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Love Attraction Venus for WOMEN (Alcohol Free) Love Attraction Venus for WOMEN (Alcohol Free)

Love Attraction Venus for WOMEN (Alcohol Free)


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(· ∀ ·)

Since my boyfriend is younger because I was writing for younger people, I purchase (· ∀ · \)
I use it exclusively when I meet him (· ∀ · \)
Comparing the day we tried and the day we did not, the result was different from the usual day (· ∀ · \)
From now on I will meet you when I meet him (· ∀ ·)

(· ∀ ·)

November 25, 2015


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Was good

I am in love with a young man.
I took it when I saw him, but he said, "The atmosphere is different today."
Afterwards I was also very kind and I felt it was really amazing.
So, I bought it in addition (^ ^)


June 19, 2014


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It might be a little ... good.

I tried to use it expecting what effect it is because I am younger.

The opportunities to talk with the younger child increased to Gun, because the other department 's department is only a maddama.
I think that it will be good if more effects come out from now.


April 17, 2010


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I forgot

Recently, male boss is cold, please be nice to young newborn girl!
And I was shy and jealous inside. Jealousy is unspoiled so I am soaked with myself

When I noticed, I forgot to put perfume!
I hurriedly started spending the next day talking to you as funny as I can attach it, or come looking for me without any business!
I do not go out with a boss in particular, but if you receive love and do not accept it, there is an impediment to work. After all, do not forget it.


December 16, 2016


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It was good

I have a man 16 years younger than me. (44 me he 28) Meeting him Three years ago I also worked as a salespeople These perfumes had been attached all the time and had a good result. Of course he was different. As a result of meeting my career change, I met him at work and added fragrance, but it was confirmed in less than two months and it reaches today. It is fragrance-free, but it smells nice and it always smokes. I tried things with fragrance for the first time, but as I thought they would come again. It is safe even if it is attached because it is not odorous Of course the grades of work have been rising for a long time.
I am giving the most delicious job to the president of a strongly scolded customer.
I am also praised by a woman in my workplace and I am grateful to this perfume to be truly thankful.


November 24, 2015


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Venus effect?

I asked for a Venus to try the younger guy who was interested in this time this time.
The smell was not fruity type, but ginger was hard.
Just being familiar with it soon I did not mind so much.
On the way home from work the other day, I was able to speak to a man in my twenties who has walked from before.
"Does it really matter ... Do you have any plans from now?"

As I followed "With someone?" I declined that it was a meeting and said "I want to talk with you as I walk there as it is good so far."
On that day I had Venus and alcohol free before leaving the office.
I declined that it was a strange solicitation, but it was Venus' fault that I was able to talk to such a young man.

That said ... Recently, there seems to be a lot of greetings by young male employees who are not well acquainted with the company.
It seems that greetings have also appeared to people who have never greeted even though they have passed each other. .
Venus effect. I did not think it was a Venus effect? ​​Lol

I do not yet meet the person who is important to me, so I would like to privately demonstrate the effect quickly there!

If there is something there, I would like to write it again.


May 21, 2017


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Too much ...

I have been in love attraction for many years (^ ^ \)
My face and style are not good at all (rather bad ...) It is me, I got a good feeling atmosphere with some handsome junior Ikemen juniors, I got a skin ship, and I had a very pleasant feeling so far.
It was my standard to use premium and secret mixed, but recently I want to try other scent effects, I will use it a lot (^ - ^ \)
Was Venus tried this time because the scent was not my taste, unfortunately the effect was not felt so much. From experiences I've tried several love attractions so far, I feel that people are more motivated when wearing my favorite fragrance.
From now on I will try a lot and I want to study the best moat formulation for myself (^ ω ^)


June 26, 2018


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Become a habit!

It is thanks to Venus that I got along with my boyfriend. It's my first younger age, I was puzzled by behavior, but I got pretty feeling when I put on Venus. The scent of ginger really makes a habit. If it is not attached, it will become unsatisfactory. It seems that he was with me, too.


November 23, 2012


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I expected to have

I've always loved fragrance-free type. I calm down and I still have an effect, but my workplace is only younger and I would like to try this time this time.


October 22, 2010


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at last

I posted it once after purchase, but it is a report of trying to continue using from that. Because the person I like is in the workplace, I gave the day when the shift was right every 3 hours and approached myself from myself. Then, when he approached me, he never came near to come naturally, I breathe deeply. His sense of smell was dull, even he heard the pheromone, and my change was decided the other day and I became more and more in touch with him, and at the same time I felt uneasy if I thought that Venus could not be used. The other day unexpectedly when we had a lunch break with two people, when we sprang up and talking to each other unexpectedly, the story continued, and usually he went out in ten minutes and got out for 40 minutes. I was shy for my age and I was too consciously talking to him ever before, so I was glad when he said "Finally talked to me in the end" from him at the end I regretted that I should have done so sooner. Because I was told that I wanted to rely more on my job at work, I also made promises to have PC work done. Since he is the only younger workplace, he realized that Venus was working for him, and thanked him for having such a moment. Thank you very much. I believe that it will progress and will continue to use it.


September 24, 2015


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It was a unique scent. Peach can hardly be felt. What is the way people feel the fragrance? \?
I liked him because I was younger so I bought it, but I used up before I noticed a noticeable effect and I did not do it again.


August 21, 2014


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Shock ... but ...

I have ordered at the end after having troubled because there are younger men who are concerned about the company. When I arrive tomorrow, my colleague informed me that I was able to do her younger son and it was pretty shocking and I did not mean much. But I wear Venus and have a longer time than her so I'd like to try wishing with a wish and try it! Please give everyone's power ^ _ ^ With 5 anticipation ☆!


July 02, 2013


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He and the surroundings are kind

I tried various pheromone perfumes, but the fragrance of Venus came to be touched with smiles around me regardless of gender.
Even at work, I feel that when people are wearing this perfume, the way people touch each other is different. When wearing it, for some reason human relations are strange and every day becomes Happy.
He is six years younger. He was, rather, a puppy type waiting for an invitation from me in a herbivorous system, but since it began to attach Venus, I began to positively invite him to a date very much.
I have been dating with a smile all the time for five years, without fatigue.


June 13, 2012


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It is not good ...

I used to use it as a way to relieve mannerism with my boyfriend for 7 years.
I do not feel too much effect, is the - premium is more effective?
I will challenge the difference!


May 22, 2017


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First scented ☆

I always ordered only a premium, but I bought a scented for the first time.
I watched the explanation of fragrance in everyone's image and imagined it.
I think that Venus will not be a negative image, but I thought whether I'm going to change my taste.
After all, because I want to satisfy by buying what I was convinced, I felt that there was a sample of fragrance so it was easy to choose who had the sample because it was not expensive.


November 18, 2018


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The effect!

The scent was not my favorite fragrance, but as I wrote it as it is written in the word, it became my favorite fragrance. The fragrance of Venus is the feeling that I want to see the scent of peach at first and then the fragrance of ginger comes.
The effect is for each person, but it seems that the husband does not seem to be working (crying) Romance was more effective. I have been putting Venus all the time in my workplace, but a man with a company that does not make eye-catching conversation also spoke to me with a smile! I was surprised because it was always silly and scary person. This may be a pheromone effect.


December 11, 2013


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Around the world ...

I often go to work school, but when I was wearing this perfume I was briefly told the boy who was going down "I hear a nice smell" ... After several times I put my face together It seemed to be sought out by us and it became a forbiddance relationship beforehand  Besides that boy, I am currently positively invited by children of 19 years old and 22 years old  It is impossible ... but I think it is true ...


November 18, 2010


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It was effective.

Before meeting a person I was interested in, I got a call from where I was sure to be called and now I got to be able to mail now I will try to use a little more


September 15, 2010


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Outstanding effect

The effect is also outstanding for him, and it has become a door to associate with it thanks to it ☆ But, since it is said that the smell is a little stronger if I always put it on, I am now wearing an incense premium secretly When I first started putting on H, I was so excited that I was so thin, but I was laughing.
It is not up to there recently, but I feel like it will be peaceful ☆


June 11, 2019


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Regardless of age and sex ...

Posting became late The perfume in this time seems to specialize in making the human relations in all areas special and smooth, rather than attracting men. Pheromone perfume is smooth regardless of which one you use Depending on goods, I think that it is a thing that can approach men and girl friends and women with slightly difficult feeling of acquaintance, or they are various. I think that there is compatibility with those who use it, but this post is read I would be pleased if you could serve even a little as a reference for those of you

Mr. Kururi

May 23, 2017


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