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Love Attraction Taboo for WOMEN (Alcohol Free) Love Attraction Taboo for WOMEN (Alcohol Free)

Love Attraction Taboo for WOMEN (Alcohol Free)


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Mote moto!?

About a year after having been with him in the company's popularity No. 1, it has been almost a year since I knew each other, but the tendency of manneri began to emerge, thinking that stimulation is necessary among us, sweet attractions · taboos (For women) was used.
We are in the same department so the floor is with us, but it was common that we did not match our face until lunch break. However, on the day we used the above items, we had the usual greetings in the morning, but on the day we see eye-to-eye with him. When I went to the hot water supply room, he came and said, "Let's go for a meal for the first time in a long time". At first I was stunned, but I thought it was due to pheromone perfume?
When we finished our lunch and returned to work, a male colleague and an elevator came together. He seemed to have seen a gentleman opening the door and checking the floor gently, and he seemed to have seemed to see it, and as usual, he was calling me with an eye to eye, "what he said to him "Were you" caught a yakimochi suddenly? "" You like that bitch? ", And it has exposed the desire to monopolize. When I got back to the desk, I got a message from him at the elevator posted that I should not have dinner next time. I arrived in the morning when I got to the office and I had lunch breaks and every 2 hours in the morning. As far as yesterday, I was convinced that this was not a coincidence, but a pheromone perfume, as if it were a completely different reaction. Although there may be individual differences, I'd recommend that everyone use it.


October 06, 2012


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I got married.

It is a great effect.
I felt my fate with a dramatic deployment of great reversal.
He was supposed to get married, but he dismissed her engagement and propose to me.
I liked myself from the front.
He seems to have felt destiny as well.
The proposal is also romantic and can never be forgotten.
He was the most popular company in the company but he seemed like this for the first time but he told me that I only love me all my life.
I am very happy.
I am getting married in June.
Happy Junebride.


March 09, 2016


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For some reason

It is always a citrus scent, so I wanted to change my mood, I tried this.
Because it is "taboo", how sweet and rich aroma ... I thought I was not good (because I am not good at it), only fragrant rose fluffy with a scent of depressed feeling. The fragrance disappears quickly, that one? Shoulder watermark. But it was nice, because it was my favorite fragrance.
Today from morning, walking down the street and meeting eyes with men ... Because I feel something, I see eyes match with men. Oh my God is Ojisan OL. Why do you see it?
I have not tried it in front of my favorite people, but I'm expecting a lot ♪


September 25, 2012


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Effective! What?

To regain her husband's love (haha) Last time I purchased secret and premium double.

This time I was attracted to Taboo's explanation and tried using it.
Because I am not good at strong scent, it is used after dividing with premium.
Personally I like cigars because it is fresh and lovely scent of taboo rather than secret.
The problem of sexlessness is not yet solved, but after about a week of using, I received a hug, kiss from my husband for the first time in the last few months!
This is effective! \?
And expectation in the future.
I will continue to look at double-use of taboo and premium in the future.


March 18, 2016


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It's not good

Have, use mixed pheromone perfume love attraction premium. I liked the fragrance of rosewood very much.
However, it is regrettable that the fragrance flies soon.
But ... my friend does not smell this perfume. In the meantime, recently, I liked the smell of Yuki very much .., with the effect of attraction, the effect of sweet, it is intensely gentle, bet in ... apparently .. apparently .. just not putting out the mouth, the fragrance of the pheromone is , Seems to attract men seriously.
By the way, men in the workplace were also invited to dinner.
This is truly amazing .. As it is, it is a taboo.
too amazing...


September 25, 2012


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It was good

I always use a secret. I like the scent of secret, it is my favorite because I calm down.
This time, I tried using taboo immediately.
I have not gone well with my husband, and I heard about divorce talks last month. In the evening, as for the other two years I was lonely feeling, I was talking about divorce. That night, the husband was a different attitude from usual. It was always cold to me, whether to be ignored or yelled when I speak, but I have talked normally for some reason. surprised.
And, as usual I went to bed like usual, but I thought it was strange, something strange, when I woke up, my husband was seeking my body and touching me. I was very surprised. I had nothing more than two years. It was after talking about divorce. It was strange, I thought this was due to taboo. I was told that I would make a husband the next week. I am really surprised. There is no talk of divorce at all from then. I do not know if it is effective enough to change my husband's feeling, but I can not help admitting this change.
I think that I was really good at applying for a monitor.
It was good to win. I'm really thankful to you. From now on I also hope to use both taboo and secret, both.


November 23, 2014


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I am using it everyday.

Two years have been dating. His semi-cohabited tension kept falling as it got in my hands I caught on straw and thought I tried various things, but I settled on taboo but recently I got tired of this scent I did not say that it smells like it smells good, as though it did not leave me.
Next time I'm looking for new fragrance, but taboo, it's amazing!
He was cold He buried his face in my ear and did not leave me forever (laugh)

Also, I will return to taboo after changing it!


July 02, 2016


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Blend it. It's too amazing!

We ordered 4 bottles including repeat last night.
Repeat is taboo and hyacinth and premium first white musk

So, I made a small amount of perfume so that I could not use the perfume remaining on the bottom of the bottle little by little, I dared to blend them all and use it.
Alcohol free 2 to 3 drop hyacinth 4 to 5 drops About 1 cm from the bottom of the angel bottle Taboo 2 to 3 drops About 2 cm from the bottom of the Glamorous bottle

I am working at a bar but when I go to the office with this all together I am beautiful not only for men who do not leave men!
I was praised as a smell so good that a woman able to be adult could melt.
Some people could raise their name as sponsors to the newly thought-out projects as they seemed to be kissed at stake.
I was amazed astounded!
Aroma is slightly sweet and weak, so glamorous is not good (since it is a blend of leftovers) Angel is tightening with crisp.
Sweetness of glamorous that occasionally smells while glancing at the angel, exhilaration of hyacinth and spirit of taboo.
It was so wonderful that I wrote it.
Will four new tomorrow be attached?
This perfume has a fragrance not so tight, so it will not be a bad smell even if blended.
It might be a good idea to make an original blend.


December 22, 2018


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I feel that this has worked for men.

Because he sniffed as a superheter only where the taboo was attached, pheromones are effective. I think pheromone perfumes will work well for male O type boys.
Even if someone else comes closer, I feel that the effect is often gazed at. I think taboo alone is effective even for myself so that it seems that sex appeared coming out even by myself.
It is serious when used together with double pheromone. I think that it is dangerous to overcharge charm. It might be a good combination not to use boyfriend.


June 16, 2015


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Both I and I are my favorite!

It is a secret that he uses this item because he / he does not like perfume itself, but Iran Iran, Taboo, Geranium, some of them have been repeating the same thing, but it seems to settle down in taboo again!

I smile my smell all the way for a faint whom I meet everyday (lol)

His age also decreased in the evening, but I came to touch my body everyday.


May 02, 2016


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I have been with him for 8 years

My relationship was long, and his existence was obvious, and it was natural that I did not ecchi. I am wearing this perfume with a fancy expectation this time, I tried it instead, but it is pretty effective and I am surprised (lol) It is embarrassing to invite from me ... Because when I was invited by him I was happy (* ^^ *) !! It is a perfume I'd recommend recommending to a couple who is a cunning manner! I do not have too much smell, and I liked it. I thought it was a scent to accept everyone? Although I tried putting it on the company after all, was it a pheromone effect, after all? That day I was choked to the men of the company and I was spoken to by myself (laugh)

A crowd

March 14, 2016


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I'm looking forward to using it ♪ ♪ ♪

Today I arrived immediately (^ ^) Taboo was one of the scents I was concerned about, so I made it an evaluation with expectation. It was a favorite scent when I blown a piece ☆ Maybe Taboo would buy Ripi (* ^ _ ^ * \)
After all it is urashii ('艸 `) if you can find a smell of your choice ♪ I will use it from tomorrow ♪


April 20, 2016


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It was strange.

Recently, I felt depressed and motivated and I got a lot.
Even if it is fashionable, I do not think anything is good, I want to change such a condition.
Also, friends of friends are similar to Sasaki Nozomi and they always stand out, so they will fall down again ... I want a chance to change!
I tried using it with such a feeling.
When I was at a drinking party, I had a pizza at the first-time bar, I forgot to use and I did it with a toilet at the time of karaoke at the second meeting.
Then a mysterious event ... Some of the men who had been stuck to friends who liked Sasaki so far, "Sexy, tell me an address," or "I'm typing, so let's get it alone" and always with motemote Friends of a single stage were a bit disappointed.
It was truly a magical and happy event


September 28, 2012


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Impression after using it

I'm sorry, I am sorry that my job is late and busy!
Since I used premium now because I used premium, I used to have the aroma therapy qualification originally because I wanted to compare the differences, so I also liked the smell of rosewood, but if the smell was tight, my company So, although I thought that it could not be used, since the smell of the mail order company is severe · · · But, as soon as the scent flies faster than the eau de toilet, it was turned on. However, the male's boss was getting hot and strengthening the air conditioning. The most amazing thing is that it was attached before putting on an elevator. My boss who got on with me in my forties for 40s, I got an elevator and soon smoked. Later, when I heard it was that I wanted to. Even those who do not feel that there may be places that feel like that! After that, they also treated me often every time I saw juice. My current boyfriend 38 years old also said that it was still hot. There is also feeling that eroticism doubles.
But it is not strong like a perfume so it is never smoked by a woman, so it is very good ...


October 08, 2012


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Asian spicy

Since the perfume that I used to date has expired, this time Changrange. Taking a swing, it is asian sexy as woody and spicy fragrance is funny.
If a person who is active actively in health is usually smelling like this, I felt that it might suit you perfectly.
I liked it because it is a nice scent, but it is not a scent that suits me, so I thought that I want to put it at the time of OFF.


March 21, 2016


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It seems to work for menopause measures as well

It became a menopausal generation, there is a shortage of pheromone clearly, so I bought it if I could have a feminine atmosphere. Since scent has a feeling like a tree, I initially felt somewhat disgusted, but if I had attached it every day, I was kind of familiar. Although it is often used in conjunction with a premium, as I started using it, my own feelings are getting really upwards and it makes me feel somewhat funny, I feel calm and irritated emotion that is peculiar to menopause, calm down, the nature and smiles have increased It was. Since the feeling has relaxed, it is fun to talk with people.
My son 's college student living together is kind, and I am happy.
Thanks to the pheromone perfume, I feel confident that femininity has recovered and confidence came out. It also cheerful to make fashionable. First of all I will use themselves to be fun and energetic.


February 02, 2013


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Based on this ...

I felt that his tension was obviously dropping whether I had a relationship with him or not and started to use this item with a desire to grab straw.
I have tried several kinds including Iran Iran, but my taboo was very effective for me!
I knew it was getting ridiculous that I gradually get his tension going up.
Before I went to bed I was told not to sleep until I could smell my smell.
Taboo is finding lots of dedicated to wear for the night and the rest in the daytime.
While selling again, I want to buy a bulky so taboo sale is coming ♪ ♪


May 02, 2016


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Additional notes

It may be the weakest smell I have ever used (-; \)
Kusaku bus smell of magic ring ...

I used it for 1 month but it seems that it still does not seem to smell as smooth as it is.
Is it a heavy smell ... is it an adult scent? . . It does not seem to fit me. I did not feel the effect I felt during Jasmine or Romance at all.


May 05, 2014


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To regain my husband's mind

I thought that I wanted to use it at everyone's review in order to regain feelings of husband from adultery woman!
Approach from other men than her husband ... (lol \)
I thought that the effect was bad, but I still do not know if I regained my husband's mind 💦 But it is effective for other men, so it should work for my husband too!


November 24, 2018


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It smells good!

I always use premiere, since I was confessed by those 16 years younger than me, I became a relationship for 3 years and I am still cherished.
In the meantime I confirmed that I was confessed and my sales work was going well. I think that it is because of this perfume. And this time for the first time I tried using something with a fragrance.
I think that it smells the most refreshing and good until now. If you were wearing it right away from the facility chief of the sales woman you were told to introduce men because you feel very good. I was delighted that being stopped like this outside of work like this. I think that it is thanks to this refreshing perfume. I thought it was amazing.


March 08, 2016


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