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Love Attraction Taboo for WOMEN (Alcohol Free) Love Attraction Taboo for WOMEN (Alcohol Free)

Love Attraction Taboo for WOMEN (Alcohol Free)


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The fragrance is good.

I liked the fragrance of Woody series so I tried it.
At the moment I got it, I thought, "A little fragrant is awful", I immediately thought of it instead of a soft scent, I also became familiar with me not accustomed to perfume.
Since I have not used it yet, I do not know the effect as a pheromone perfume, but it seems that it will be calm when I smell it when I forget it.
It is recommended for those who like the fragrance of Woody series.


October 10, 2012


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It is the second day of use.

Winner wins the monitor! Thank you.
It is the second day of use.
The fragrance certainly disappears quickly, but I think that it is reasonable for use in offices and hospitality industry.
The smell does not smell fancy than anything, it is an elegant impression.
I think that it is a good balance because I think that it will be bad if the fragrance is heavier than that.
If fragrance is emphasized, I think that it is good to superimpose non-fragrance and things on hand.

As for the effect, although the actual feeling is not honest yet, I feel that the correspondence of the surrounding people is good.
I think that it is different if there is a person of love affair, but dramatic things have not yet happened.
It seems that the number of times I can call out at a shallow workplace increases, but is it because I am accustomed to it? It is unknown.
I will post more dramatic things!


March 09, 2016


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For the time being ...

It is the state of the 2 months less the couple recently gokshaku. So, I tried and tried the word of mouth ... No particular effect on my husband (sweat \)
I came to hang around pets and children with effect ants and talked a lot (bitter smile)

However, I feel that my mental climactic mental condition has calmed down so I would like to continue for a while!
Somehow, I feel I have to raise girls' power (lol \)
It is about 5 days, but my appetite was also suppressed, my weight was down (someone 10 kilos I lost weight?) May it be good for a diet?

I ordered my premium for my husband (lol \)
The result is also at a later date.


December 11, 2018


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I do not agree with each other

This perfume is truly being helped. Normally, the clerk responds with a wonderful and nice smile when looking at eyes, is kind, and also attached to colleagues, you can be praised a lot and praised a lot. I tried various series and tried variously on the angel, but I wanted to try out the effect on men with other fragrant perfumes, and I got a taboo for the first time, but he has no effect at all To men who are not felt and involved in work, they are told that they are suffering in love with me, and to a heavy feeling, since serious love is only one person, it is effective for the work of customer service I thought that perfect type of perfume meets him. Let's challenge him with a premier and an angel


March 09, 2018


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The fragrance ...

I received it today, so I tried it on immediately.
It was a rose system, but its fragrance was so sweet and not too tight I was a favorite scent. Most importantly, my mind calms down.
I do not know the effect yet, but I'd like to expect more from now.


November 19, 2012


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I tried it

Because there is not much scent, I got lost in the amount used.
When I used it at the event of dance, I think that there was not a big change in particular.
At work, I meet nearly 200 people a day, but there were things I felt in those people rather.
On the day we used it, you talked a lot and the conversation bounced. By the way, the other party was a woman.


November 29, 2014


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The fragrance is nice!

Since it was delivered, since the meeting was continued, we went expecting and went on, but I could not get any effect ,,,, The last hope was 29th so I posted late. This time it was disappointing because there was nothing special, scent was good! First I thought that the fragrance sweet and sweet scent first, the sustainability was long. My favorite gentle and transparent scent! I love this scent. However, I thought that what I expect from pheromone perfume is a visible effect! It was a little disappointing. It was the secret that started from the secret so far, it was bergamot, chance, angel, premium, taboo, but the most effective was secret! However, the taboo at this time is the best smell! There is still a chance within the year I am planning to keep trying it without being undermined! I will let you know when there is an effect again.

Star flower

November 30, 2014


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It's okay

I did not understand the effect well.
I wonder if there is a repeat. I feel that scent did not like it on my own terms.


June 25, 2013


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Mysterious fragrance

It is difficult to describe, but it looks like a tree trunk.
There may be a secret for the effect.


December 01, 2017


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I feel a change in scent

Although I like the scent of angels after all, I like the scent of the angel in the end, but this time surprisingly likes! The scent which is more intense than the angel, the beginning is not good, is the fragrance thought to be soft soft fragrance in a few minutes I could not meet the man who I thought was nice this time, I did not know the effect.
Just ... It is unknown whether it is effective ... but the uncle of hopelessness (married) came to a persistent degree {(- _ -)} Because the work finishes like every day it will not disturb you! I am not interested !! Was this an effect?!


November 26, 2014


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Is the fragrance of wood strong?
It was a bit weak.


December 10, 2012


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Deep scent

I thought what kind of scent the rosewood is, but it was a good fragrance with depth.
But because it is so ephemeral it is a bit unsatisfactory compared to romance.
The effect ... unfortunately, I did not feel it in particular. .
I still have a little left, so I will use it until the end.


November 22, 2018


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The scent flies faster

I thought that it is a sweeter scent, I think that it is easier to attach without feeling more refreshing than the imagination. Someone said, "The scent of the flower shop", but I also thought it was close to that. I am not a disgusting scent, but after all I have likes for scents, one person said "stinky". .
Although it is weak for the first time for 2 weeks, it does not change anything and there is no change ... every day. It seems that some people have an effect, so I think that it is my problem. I will post again if there is a change.


October 04, 2012


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Tried it

I tried it for three days after it arrived, but ....

First smell.
I briefly touched it when I blew it, but I will not mind soon.
I like it with a refreshing fragrance not too sweet.
Persistence. There is almost no sustainability, it is a feeling that the fragrance disappears immediately.
Pheromone, if you think that it may have a very effective aroma, if you think about using it as a perfume you may need to turn on frequently. However this may not be limited to this product. It seems that scent will remain relatively romance, though ....

Well, how do you do? For the time being, I did not get anything, especially for three days (laugh)


September 27, 2012


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It is a defense.

Until now I was purchasing a fragrance pheromone, because I worked at a restaurant, but I decided to challenge scented things with a career change.
This time I did not like scents, so I made three stars, but I also want to try other things. Because it was fragrance of aroma oil, there was no persistence of scent, so if you want to smell firmly, perhaps you prefer a type that mixes it with your favorite perfume.
Even in my new workplace, regardless of gender, human relationships are going well. For your own confidence, I use it for protection.


September 28, 2012


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The effect is. . .

I am trying various fragrances right now!
I'm looking for something my favorite scent and effect, so I can not say honestly (¯ ◇ ¯; \)
I do not like compared with the scent up to now Σ (゚ д ゚; \)
And the effect is a little thin. . .


February 02, 2015


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I can not say it

The scent is not bad, but yelled at her workplace Ji who was mixed with non-alcohol and was hurriedly feeling. It may have been by chance.

Other than that it will not change much.

It seems to me that non alcohol + secret matches. Next month I will order a secret.


April 18, 2018


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By the time of forgetting

I like something when I forget fragrance or sale, but I prefer a secret.


July 14, 2015


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Uh huh

The scent is unique.
It is not bad, but it was not my favorite thing.
Effects ... ...?
I wonder if Ripi is there.


October 19, 2016


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Fluffy fragrant

A favorite person who was able to meet almost every day suddenly ceased to appear and was depressed.
This perfume has not been attached for a while, the place I was wondering what is good next time, trying it attracted by the name Taboo, the fragrance is weak and it smells fluffily. Reassembly is mandatory.
However, it was a favorite scent.
I wanted to see you, I want to see you, I'm fine, until I get back to the company with a taboo. When I returned to the company thinking about such things, he came to greet us as usual with a smile.
I realized that I was off for a while after injuries, and I feel relieved that it was not avoided.
Even then, less frequently we meet than before, but when we could meet, the conversation began to bounce.

Winter vacation

November 20, 2018


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