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Love Attraction White musk for MEN (Alcohol Free) Love Attraction White musk for MEN (Alcohol Free)

Love Attraction White musk for MEN (Alcohol Free)


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I took a love attraction / white musk and went to a pub I was talking to a lady who was able to take three people, but when I wake up after drinking I was not strong, I got frustrated, one of them , I sat next to himself at the counter and stayed even after my friends came home "I want you to send me to the station", so I will keep hands from there on my way, so I will not resist when I hold it After that ... There is a secret (laugh)


May 08, 2016


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For a while

A secret and a white musk arrived at hand, but the scent personally liked the white musk, so I immediately tried the woman who is interesting.
From the conclusion, at first it was not a shameful attitude, but since that evening, I got to talk intimate e-mails almost every day!

Also, as there was an alumni association, when I tried it, I was hugged by two or three women! (Lol)

As a result I think that the effect has come out, I'd like to try out the effect by using a secret in addition to other women yet ♪


May 12, 2016


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It was the best fragrance in my life!

Originally sometimes I liked the scent of musk type, but this white musk is a product with very fine quality.
Anyway I feel a sense of cleanliness, so that I always want to be caught in this scent, I will not stick to my nose, even if I put it on somewhat or during meals, I do not mind at all.
Musk is not a fragrance like soap and a sweet smell like a fruit system, but it seems to help us even more attractive to drink.
I was told that every woman who noticed the fragrance had a good scent.
There is no loss by buying this product !!!


August 18, 2016


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Sounds good.

Firstly from the characteristics of fragrance. I think that the strength of the smell is slightly fragrant when it is near, I think that it is easy to use even in the workplace etc. I felt a little mature like scent. It might be suitable for over 30 's. Next on the actual effect. There is no immediate effect, and the situation does not change dramatically. Basically, it seems that it seems to be particularly effective for those who are likable to me to some extent to some extent. Indeed, after wearing a perfume, I feel that I get a chance to talk to you and get a lot of smiles.
Since it is still beginning to be attached, I will report again if there is progress in the situation, but I like the scent and effect on my own.


May 08, 2016


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Correa bye! ! The smell is superb!

The scent of soap was very clean and I liked it!

My colleague at work was cold to me, so I tried using it to improve the relationship.
About one week after I started using it. I like the scent very much, so I understand that I am quite relaxed and concentrate on my work.
Because I was little left, I went to the workplace with my stomach, chest, wrist, side aside, in the morning so that I could use them all.
In the morning, the temperature in the room is low or not much change, but as the room warms up, the person pheromones volatilize, all female staff sweatily and go to the toilet.
If my body temperature rises, will volatilize will it make the effect easier?

The other thing I noticed was that I was sleepy at work or not motivated, a woman who was going on worked silently.
Two women around me always chat well, but today I work silently for some reason.
While I was in the room all of the female staff were relatively calm all day.
Also, after putting on a white musk, a friendly woman is now body touched every time.
Human relations in the workplace have not improved, but it is a good effect to be able to concentrate on your work!

Protein mania

May 08, 2016


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Oh ... a little change (^ _ ^ *)

This time, musk type is the first challenge. When I tried using this perfume for the first time after arriving, I thought that it was "a little adult and a scent with a sense of cleanliness" compared with the feel and taboo we have used so far.
In the evening I thought about going out for a while to work and as I was heading for the elevator, the company's girl who was preparing to go home chased with a look that said "Please wait".
I usually talk to him a little while between jobs from that child, but until now this has never happened.
Of course the conversation bounced on the elevator.
Also, recently I have had a lot of conversation with ladies around me, and I feel that there are many cooperative things to myself.
I felt that I tried several kinds so far, the smell I like and the smell I like about girls are different. After that, I thought that it is interesting that people with effect are different from people not depending on the type of perfume (lol \)
There are perfumes that I have not tried yet so I would like to try it.

Perfume beginner

July 22, 2015


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First time you have a scent

It is difficult to know the reaction of the opponent.
I will try Taboo next time

In my sense

Premium is perfect!


May 09, 2016


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The degree of effect ...

I used it together with the premium.
I used it when I first met my girlfriend for the first time we met.
He said "I smell something good" I did not let you hug me until I got hanging (^ _ ^;) It is a nice scream.
I am surprised that it is more effective than I expected.

White leopard

July 22, 2015


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First of all, when you say musk, it is a sweet scent? I was thinking ... but it was not a fragrant like a gentle soap ♪ It was quite fragrant ♪ It was not a habit but a feeling that was quite smooth.
It was ok if you tried inviting the conversation with the bride and also to the lunch. I was able to spend a pleasant day ♪ I would like to work hard so that I can live a good life together.
Thank you very much.


May 22, 2012


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I think it's good.

I usually tried it because I do not care much perfume or much, because the smell is anxious depending on age.
When I got attached to the company the next day after arrival, I was told that accounting women smell gentle like unusual.
When I was having a drinking party the other day it came closer and it was told that it was settling down somewhere, I made a promise to go drinking by two people this time. I have never experienced such experiences so I realized the effect.
The surrounding reactions were also good regardless of age and sex, and I got a little confidence as I was told that neighbors' women also had a good smell.
I feel refreshed and refreshed even myself is healed, perfume beginner's me is very easy to put on.
Since the summer is coming and the smell is worrisome, I would like to expect from various scenes.

A finger

May 28, 2014


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It is quite good feeling

Previously, I used exotics. Since this also had a good effect, I decided to try using a white musk thought that another scent has an effect. As a scent, I have a refreshing scent, I think whether it is for summer. It seems that the effect of white musk is pretty much more likely to come closer to women. I have not been questioned directly yet, but there were several things close to it. Now I'd like to bet on motion from here.


July 19, 2015


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Refreshing fragrance

The white musk is characterized by a scent like soap and vanilla, I think that it brings it in the season when it gets hotter. By attaching a white musk, you can spend a day in a good mood without worrying about the smell of sweat. Also, although the reactions by humans are different, there are times when you can hear sounds like "I smelled something" at the timing too much, and the effect of white musk is great.


May 29, 2012


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that? Other than that

Normally it is a musk that you can not select by yourself, but the first impact you've got may be good other than that! It was a smell like a faint smell that does not smell like a stuff on your nose but a refreshing sensation.
Although it is an effect on the opposite sex, I have been constantly being forgotten by women who are intolerant, but the other day when I was cleaning in the reception room of the company I knew that I was, I entered the room I do not have things to come, but I bother to enter the room. After that, I continued talking about the layout of the drawing room, but the distance was so close to me that I felt hurt. I will continue to use it.


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Slightly, but firmly

I love vanilla musk and premium, but I want to challenge something with a slightly different scent, I use the same musk type white musk from this Sunday.
Vanilla musk was also popular, but the white musk was more popular in the night atmosphere, obviously the distance with the junior woman has shrunk.
I am told that the age of smell does not come out yet, but I was anxious when I was at this age, I was conscious of putting a distance to a woman, but becoming to use a love attraction , The stress ceased, and it became fun to be able to enjoy conversation with women, meal and date.
White musk seems to have more effect of making the atmosphere at night, so I'd like to see how I use it together with the premium for this weekend's date.
I will also post a picture of this weekend.


May 26, 2012


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It is becoming a necessity item (lol)

Recently, I was worried about the clerk who entered the barracuda Izakaya, tried purchasing it. Although I tried nonfragrance before every time in the train every time in the train, when I sit next to me I almost leaned on my shoulder asleep and thinking that it may be effective even if I was unconscious, next time I smell it I thought that I would like to try something out.
White musk felt an alcoholic smell at the moment when it was honest but did not feel a particularly good scent, but I thought that it would be good even when using a sweat wiping sheet etc. in the summer as it rubs a little sweet and rubbing While using it.
I went as far as 3 push before going to the shop where I got to go, but the time and contents of the conversation obviously became more intimate than before and it feels like I've been getting closer!

It is a place I am concerned about other fragrances, so I'm worried what to do with repeat, including scent and effect, but it is a necessity to always be attached when I go to the store.


May 29, 2014


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Heterosex came.

I mainly use it in my workplace, but I have been wearing it day by day with a fragrance with no disgust.
Passing casually past the anxious woman and working alone silently, the woman also got close to the point of entering the field of vision several times though it is not necessary to come to my place of employment on business, coming back and forth daily I continued to talk to you as I continued.
First of all, if there is a woman to worry about, I think that it is effective to apply approach after waiting for her coming closer, as she approaches the scent naturally.


February 25, 2017


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Adult scent

I regularly purchase fragrance free. I use the fragrance as it is to the company and use the thing mixed with my favorite perfume at private. I tried a white musk this time. The fragrance has no disgust, it is a refined fragrance of slightly fragrant aroma. You can easily go to the office as it is. Also, as I calm down myself, the conversation with women has increased. The other day, I just added a white musk to the meeting of the secretaries of the reunion association, and from the woman who was a social gathering after the meeting, "Well, I always have it, I will be somewhat calm." Body touch from that woman It was like I was increasing. Is this thanks to love attraction? Something, it is a premonition that it seems that the excuse to say "meeting of alumni association" is increasing from now on.


September 17, 2018


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The reaction is interesting!

This is the first white musk. It is a familiar fragrance so I was looking forward to seeing what kind of reactions the partner has. I sniffed with Susun Sum. I had a strange face, but I will get closer to you more than usual. Even in the aftersynchronization meeting, girls will close down the distance. It is unconscious. It is fun to be with such a little secret. Let's try what next.


September 17, 2018


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At the wedding party

I tried to wear a love attraction · white musk and went to a wedding party 7 vs. 7 events, but it was a plan to write people who liked up to three people, and when it was coupled, it was a plan to get contacts I got a contact with my name and I can now date with three people.


June 11, 2019


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Faint feeling

It's not a manly feeling, but a sweet, subtle one. When I talked to the people I was interested in, I often talked with a pause between them, but I started talking a lot next to each other. I feel that it was effective.

Indecent nature

February 04, 2020


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