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Love Attraction Venus for WOMEN (Alcohol Free) Love Attraction Venus for WOMEN (Alcohol Free)

Love Attraction Venus for WOMEN (Alcohol Free)


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I am sorry.

It is a fragrance that likes and dislikes can be clearly divided. I was completely bad.
Because I have a young boy who is interested, I have taken care of him.

Although I was not good, my mother liked it and used it.
(Pheromone perfume is not lying \)
I wonder if it is OK (lol)

My mother says, "I smell of my shoes, it will disappear," I guess.


November 05, 2013


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It is not good ...

I used to use it as a way to relieve mannerism with my boyfriend for 7 years.
I do not feel too much effect, is the - premium is more effective?
I will challenge the difference!


May 22, 2017


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First time pheromone perfume

What is peach and ginger \?
I was really worried.
Will it be a younger husband 's measure? Because the number of etchings decreased after pregnancy, even if entering the stable period as the morning disappeared, it was a loss. I tried to purchase if you wanted to use if it smells a bit while suspecting it is entering pheromone.
I'm thrilled to arrive.

Shu ♪ to arrive at the bath that night that arrived

('· Ω · `) Nani Kole. Certainly.

It is a scent like strongening the ginger part of carbonated drink's ginger ale.
Where did Peach go?

Besides, because of my boyfriend 's heart was banging up, I remembered a light nausea (scent was useless?) Soowowa I got calm.
Peach does not feel even if it is attached many times.
I wish I had only peach. I spray it on my chest, trying not to hurt myself as much as possible.
My husband has not changed (; '∀ `\)
It will not be bad, normal.
I bought it and I will use it until it is not unnecessary, but I wonder if Ripi will do it. I expected too much.
Even if you buy next, it is a different scent or fragrance.

Cat's wife

January 20, 2013


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Well ...

It is a scent of the feeling that ginger was riding on peach as it was.
You can see the ginger smell clearly.
Perhaps you do not care much if you get used to it.
It is the main effect, but I do not know yet ...

Does it continue to use as it continues?

Since I have not used it up yet, I want to see the situation for a while



November 23, 2015


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It was a scent like a sweet gum for children. I was weak.
It reminded me of the fragrance of gum, not peach, but a green apple flavor (and singing but no green apples taste).

As like

January 26, 2014


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It really disappeared

The secret was about to expire and I used the fragrance Venus of fruit I was curious about.
The fragrance of peach because I have never used scent.
I thought it was a good scent, but it faded out in no time. It does not last even if it blows a lot. I like fragrances themselves, but if they do not smell like this I'm lonely.

I am motivated myself whether pheromone itself is effective. The surrounding atmosphere does not change.


May 22, 2018


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Unlike image of name, spicy scent.

I have used premium till now, but I have tried to purchase Venus to see the reviews that the effect of superimposition is high. It is a ginger + peach, but at the moment you put it on, Ginger's pretty spicy fragrance.
Because I was named "Angel", I imagined "more fluffy gentle and pretty fragrance", so I was surprised.
As time passes, ginger calms down, you can feel the fragrance like peach a little.
I can not feel the effect such as this .... It is not a favorite scent so I am worried that one can be used up, but I'd like to find other favorite fragrances that I can heal even around myself trying other things!
I wish there were trial sizes ....


May 09, 2016


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Uh huh

I was sorry that it was not my favorite scent as much as I was expecting what kind of fragrance ....
I did not feel much effect.
However, I would like to try other products as well.


April 01, 2015


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A little smell ...

I was wearing a sweet perfume so far, so I tried putting Venus and it was a smell weird as a taste. It may depend on your physical condition, but I think I will use it a bit more.


March 31, 2015


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A little expectation

I do not know if it works because the number of people I care about is 3, but as my character is as it may be, I want to expect

As soon as Hyacinth is gone, you will be using it w


January 22, 2016


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Expected for younger workers only

I did it, but it seems there is no effect. Because I put on perfume a lot of perfume, it is told "It is immediately understood by its fragrance", on the contrary, it seems that it is not giving an impact if it is a thin type of fragrance stand · · · I will show any reaction Shinji.


December 18, 2011


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Rather than fruity ....

It is close to spicy?
There may be likes and dislikes. However, when wearing it, it seems to be effective because it is different from the way you touch yourself.


April 02, 2015


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The target was good

I already have a lot of young people in my workplace so I wanted to go smoothly I purchased heavy but this smell did not suit me. So bad


June 29, 2011


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I will purchase it as a gift from my friend.
Absolutely to my friends, I want this love, fruit ☆


April 16, 2011


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The scent was weak.

Because it was a bad smell, it was not attached at this time, but I was pushing 2 in front of my husband or when a man came close but there was no approach from anyone.
I have a little more left, so I'd like to try out if there is a human pheromone effect.
Coming to here, I wonder if there is no charm as a woman at all.

Bon Meg

May 25, 2018


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Long-term fight

I tried using it for several days! It feels like a spring breeze with a refreshing scent. Although I was wearing it in front of my favorite people under the junior high, there was nothing special that changed. I think that it will be a long-term battle, but I want to have confidence in myself with this.


April 02, 2015


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So bad

Although I made a review before, I was using premium and Venus together after being told to put him at a distance, but I decided to talk yesterday and break up.
There was a dating company.
It was full of anxiety and regret and it was hard.
I would like to look back in conjunction with a premium and a secret so that the next one seems to have not broken into the person whom I waved.
I look forward to working with you.


November 16, 2015


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Not much effect ...

Before, I purchased a romance, I had no effect, so I tried using Venus.
Although it is a few days, it is an impression ... The smell of the moment I put it is a bit weak.
Romance is better at all.
However, the effect is good, I do not have a pheromone, especially as usual.
I thought that if there was any change in my daily life ... I think it was fine.
But I will try using it until it runs out!

Chicken meat

March 24, 2015


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A very unique scent. It was unfortunately not my preference.


March 31, 2019


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I tried using it ...

I used it every 1 to 2 hours when I go out. There was not a different reaction, in particular, as usual.
My husband is also younger than usual (lol \)
Because I push every 1 to 2 hours, I become tight against scents themselves. It may be because it is a sweet cheesy smell and not a favorite scent. People who like the fragrance of peach may be good. I did not feel too much effect, so I'd like to try it next with no fragrance.


October 22, 2012


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