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Love Attraction Ylang-Ylang for WOMEN (Alcohol Free) Love Attraction Ylang-Ylang for WOMEN (Alcohol Free)

Love Attraction Ylang-Ylang for WOMEN (Alcohol Free)


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The effect is thin ... In my case

I sleep with him that will be one year and three months everyday, but I can not say so-called sexless, but clearly I felt bored, I bought it with a desire to grab straw.
Although it is on a regular basis, it does not change at all, I'm sorry ... I do not notice even though I am regularly changing from perfume to perfume.
It might be impossible with too crowded couples like us. It is sad ... It is painful just because I decided to repetitively.


February 17, 2016


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This is done

I bought it with Happiness. Iran Iran was originally a kind of scent that I liked quite a bit and I was able to upgrade not only sensuality but also my own feelings. As a result, I feel pretty much better than happiness! I pushed 2 every 2 hours every day. Although it is attaching to the company, colleagues are gentle regardless of gender or woman (although they are originally gentle people, it is impossible to compare anything, but ...) I was often spoken to. After that, I was praised a lot!
Also, most of all, I feel that I am confident and I like it very much. It's rich in ribs. Since I bought various fragrances elsewhere, I will surely repeat that if there is a smell that besides Iran Iran!


February 26, 2018


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Elegant scent of ylang ylang

For women, even if you want to get along with a lovely person around you, or want to become closer, you can not be proactive from yourself. So I thought I would like to borrow the scent of Ylang Ylang and the power of pheromone perfume for the first time. Even if you do not speak to yourself from the result, you will feel comfortable talking to men from the result, perhaps it seems that you are attracting? Since it seemed repeated so many times, it is effective. The fragrance is also sensual but elegant and satisfied. It seems to be repeating again.


March 30, 2018


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Originally my favorite fragrance

I am using I am using Iran Iran very much.
And apparently I'm healed (lol \)
As for effect, I use it together with geranium and premium, but it is not certain which is effective, but it is certain that he intensely seeks more than usual.


July 01, 2016


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To create a mood ◎

I bought a bergamot last time. My husband also liked scent, so I had a feeling of being cuddled up somewhat, but I bought Iran Iran without enough. Before entering the bed, if you enter the bed as usual as it pushes 2 as usual I will snuggle or get stuck and start touching your body. I feel that perhaps because of nothing perfectly perfume on days without perfume. I have not got anything from people other than my husband yet (laugh) Next I decided to purchase a premium.


August 03, 2016


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A reaction other than

Although I have used it from the past, it seems that the product of this time was the highest that produced outcomes extremely, the seat of the banquet that I showed was! It is popular among elderly people! It came overwriting motionlessly. In the banquet with the average age of 35 years, after the pheromone perfume was put on, both sides became gentle to the touch · · Up to now I have chosen by incense free or my own preference, but will I be receiving men with Iran Iran? (In private It smells fragrant but) I noticed that pursuing the aroma of pheromone + men's favor is more effective UP.


January 01, 2012


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good smell

It has a very good scent. Premium was the most effective for me, but this was also a calming scent. I want to use it again this time.


August 20, 2019


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Did it! !

I am sorry that writing was delayed!

I think that the reason I started using this perfume is that I am on good terms, but have not been seen as a woman recently for a boyfriend who has been running for several years?
I felt the sense of crisis (or sense of uneasiness) that I used.
I can not wait if it arrives Firstly I will blow one shot alone.

I was enchanted by the gentle fragrance which was slightly sweeter than the smell of hyacinth previously purchased (lol)

After that I could not wear it after getting up in the morning or before going to bed.
It was such a thing, but the effect (?) Seems to be outstanding!
To tell the truth, what I hide is the most loveable now!
It is really a lot of love love to see in recent years (lol)

I wanted to be relatively amenable, which used to be far better than before (damage paranoia? (Lol)), now it's a stubborn!
He will go out with me for my stupid story, or rather it will ride.
Besides, when I thought that I was tired ~ I got a massage!
(* I do not do myself just by letting me usually do it (lol))

And then! I also called an unexpected effect!
I did not anticipate this myself, but my facial skin slipped!
Having stuck together every day and got it together as much as I wanted (← laugh), is it because I was living a fulfilling life? (^ O ^) ♪ I might not believe it, but he is not clear in my change or beauty Since I touched my cheeks and started to cheek off, I said "I'm pretty skinny, is not it?" So I definitely did (laugh \)
I certainly thought that the condition of your skin is good recently but it is surprising that he will say!

I am very happy now ♪ Thank you (^ ^)


December 02, 2013


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good! (Additional notes)

Compared to the secret in which the same Iran Iran is blended, it is easy to put in the workplace because the fragrance is calm.
People who were anxious when using Venus were gentle, but if you turn on this after work I am invited to "Go to dinner after this" or give me a wife when you are working with two people working . I am giving the best results among the perfumed pheromone perfumes I used here. However, since it is not used in conjunction with the premium, I will try plus this next time.
<Additional notes> Since we did not use premium at the time of the above reviews, we started using premium + kore together. I am anxious that my work is too busy, but I'm anxious that I can not talk in the middle. But last month when I invited you to eat after work GO OK invited from your opponent GO! It's been a month since I used it but this effect Or the other party was hungry?
Whichever it is, it is a very good result. So it is lipid decision.
Also I use it to calm my own mood.


January 19, 2012


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Elegant scent

I have lost the habit of scent of ylang ylang of aroma, finished in an elegant and good fragrance. However, compared with favorite secret, the fragrance is weak, so even if it is attached, it is slightly fragrant, so I think that preference can be divided. The surrounding reaction felt weak reaction as weak fragrance. If you are using a secret, you can see the face in the train, even if you have plenty of seats, you will definitely feel that you are sitting next door, but Iran Iran does not feel it. When asking my husband about the scent of smell, it was an answer that Iran Iran did not know because it was not so smelly. As a scent, it is cleaner and smoother than the secret.


March 18, 2018


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The smell

I usually use fragrance but I challenge it for the first time with fragrance. When attached, the smell of the flowers will be the power. Oh, it is a weak smell (sweat \)
But it will not matter if the smell flies soon. I thought that it would not smell, and if I had you smell the place I got on my child, I said "I am sorry (^^)". There is effect. Husband's skinship is so bad. Even in my workplace I will do my best regardless of young and old and young women (lol \)
Also for children and animals (lol \)
People who work at uselessly + scary feelings usually smile at me + mansin gun talk, surroundings are surprised. However, because I am not good at scent, I think that perfume type is suitable. Because the effect is about the same.


March 17, 2018


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It was my favorite fragrance.

I liked pheromone perfume because I was indebted to several times and that the response was very good.

It has been idle for about 2 years since I cut off my previous perfume, but recently my husband says "I am cute like I want to get rid of it" and it was said jokingly and lightly shocked I thought that I should try using pheromone perfume again after I received it.

Iran Iran's scent was the first time. A moment when you puffed up

"Oh, good smell ..."

I thought that this scent, I love you as much as possible, to the fragrant scent drifting like a somewhat somewhat somewhat in a sweet little elegance.

Although Iran Iran was a selfish image so far, I had imagined that the scent of Asian style was strong, so I was avoiding it, but I was happy to find that it is my favorite fragrance.

Well, it's an effect, frankly, I feel that I felt somewhat gentle looking from my husband. There was no mention of scent. However, I was surprised because this conversation came out for the first time in a seat where my husband was at home, "I heard such beautiful people often," from a little quiet master of a neighborhood cafe in the neighborhood. did. As I was happy for a long time, I feel somewhat happy. I also think that if you are wearing pheromone perfume, the girls' power also seems to rise naturally and this is actually a nice effect, too. I feel better if it is my favorite fragrance ^ ^

I like fragrance very much, but if you wish for the effect, it is still premium. But it is married and it is not good to be bothered from around, so I wonder whether it seems that "that woman is nice," I wonder.

I have used taboos or hyacinth so far, but Iran Iran is also a favorite scent from now on I think that I will put it as a candidate when purchasing.


March 30, 2018


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A scent with goods

Iran Iran is a scent like a flower shop.
It feels good for an adult woman who drifts cleanliness, it makes a good feeling even if you put a sweet scent on hand plus it

You can see that the line of sight of men faces helplessly on the train, even though it has a modest look that is inconspicuous.
I am using premium everyday, but if it is a close fight Iran Iran is also effective enough.
And when you are wearing pheromone perfume it is 100% funny he will ask for your body. Of course it is a secret ♪

Moreover, a man who sees several times at work loves my partner and has been interesting to me until now, but after wearing perfume, I talk to me with a strange word tone It was.
It is quite helpful even in business places!
I really appreciate it.

A snack

November 29, 2013


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It's dark

Because the fragrance of the flower is strong, there is 1st remnant, the fragrance remnant used up to now. If anything, I wonder if it's too strong

I lay it with a premium, or I attach it alone.

When premium me, I use it differently than he is when he meets him.

It may be said that it is good for people who likes this scent, as it is told that a fragrance of flowers will be produced.


April 23, 2018


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Does it work remotely? !

Originally parental nursing care and work are so busy that they are too busy going away from their own care and becoming obsessed and being able to call out is a solicitation of religion or an insect or dog rank and thinking that this perfume I tried squatting. Of course, there were also watching sports for the first time in a long time, I did not want to think that it was annoying to be loved by Obasan for my favorite player at all, I also made a make-up and went out. That player was originally cool and difficult to approach, but he gave it back as "Good morning, thank you" when you handed in the insertion. Even in exercises before the game, the standing position is always decided and it is often in the direction where photography can not be done easily, so I am also looking at it from a fixed place, but on this day there are many customers As I stood standing in a place that was not always a place to visit, when I was late, my standing position of the target player moved in front of me and it did not move until the end. I was honestly surprised because this was never before. By the way, this perfume is also effective remotely? By the way, I was totally nostalgic about whether I responded to the ojisan who was next to me during the game (lol). I think that it would be awesome effect if I thought how it would be if this was the target athlete.


March 27, 2018


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Be gentle and be gentle

I am repeating.
I love the premium here and here.
Iran Iran can be brought into contact gently from the surroundings, and even himself can be brought close to herself gently.
Do you get frustrated during your menstruation and somehow you want to avoid men? If you are wearing this, you will be confident in yourself, with a smile around you, so that as a result, not only from heterosexuals but also from same sex It will be good correspondence.


April 10, 2015


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I was attracted by the sexy fragrance and tried putting it wanting to be seen as a feminine person.
Unfortunately, I can hardly meet him with intention, but when I try it at work, the men who are supposed to have finished their work have no meaning around my seat. Although I was not asking, I helped with my work.
Not only men, but also the women who met for the first time gentle.
Because Iran Iran, I thought it was a strong scent, but it was more refreshing and effective than I thought.
I have not tried this time in front of favorite this time, so ★ 4.


April 13, 2016


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It came true!

Since I used this item, there was a rapid deployment, I was confessed by those who were interested and I am going to go out with you!

Thank you?


April 18, 2018


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It is my favorite fragrance.

Iran Iran is originally a favorite scent.
Previously, I bought a small type, but it certainly had a naming like the title, so I purchased without knowing the same as this one, but I was at ease with the same.
It is easy to use even for me in the hospitality industry because there is no fragrance. Instead of working against the opposite sex, rather than using it to improve my own feeling and have a good time, sometimes both men and women, something good fragrance ♪ is said.
I like it very much.


January 05, 2012


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The day I wrote Iran Iran for the first time, I was hit by a young boy. It is reasonable and persistent, it seems to be a stalker with shopping, desperately running away.
I did not know what effect it was because I bought a fragrance and a premium with a half of play from a little while ago, but I was surprised because I had never heard of Nampa in life.
Whatever the content is, there are some effects. There are men who want to get along, so I want you to see the effect there


December 30, 2013


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