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Love Attraction Taboo for WOMEN (Alcohol Free) Love Attraction Taboo for WOMEN (Alcohol Free)

Love Attraction Taboo for WOMEN (Alcohol Free)


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The scent is ...

There was also someone's review, but after all I do not feel like I am a fragrance coming with pins ...


July 14, 2016


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The smell is ...

I tried spraying on clothes because it is a weak skin for alcohol.
Shu and one puff ... Alcohol and glass mother's odor (smile)

It will fade as time goes by, but it has a distinctive scent.
Like a toilet, it smells like ammonia's tingling \?
I do not know until my nose is close, but I will drift from time to time.
For women, it is said that many male pheromones are compounded, but this is the odor that is odd? Or, honestly, I do not feel it is a very good scent, but I hope my female hormone can be activated with this I expect it. (So, with expectation put in two, it is not practical as a perfume, is it?)

I like the scent, I hope you can purchase the sample. I think that I will purchase others of them, but I will continue to use it little by little for the time being.


November 09, 2012


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The fragrance is peculiar

The fragrance is peculiar, and it seems that my taste will separate a little.
When it is a sweat scene, I thought that I do not like a bit because it is a fragrance that seems to be mistaken for Wakiga.
As usual I used premium, I tried this because it was a sale, but I thought premium is the best, too.


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Turning on this, I definitely say he smells incense.
I think it is my favorite problem, but he seems to prefer romance.


January 27, 2016


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There is no effect

It smells like a flower shop, it is a little painful.
I have not attached much because my head hurts, recently it has been on for a long time but I still have a headache.
I do not feel much effect. I wonder if the amount is insufficient. I'm sorry.


December 24, 2014


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Still, I do not know the effect.

I thought that it was a refreshing scent the moment I arrived. A fragrance that has never been done before.
I like the smell itself, but my boyfriend seems to have had less effect. . .
However, my boyfriend was sick, so I would like to try it again if I get well.
From now on, I will investigate ☆

Mr. K

March 14, 2016


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Well ...

The scent was not a disagreeable scent, but it was not a special smell. Even if it got on, it took soon in a few minutes, so there was almost no sense of turning on.
I was sorry that I could not feel the effect.
There is no repeat in this regard.

I tried using white musk, peach, taboo and the three kinds, the white musk I bought the first time seems to have had the most effect.
After all it might be more effective for your favorite scent.

Secret Akko-chan

October 02, 2014


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To me

I always used a love attraction and a secret, but I tried trying to put on other things as well.
I wanted you to be a little conscious of a good opposite sex in my workplace, but there was not much effect on me.
I thought that he was a homosexual when I thought it was sorry, so I wondered if it was ineffective.
From now on I can not give you a perfume to find a wonderful man.

A pod

November 26, 2014


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Well ...

Is the effect of perfume due to the opponent?
Though it became 1/3 remaining by using taboo, it does not change.
I do not know the difference even if I try it to a favorite person. I think that it is not effective because it is a person who is accustomed to women? I used to use married people when I was on a test and got caught home on the way back. I feel like I was more interested than perfume effect (because I did not have perfume when I got a maid) So ☆

Mari Moyashi

December 18, 2013


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I see

You may get preference for this scent

It smells casually to invite men while giving out an adult interesting sour scent

When I waited for my boyfriend outside, I was asked by a man about 20 years old of the same age, I was suddenly, but I was told that I should tell LINE w
I heard that because I smelled because I asked why

This fragrance is perfect for inviting you w

Yu-Ring set large meal

March 12, 2017


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Love attraction. Try using taboo ...

Thank you for trying Taboo this time, Love Attraction.
I wanted to get back with him who broke up eight months ago ... I tried it but the result did not go as far as I expected. I did not go to where I was expecting too much or where I could return. .
The distance to him has not changed, so it was a shame regret that there was nothing special that changed.
Moreover, I think that I would like to try if there is anything that seems to be something!


November 19, 2014


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To me

It was not my favorite fragrance.
It was spicy?


February 16, 2019


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