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Love Attraction Taboo for MEN (Alcohol Free) Love Attraction Taboo for MEN (Alcohol Free)

Love Attraction Taboo for MEN (Alcohol Free)


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I did not like smells that smelled so much.

I do not think pheromone works but I do not like smells that smells are exactly wood, timber shops and trees.
Zerañum purchased together was very fragrant and relaxed. I will not purchase the taboo anymore.
I think that it was good if it smelled of the tree of Kinmokusei.


November 27, 2013


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It is a purchase after a long absence.

Mainly used on a night train. Although such a bold event has not changed as usual yet, I heard that I was worried about the place I was wearing a train by train on purpose yesterday without attaching it for an hour. Because it is night, it is a facial appearance in the window, but as I am concerned about the reaction every day, I felt that this is still responding to women. This is a reputation as dropping, so I will put one continuation.


May 25, 2016


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It is subtle ....

I always attach it when I go to places with many opposite sex, but it seems that there is not much effect.


March 06, 2017


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