woman who has ridden from the same station as I am and has seen her face many times. I am getting on the same station from the same place, but I feel that there are more opportunities next door. I also felt a bit of a gaze. What is it, and this is the effect? I would like to continue using that product from now on.


October 04, 2012


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It is subtle ....

I always attach it when I go to places with many opposite sex, but it seems that there is not much effect.


March 06, 2017


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I was attracted to naming and bought it.
Somehow, it is a smell that calms down.
I am consciously attached within a crowded train.
I feel the gaze and approach from women

Is it due to mind?

Carnivorous employee

February 03, 2013


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Until now, even if I approached a woman from me, I avoided it, I was not tolerant to invite him to play, it took days for gifts and meals.
However, I am really surprised at the goods here. I got it on the monitor, put it around the neck of the taboo, met about twice, I was able to go out with a woman I was interested in.
I'm really thankful to you.


September 30, 2017


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It is now

By attaching perfume, my own consciousness changed. Behavior to women etc. I feel like I am going to the better one.


March 11, 2015


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I tried using it at once.

Even though I was divorced, there were encounters but it was not until I got involved. Everyday continued, but I tried using love attractions · taboos when I go out for dinner with an interesting girl. Until now I have been touched by a quiet touch, I think that I often heard the story a little aggressively and come closer.


October 03, 2017


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Sample result

I used taboo for the first time.
Because I tried comparing with other things, I think that you can compare it with other writing and refer to it.
The impression of this time was not sweet and it was cool impression so it may be suitable for those who are older and who usually come from suits etc. at the age. Personally I did not smell so much stimulation, so I used it with my regular favorite perfume.
Those who do not usually add perfume may be good taboos, but since people who use perfume from a usual scene are hard to repeat, I recommend people with perfume without fragrance

Scent model

July 20, 2018


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It may change depending on the human sense of smell ...

When the item arrives and it is used for testing, it is the first impression that this is a perfume with a scent like "buttery roasted clam".
When I tried using it on her date, I felt bitterly with a face like I was convinced that her impression would be the same and talk about the product.
Since it does not become a reference only by this alone, I felt that the feeling is completely different by people as it seems that the female employees in the workplace are experimenting with "never before seen scent".

Hayabusa Rider

June 25, 2015


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Recommended ♪

Compared with ordinary perfume, the smell is not too hard, it feels aroma fragrant.
When I was playing with a girl, I was told that it smells sweet.
Although it seems that the partner also becomes calm if attached, ♪ is recommended as myself also calm down


October 04, 2012


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No.1 with scent

I thought that the first impression right after putting on was "almost no smell." However, I felt some exciting and aggressive fragrance in a gentle WOODY scent after a while. I do not smell the sweet smell but it is a scent that I can not expect much but the image is common to the premium that I usually use regularly and I liked it the most with the fragrance I tried so far. Speaking of? What is the most important effect? ​​On the first day of use, a woman who is impatient in usual times has unusually talked to us with ease. However, after that, there was no special event, which is the effect of perfume or just happened to be in a good mood? I would like to try a little more so I will consider additional purchase.


October 04, 2017


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Last time I bought the premium for the first time, I used it, but recently, it has become increasingly easy for women to talk to me with a smile with ease. I wanted to try scented type, so I am looking forward to it. I expect it in the same way as last time. Thank you very much.


September 22, 2012


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It smells calm down, but ...

I felt the fragrance was a little weak although the smell which calms down is very good.
The effect on women is three for now because of unknown. However, I think that it is the best to use for calming my mind.


June 13, 2015


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Sweet perfume

The sweet smell was a distinctive feeling, but it is not too tight feeling with a faint smell!

Team Nax

June 13, 2015


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