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Love Attraction Venus for WOMEN (Alcohol Free)

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Both the smell and the boy 's reception were ×.

Since a man in the workplace is almost a younger person, I tried using Venus, I usually told a friend who is a good friend "Is not something alcoholy smell?", And the boy who is interested said "I, perfume or something I do not like smelling, is not it? "(I never told you before)
From then on, I feel like being avoided rather than approaching.
I mix it with the perfume I usually use, but I am sorry that it is anxious about the alcohol smell and I am not using it now.


August 11, 2013

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It's kind of a little stinky.
I always use romance, but it was said that the usual scent is better for the surrounding people. Because I was not so attached, I did not understand the effect well.


October 16, 2014

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There was absolutely no effect (> _ <)

I used pheromone perfume several times so far, but here was never felt the effect anyhow. Everyday as usual, there was not any change.
It may be that it does not match, so let me monitor it is a Yoga cutter!

I will challenge another perfume. After all I feel that fragrance is more effective ^ ^


December 01, 2015

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There is no effect for the person of the intention

I can not get it TSUTAYA Younger salesperson passed many times to pass the store clerk (laugh)


August 09, 2015

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Nothing ,,,

Unfortunately without anything in particular. Moreover, the fragrance is the fragrance of the toilet.
Because it is thought that "smell of toilet", it becomes worried.
Also, is it not too old date of the word of mouth of this place? I want you to only evaluate it for about the past one year.


April 02, 2015

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The smell was bad!

Though I was looking forward to it, I immediately sprayed a small amount on my wrist but it felt intensely "smelt"! I thought my husband would be fascinated by my younger son, but in my nose I could not use it in front of my husband because it smelled like Tsun Kuru ammonia smell. I'm sorry. You could use it if you smelled more softly.


March 24, 2015

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It has no effect. I bought it again. Disappointed


September 12, 2014

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The fragrance ...

I was looking forward to the fragrance of peach,

The scent I expected was a bit different.
I liked the fragrance of lemon, pear, etc, when I tried using it.
Also, I am looking forward to meeting my favorite fragrance.


August 01, 2013

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The scent of ginger is strong, and the fragrance of peach is sweet at the same time.
I did not think it was comfortable to wear on myself and the effect was also incredible.


June 05, 2018

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Third kind!

The first one Iran Iran, purchasing the second taboo, comparing with the general perfume, there seems to be a sense of incompatibility to the fragrance at first thought as "perfume?" But I became liked when I got used to it.
The third Venus this time was a fragrance that I could not like in the pheromone perfume that I experienced.
I had a strong smell of alcohol and a scent like fragrance.
I could not feel the effect when I turned on for two weeks, I think that Iran Iran has demonstrated the most effect when I think back now.
My husband asked for skinship or stormed asleep (laugh) Although I had such behavior from before, it is a comment that I became stronger.
It is fun to experience various fragrances and compare the effects ♪ So I also want to try new fragrance or repeat ylang ylang!

Hannna (40 years old: housewife)

February 21, 2017

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To a unrequited love ...

When I am with a young man who is unrequited love forever (if he went to the toilet and put a perfume on his neck \)
I have a bad smell. I was told I was tears.
Of course nothing.
He smelled solely for hair cream on hair. .
He had no effect.


December 22, 2015

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I thought it would be good for my younger brother ...

I love secrets, I bought a young younger Mr. Kun here.
Trying on ... Some of you came, but the scent of ginger is hard. Still I thought I could get used to it several times, I tried a little, but it was useless for me. I realize that it is useless if the person you are turning on is not comfortable, I will return to the secret.


April 21, 2015

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The scent is ...

The scent of ginger was unexpectedly tight, and it was a fragrance that was physiologically unavailable. Although I tried hard but still put on it, I could not feel the effect. It is very disappointing.


April 08, 2015

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