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Love Attraction Venus for WOMEN (Alcohol Free) Love Attraction Venus for WOMEN (Alcohol Free)

Love Attraction Venus for WOMEN (Alcohol Free)


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It is the third order !!!

This time it showed outstanding effect! ___ ___ 0

After all the premium + Venus superimposition was the strongest !!!

It is a pleasant surprise surprise that you showed quite good effect to younger men (≧ ∀ ≦)

Male from 24, 26, 27 years old got me a favor !!!

From 24 years old I was invited by lunch and karaoke because my music taste fit.
In a room of karaoke it was such a feeling that "I do not mind sitting next to me?" And the distance is close and "I have long hair and it is beautiful" and I have been stroking my hair forever and touching my cheek. I was told to meet again and I parted that day.
I met with 27 years old and went for lunch and drinking at night.
I was seduced something and developed into a romantic relationship with one another.
However, it was hard to meet each other because they were busy with each other Keeping my mind apart There was a new encounter next to me.
It is an encounter with a 26 year old.
I promised to go to the drink after drinking the line, but the conversation was rather light and the first impression was not good.
He came to the meeting place and he apologized for the conversation on the line as soon as I saw him.
And while I was drinking, there was a serious attitude that was opposite to the light interaction on the line.
When I meet a person, I usually re-attach perfume to the nape and both ear and wrist every two hours.
After all, the likability to me is completely different if I reattach it to coma. I also reconciled and I felt a lot like the impression of him and he said from me that he was "the first person I could relax and talk" and sit next to me and touch my hair and cheeks. . .
After leaving the shop, I was handed in and confessed on the way and said "Let's go out".
About the station As I parted suddenly I was cuddly hugged and I heard a sucker smothering something scent strongly on my head (lol)

Oh, it is awfully sniffing ??? Like a laugh can not be without a effect of the perfume!
Every time I use Venus I feel familiar with myself I feel as if I demonstrated the outrageous motemote effect as the third one.
If you want to drop the younger, you definitely decided to premium + Venus !!!
Pheromone effect is scary as hard !!!
I will definitely repeat from now on !!!

Milk tea

February 25, 2016


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It is effective younger than young people !!!

This time, I ordered a second time. When I first asked Venus for a long time ago I felt that the scent of ginger was incense somehow and I thought that I was not thinking that I would not ask for a thought, so I came back. (Lol)

I wanted to get along with the younger people and most people in my workplace were younger than myself so I decided to purchase again !!!

I was very happy that it arrived at the shortest on 3 days after ordering (≧ ▽ ≦)

First of all, I say the effect at work. . .
On that day when perfume was on, everyone else talks to me in a waste (lol)

In addition, if someone complains a little about it at work, someone else protected me for being a friend and the other person complaining to me was accused.

Working relationship exchange is also perfect.
When I went to the beauty shop, my young staff was very kind, told me not to go away quite often, and furthermore it was a surprise that the distance was somewhat closer than usual.
I am glad I came back to Venus ♪

Incidentally, I felt the fragrance of ginger that I felt like Nigata when I first bought it was a warm smell like being wonderful and relieved this time.
When a ginger scents and a little time passes, the sweet scent of peach is pursuing and it is a good feeling.
Next time will surely repeat !!!

Milk tea

February 25, 2016


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This is amazing!

As a suggestion from a friend, I bought a younger student first the other day, but only after a mystery and good things continued since starting to put on, every day became fun. However, because it is for younger students, I often get nostalgic from elementary school students, and I bought this also as to how to use looting love limited by desire ... but then I started turning on On that day, I reunited with Ojijisu who had been persistent before me again for the first time in 2 years, I was also lightly sneaky and I felt a gaze from the organs. However, on the day on which this looting love limit is wearing, as he was 22 years old with intention, it passed as far as I thought it was avoided, I had no good things, so as soon as I returned to the younger age limit , And all the good things! I think that it is a constitution that makes it easy to experience a mysterious experience from long ago, but I think that the power of this perfume is a bit scary enough. To me, loot love limitation has been too effective in a different direction, so I will repeat the younger student again this time.
This perfume is already an indispensable existence!


July 26, 2010


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I think that there is no one who dislikes that the ginger is pilly with the fragrance of cute peach!
I have a young man who is interested in the workplace (I am my boss although I am younger) I'm glad to hear every request of me as soon as possible.
A colleague's woman was told, "If Alicia asked you, it was absolutely OK," I was told, I was at a loss what to reply.
Suddenly, when you look at the line of sight, it is often that he is looking at me far away.
At the moment the eyes match, it is distracting from each other but it is hot enough to be exciting and it will be tougher if you look at such a way from a man.

When I am having fun talking with other men, I will come near you as I am interested.
I think I'm jealous because I feel a painful face.
Although I am not going out with you, it makes me feel like I've seen a cheating scene ^ ^


January 06, 2016


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This is no doubt (^ _ ^) ☆

If you try using Venus for perfume of non-fragrance type, the motivation degree is not huge!
It is suddenly attacked from various age groups as far as it can only be considered as the effect of Venus (lol \)
I liked it very fragrant with a fragrance also funny (* ^ _ ^ * \)
I will surely attach it to places where a drinking party or an interested man exists, but I will receive special treatment from men, which I have never seen before (a girl friend I will donate together \)
Originally, I decided to use this perfume was because I wanted to turn my younger men who are over 10 years old away from me, but if you do so, you can choose whatever you like, I will not worry too.

Mote woman

November 15, 2015


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Is happy

I was worried for a long time, a dealer of a cute younger son who is entering and leaving the company. A few days after attaching the pheromone perfume, it is invited to drink from him, how to become friends, to associate!
And I will get married this year ☆ I am happy. By putting this perfume, I went in a good direction as scary ☆ Incidentally, he is 12 years younger than me ☆ ☆


February 09, 2012


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A little cheating ♪ ... afterwards

Previously I bought a married lady's perfume and I still feel the effect

I was attracted by this fragrance of peach & younger brother and purchased this time this time?

I love the fragrance of peach

Because my boyfriend is young ...

Do you expect a lot of effect?

I will also report it ^ ^ ☆


It is a report (¯ ∀ __;;)

I thought that "I only use it in front of him" but I could not meet each other and because I had no opportunity to use it,

For the time being, I went to the office for the first time ♪


(¯ □ ¯ !!) Surprised ~~

"How about going for a meal next time?" (It is true (sweat)) to a child under 10 years old

Of course I refused.

Next time, surely I will use it in front of him (≧ Д ≦ ;;)

Red butterfly

February 12, 2010


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Both the smell and the boy 's reception were ×.

Since a man in the workplace is almost a younger person, I tried using Venus, I usually told a friend who is a good friend "Is not something alcoholy smell?", And the boy who is interested said "I, perfume or something I do not like smelling, is not it? "(I never told you before)
From then on, I feel like being avoided rather than approaching.
I mix it with the perfume I usually use, but I am sorry that it is anxious about the alcohol smell and I am not using it now.


August 11, 2013


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A little lucky ♪

My workplace is about 60 people, most of the staff are younger than me. Or, there are only three people age. If I put on this perfume, I wonder if my work will be fun ~ Even those who are interested (who is ten years younger than us) I thought I could talk about it and tried using it.
Then, usually there is not much break time together, but it happened just a little time, it was a chance to talk about that time, I was able to mail as well!
It was just that, but I was kind of very happy.
Also, the other day my pet dog (male) went to play with my friend (woman) 's house, it was so terrible for me why ... I could not get away from my knees. I do not know if there is any relationship with perfume, but I usually do not like animals, so .... I have a drinking party tomorrow so I'm thinking of going on securely.

Around the corner

April 25, 2010


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Mission successful ☆

When I was assigned to men who were only under the age, I started a day after I put this pheromone every morning! Then, even if I was not hilarious even if I was pretentiously obsessive, everyone was not only gentle, Please go out with me! There is even an overnight stay, so there is an application for Aventure, there is a memory that made it look like a picture.
Although I changed jobs after a while, I got in touch from the top nationwide grades I was 23 at the time since quitting and I got a date appointment if I can not forget it.
Indeed, pheromones have effects on each theme!


November 13, 2013


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Certainly, although it smells of ginger, it disappears in a few minutes.
The effect is that the likability to the surroundings is the same as the others. What I felt again this time was convinced that it is secret that I can really feel the effect on opposite sex.
If you buy fragrant, it will be a secret.
Venus There is a good place, but it may not be able to win the secret (^ ^)


February 25, 2017


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Try it ...

I thought that scent has a strong spicy aroma of ginger at first. I wanted to be a love lover again with my husband !! I bought it !! Return home comes in a bad husband in a bad mood ... one push before coming out of the bath !! Unusually, I got stuck from my husband, after that gewing Hugging me !! Really I can not do it normally, so I am thinking thanks to perfume!?
I felt that the child always sticks over.
I think I will keep using it as it is. I would like to try even more other perfumes !!


November 14, 2015


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Confessing from him younger than 15 years old

After entering the late 30s, I think that I was atrophied somewhat feeling that the surroundings started treating my aunt and cold air was flowing.
After using pheromone perfume, I got healed by a gentle scent, I got to smile at my work and when I noticed, my surroundings gently touched me. And I used this Venus when I meet a man younger than 15 years old who started talking to me well at work.
Then he confessed to him younger than 15 years old (* ゜ ▽ ゜ *)

Since confidence as a woman has returned to myself, it is a repeat purchase decision! I can not release it anymore!


July 15, 2011


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Boost the feelings I want to be happy ♪

There is a boyfriend who is 11 years younger than three years old.
I am living together for a long time and I am thinking about getting married now but I am feeling like a mannerism these days and my boyfriend was a type that is not good at expressing love straight and so I felt loneliness.
So, I tried using pirate love limited pheromones before long as I can manage this situation, but I was told that my boyfriend does not like Iran Ylang fragrance! It was effective for other men Despite that, it was somewhat disappointing.
So this time, I tried a limited pheromone I wanted to be a male to a young man with a fragrance of my favorite peach. The scent has a strong spicy aroma of ginger at first, but it is gradually getting sweeter.
It is about the effect, but there was a nice change from the day I used it!

It starts from a natural feeling that something is sticking to me by side more than usual, love love resurrection !!
The story of marriage is also coming out.
I think that I also had confidence that he is wearing a pheromone perfume and I think that I wanted to cherish my happiness from the bottom of my heart, I thought that the pleasant results have brought us good results.
I think that the pheromone wanted to be a male to a younger man would boost a positive feeling ☆

Also, I would like to review reviews if there are other good effects!


April 25, 2010


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The effect is amazing

He was cheating 9 years younger.
I knew, but I arrived at this product, thinking to turn around rather than asking.
Changes have already changed since the next day I gave it ... I broke up with the partner I was cheating on and I love you more than ever saying that I love you.
Also, to his friends, confession is done. I am a little troubled, I do not feel bad, I am glad that he will beat jealousy and will treasure me more carelessly.
Anyway, when you go for a drink, you are surely said to be cute from younger.
Effective textile, I was surprised.


August 03, 2016


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Switch ON!

I usually use an incenseless pheromone perfume.
Because of that, two men approaching.

One of them is a young man.
I have only contact with older people so far, I was approached from my youth for the first time this time but last time I met my last time, I was told my feelings and he was kissed for the second time.
This time I added this perfume and I met with my younger son.
Kiss from him again in the car as soon as I have to go home.

Besides that, I kiss the neck Reach out under the strongly hugging outer jacket and touch my chest and body.
Desperately stopped his hand though. (Lol)

Honestly, I thought that I want to embrace "as an e-mail after returning home.
This perfume has a sweet scent after it is attached.

I do not know whether it will work for younger men surely, but it was fierce if I tried it. (^ _ ^;)


April 20, 2010


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From him ...

There is a person who will come to work, but I have never talked much before, so it was about a morning and a return greetings.
But when I tried using this Venus, I was able to see a nice effect immediately. Suddenly he began to talk to me with a smile, so as to grasp it tightly even when the hand touched by chance. Suddenly, suddenly I gave sweets suddenly please eat if you like.
I am deeply impressed by the awesomeness of this perfume.


November 25, 2015


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Effect ... may be !!

Separated from him with a younger age of intention, separated by change ((T_T)) Still I met about once a month, but I do not have the courage to say confession .... This Venus is said to be effective younger .... This has to be tried !! I wish I had something good. I was invited to the baseball game he belonged to during this time, so I wore it at that time.
After the game I intended to go home alone, but he said "Let's go home together", after that I enjoyed driving.
The conversation also bounced and said, "I want to go out again". I am looking forward to the next date!? With perfume you can relax and be with him without being nervous.


November 22, 2015


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I also UP!

Younger men and friends than friends Less than a state continued, I decided to bet on this perfume.
However, I have not had the opportunity to meet with him quite often, so I'm going to try it on the company for the time being.

The moment I wear 1 Why is it a wonderful feeling that I will be wrapped in a nice scent ... I feel that women also have an effect?

2 In the company, the male employee talks about one step closer than usual! Because it is the mind, it is surprising that this time I will draw one step!

I actually am surprised by the effect of 1. Maybe everything changes as my feelings rise?

I am looking forward to seeing him now.


April 22, 2010


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On that day I turned on ...

I was surprised at first that the scent of ginger felt strong with Piriri, but gradually the sweetness comes down.
It is the first scent not on the marketing perfume ☆ Because it is a completely different type of scent from the perfume you usually use, watching the surrounding reactions with throbbing ... I met my younger male friend on the day I wore for the first time However, it was confessed (^ ^ ;; Because the distance is so close and I looked at my eyes, the appearance is clearly different from the usual, so it is Dokimagi ... Venus effect ?? (≧ ∇ ≦ \)
Even afterwards, if you wear this item, the distance is closer than usual regardless of gender, and I feel a lot of body touch.
However, since there was not much response from older people, next time I wanted to use the aroma for older ☆


November 26, 2015


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