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Love Attraction Taboo for MEN (Alcohol Free) Love Attraction Taboo for MEN (Alcohol Free)

Love Attraction Taboo for MEN (Alcohol Free)


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The real feeling is in about a week?

I got the opportunity to meet various family members and started to think about using it because I wanted to give as good a favorable impression as possible.
From the 3rd day I started using this love attraction · taboo I got better voice from the ladies of the office! When someone who does not usually talk about us talking to you! I thought (laugh)

I do not know if the effect is coming out, but juniors meeting about once a month have come to actively invite meals and movies. I feel that this is also the effect of a love attraction / taboo. I have not changed so much, but I wonder if such power that causes small changes everyday is pheromone perfume!

Ha ha ha

June 29, 2015


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Sizzling season

It is a workplace where you are sweating a lot of sweat and heat. Naturally, it's sweaty ... But somehow, women in the office talk to me often.
It may be an item with the coming season effect!

Black rabbit

June 29, 2019


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There are times when it does not match.

I basically like the smell of wood, so I tried buying it trusting what was written in the word. I smell the wood, but I also feel the smell after mowing and I will not suit you, I like the items here, so I will find a smell that you like ~


August 24, 2014


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It seems there is no immediate effect

I tried it immediately, but I do not feel like the effects are so far as to be related to smelling soon. I hope there will be a better time in the future if you continue to use and you can feel the effect.


September 24, 2012


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It is a good incense

There are slight alcohol smells, but it is a tolerable level.
I think that it is citrus fruit rather than rose I bought before · I think that it is a good scent in this autumn season.
Whether or not I attract women is too small to say so I can not say it, but it is good for a change of pace. I feel a fresh feeling. I do not understand anything about women though ...

Mitsu 32

October 16, 2013


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Man's weapon

I wondered when it was, after I got married, I couldn't use colons, and I was wearing a lot of colons under a single brand. However, when I saw musk on my home page, I remember that I used to have a long time ago. Recently, I have been reluctant to go back to the 3rd place in musk, and I think that it will start with musk in me men w musk.

Jun Chan

June 20, 2019


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I'm expecting, but ...

Until recently I had attached rose, but nothing changed so much. (Refreshing Kitsui !!)

I started using taboo from today, but since I purchased it before, there was nothing last time, so expectation may be thin · I will contact you if there is something. But this incense is good before female. It is certain that it will calm down.
With expectation ☆ Three ... · · · How about ...

Mitsu 32

November 07, 2013


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With a woman in intention ...

I thought that if a woman who is interested in a separate building got along well, I thought it was a purchase.
It is a fragrance of a sweet tree with no disgust, and personally I like it a very incense.
I will try to use it from time to time and I want to check the effect.


February 07, 2017


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I used it for the first time this time. Although smell is my impression, I thought that likes and dislikes can not be divided and I think that it is a fragrance that you feel that everyone smells good. But I was carrying it because it was a sweaty season. Although it did not strain from the company's women · girl friend as an effect, there is something a bit in the subway used for commuting. I am always on the same hour's train, but I have a woman who has ridden from the same station as I am and has seen her face many times. I am getting on the same station from the same place, but I feel that there are more opportunities next door. I also felt a bit of a gaze. What is it, and this is the effect? I would like to continue using that product from now on.


October 04, 2012


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this is…

I wanted to use it I wanted to make the night with her more special than usual. It is a cold season in winter this year and it is a lonely season. I think that nobody likes taking off clothes. I used it while thinking that she would be nice if she gets closer to usual than usual or bold.
I do not know if there was an effect, but I think it has become more dangerous than usual.
I have used it only once, so I'm going to use it I would like to spend happily with her regardless of whether there is an effect or not!
Thank you for this time.


December 26, 2014


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Nothing ...

It seems I do not feel like my company got nice with me ... I just feel like I did not have a reaction so far, but even with m (_ _) m, since the smell smells good, I also use the rest! Other smells I want


June 26, 2015


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It is a good smell

It is a good smell. Isn't it so good \?
Is the effect good enough?


July 06, 2019


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Maybe it's okay

Looking at a review named for the evening, it is the first purchase combined with others. Perhaps there is not much sustenance of scent. Although it is work at night, when going, it is not attached except when riding a train, so be sure to add 3 to 4 push to the taboo a little more before riding. There are late times too Most trains are rattling and only men are good, but occasionally there are crowded women. A young woman came next to me when I got on a taboo recently only once. So, after a while I saw this occasionally, and it went down as it was. That's it, but I feel that there is a taboo effect. Repeat while watching the state.


October 11, 2015


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Fresh scent

I like refreshing fragrance.
This time buy up spirit and buy taboo and secret at the same time. Before meeting with ladies, I used them in a superimposed manner, but I have not realized the effect yet to say this .... However, it feels like the place is getting better and better than usual.
I am planning to continue using it in the future, expecting a change in the surrounding reaction to occur.


January 27, 2017


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Still do not know

I have used this product everyday, but I do not know yet.
The woman will show me a nice smile, but I wonder if the distance has been shrinking a bit at a time

Next time, when we dinner together, I hope that there will be progress


December 27, 2014


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I was attracted to naming and bought it.
Somehow, it is a smell that calms down.
I am consciously attached within a crowded train.
I feel the gaze and approach from women

Is it due to mind?

Carnivorous employee

February 03, 2013


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I did not understand well.

I did not like the fragrance of trees so much.
I did not understand well the effect


October 01, 2017


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Familiar ... or not?

Have you taken care of me for over a year?
The response of my workplace has become thin, so I tried it back to what was before "taboo".


November 19, 2015


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Expect for the effect w

I bought it for going to the city con.
I tried other products as well, but this product personally liked the scent.
I also feel that the strength of the fragrance smells slightly faintly.
I think that preference will separate for men and women around here, so it is subjectivity to the last.
I use an antiperspray spray at the current time, but I think that it is against the TPO if the fragrance is too strong for such things, so it is somewhat confident or born with some kind of merchandise in this faintly fragrant product Then, it may be better to use it as if you use ordinary perfume.


July 17, 2018


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It smells calm down, but ...

I felt the fragrance was a little weak although the smell which calms down is very good.
The effect on women is three for now because of unknown. However, I think that it is the best to use for calming my mind.


June 13, 2015


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