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Love Attraction White musk for MEN (Alcohol Free) Love Attraction White musk for MEN (Alcohol Free)

Love Attraction White musk for MEN (Alcohol Free)


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White musk

I read an article saying that women are attracted to the smell of men with a free paper and found a smell that was motivated as soon as I became interested in aged odor. I do not know how effective it is because it is an invisible thing called pheromone but for the time being I am allowed to use it as a daily grooming. I hope the scent possesses a little more, but the smell of the smell will come early.


May 10, 2016


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The reaction was different.

Currently using taboo as the main, I was concerned whether the reaction of opponent changes and tried white musk.
In the case of taboos, when kissing, there are many fairly intense demands, but in the case of white musk, I think many kind of discreet and easy kisses.


May 05, 2016


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want to protect!

When the child entered the university, the wife returned to his parents 'home in order for the child to come from his / her parents' home, and I moved to a place of work away from home. I got her "her" at the work place. Although I was at the same department, I spoke only about greetings in another staff.
In that staff, the chief pressed most of her work to her, only himself planned, all the flow of materials and meetings she made.
One day, as usual I pressed a job to her and pretending to work, the section chief from the section chief who asked for a drinking party, the chief was asking her "I will not rush the work, so today I will return home You can go and go to the drinking party with saying "I do not mind." Even though my colleague at the same department including me said, "Yes, sort of work, I hope to do it tomorrow, please do not return already!" She said, "I will return home even after just a single section." He worked overtime for three hours and then went back. On the next day, I told the chief, "She returned home after working until 9 o'clock, I guess it's going to be an overtime job properly" (both my job and age are up to me), "Because I have no budget If you say "I can not talk to the section chief as much as my overtime's overtime fee, why should I talk with the section chief?", "Stop it, stop saying that much about that other stuff "If" If ", if you go to the section chief as soon as the chief goes to talk reluctantly," If you go to the section chief as soon as possible "and saying" Thank you very much, thank you □ □ " Something's different feeling "Yes, today I was wearing a White Mousse perfume that arrived yesterday. "I think that this is a chance ?," I say, "△ △, you do not have much to do with your work, so why do not you go out for a lunch buffet lunch next time?" (I think I could say it well) , "Yes, please take me." An unexpected reply. I went for a lunch buffet with just two people on Sunday the other day.
In the future, I am in my 50s who is exciting about expectations as to how to develop it with her of a year difference as much as my parents.
I will report it if there is progress.


May 11, 2016


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Fresh scent

For the first time this time I tried using the scent of white musk.
It is a fragrance that I like quite a lot personally with a refreshing scent like soap.
The job is a customer service, but the customer's reaction feels good.
More people will say thank you with a smile on the way back.


May 08, 2016


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Fragrance than comfort!

I am putting it at the time of commuting in the morning, when I meet a woman I care about. Sometimes in the morning sometimes comes leaning against the shoulder and it is not only for a moment but also from the surroundings it is a couple and there is an increase that leaning back to unprotected as a matter of course.
Even when I meet a woman I care about, I feel like I've come to bring my face and body closer to a distance that is not far before.
Above all, since scent is a refreshing scent like soap, I think that this may be easy to use even in the coming summer if it is this. !!


July 19, 2015


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It is an effect feeling!

I feel like I got it! I feel a boost!


May 02, 2016


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The scent without habit was good.

First of all, I think that the perfume itself has no habit and is easy to use. I personally prefer a slightly stronger smell.
As with all pheromone perfumes, when you come into contact with a person, both men and women have a real feeling that their reaction is mild. The day when a boss who is angry with trifles wears perfume does not get angry, or the person who first meets often listens to this story. I don't know if perfume will make me relax or my partner will relax, but I can't let go because it makes communication with people smoother.


January 30, 2020


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Three other drinking friends will go drinking the other day and went out with a white musk. It is a little fancy shop and a lot of female customers. When I was guided by the table, just two people female customers got up next to me, after a while, one of my friends, why do not you join us? Depending on your concern, please feel free to drop in, I got alcohol and got tipsy From a single woman (around 40 years old) "You are sexy, is not it! It is often said that!?" I was put in unexpected words, I am somewhat glad I'm somewhat embarrassed I have thought of line friends without thinking. Is it still a haemon effect?


February 26, 2018


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I returned with her!

Actually, I just went to the brink of fighting with her as a trifle with her as soon as I ordered this item, or I've gone to the brink of whether I can not break up ... If I go to apologize to her house with this item on suspicion of doubt Soon he said "I smell good" and sprinkled my face !!
There is no longer a story about how to break apart in that flow! Well it is strange! After that there was a great effect only by her, but there is still no change with other girls (lol \)
I also bought a premium so I'm going to look at the situation !!


May 31, 2012


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Natural smell?

I bought a premium before and tried it here.
Although singing as odorless as premium, it had a somewhat unique smell, but white musk is more natural and more fragrant smell than that.
I use it by mixing it with perfume, but I think that premium should be mixed with sweet smell, but here it is better to mix with fresh smell.


May 30, 2014


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I tried to use immediately. Especially I used it for events such as gong comb or wedding ceremony. To be honest, I think that I did not get the effect I expected. However, since I used a type of fragrance before, I was able to speak with a stronger feeling than usual, because there is a strong awareness that I am using it because of the fragrance. You may want to use it when you are not confident of yourself. However, it is a place I want to be careful about having too much fragrance.


June 01, 2012


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It is a nice scent.

I use it with a premium. I think that it is good for you to smell it calmer.


July 01, 2015


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Comfortable scent

The scent when I first added it was impressive. It is not too strong but not too weak, yet smells appealing casually. I turned on and found myself comfortable. I had a date the other day and tried it on immediately and tried it. Then she thought that she had a more friendly expression than usual, and that day she spent both talks and I thought that we had a very pleasant day. What is this comfort? Is it due to this effect, too? I also promise to meet soon, so I'd like to try it.


May 22, 2012


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I feel like it is effective

Until now I have used only fragrance, so I wanted to use scented, I tried using the most favorite white musk in the smell.
It is not a strong odor that I thought, but it is a degree that smells slightly, so I feel that it can be used easily even in my office.
I actually feel like using it, it seems like I got a better touch with myself.
At first I accidentally thought that the other person's mood was good, but I felt it was different while I was using it.
I wanted to try other types as well.

September 28, 2018


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I can talk with women happily.

I like the least fragrant scent. It seems that women around me speak more gently than before. I feel that the conversation has become smooth as well. When I go to a drive etc with a girl friend I will do it even for a passenger seat of a car. This time I decided to try premiere. I am looking forward to receiving it.

I love Kami

December 02, 2016


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I applied by using a monitor and tried using it.

I tried using it for about a week after it arrived.
Musk was the first time, but after attaching it, it has a peculiar smell that has been muted.
It may seem that it is hard to put on too much.
I nodded, I just pushed it behind my ears and used it, so I think that it is not too much, but it smells quite a bit.
I think that it is a fragrance easy to talk to women positively. I usually had opportunities to talk with those who did not have a chance to talk several times and it was a nice effect.
As a matter of caution, smells are fine, but if you scrub it with hands etc, it will be a bad smell. Perhaps, I think that I rub it with sweat and other smells.
So we recommend that you use perfume for parts that you do not usually do.


October 29, 2017


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It is a double-edged sword.

I used to smell the perfume because I am not good at scent of the musk type, but I was suffering from a headache from long ago.
This time I tried trying to challenge the most musky system that I had shunned most among the products of PP labs that are sometimes loaded with other products.
When I arrived it confirmed quickly that this white musk was unexceptioned, being suffering from a headache .... After all, it seems there is a problem on the constitution to sniff directly.

The next day, one push on the wrist, neck. I tried using it carefully so that I did not smell directly by myself, but I felt that I was going to talk at a distance closer than usual from my boss.
When I received a question on the job and tried to show the computer screen as usual, I approached the position where my knees could hit and I could look into the screen. Her face beside me ... (sweat)

It was my first experience because I never came nearly from her.
Although the effect is tremendous, I may not be musky, but there are four ☆. Personally I wonder if it says "double-edged sword".
The likes and dislikes are fragrant fragrant.


February 13, 2017


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It is white musk.

Although it was a white musk, I thought that musk, musked, but I felt like I smelled like a honori musk. I think that this feeling is good in the workplace. There are effects of pheromones. When I notice it, I am surrounded by girls. Originally it is a workplace with many girls, but it is obviously different between when you are attached and when you do not have it. I'm looking forward to the future.


June 02, 2014


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Purchase decision to make a review

Musk type was not good, but I decided to buy by looking at the reviews with a scent like soap. A fragrance like a soap, making a mood.
I am using it on cloudy and rainy days. When used in the weather where the mood tends to sink, it will change the feeling of sinking into a calm mood.


June 22, 2012


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Calm feeling

It is casual feeling calm aroma. Even though you are wearing it, it does not make you feel like putting on, it may be unsatisfactory by some people. I feel that there is no change for the surrounding reactions so far. In terms of casualness I think it feels so frank.

Mr. Papa

September 27, 2018


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