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Love Attraction Ylang-Ylang for WOMEN (Alcohol Free) Love Attraction Ylang-Ylang for WOMEN (Alcohol Free)

Love Attraction Ylang-Ylang for WOMEN (Alcohol Free)


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A scent with goods

Iran Iran is a scent like a flower shop.
It feels good for an adult woman who drifts cleanliness, it makes a good feeling even if you put a sweet scent on hand plus it

You can see that the line of sight of men faces helplessly on the train, even though it has a modest look that is inconspicuous.
I am using premium everyday, but if it is a close fight Iran Iran is also effective enough.
And when you are wearing pheromone perfume it is 100% funny he will ask for your body. Of course it is a secret ♪

Moreover, a man who sees several times at work loves my partner and has been interesting to me until now, but after wearing perfume, I talk to me with a strange word tone It was.
It is quite helpful even in business places!
I really appreciate it.

A snack

November 29, 2013


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Items that are indecisive

It was nice to see this product truly!

For me who is not confident in appearance, I can not see it, but I can not afford confidence.
I have favorite non-fragrance, karma, happiness, but I challenge Iran Iran this time!

The fragrance is the best.
As in other reviews, the scent of "flower shop". It is a natural natural scent of goods such as "fluffy" when you receive a bouquet.
I went to Iran Iran this time and met a person I like.
The effect is tremendous ............ !!!!!! LOL

After attaching a love attraction, as each other is busy and it is hard to make a schedule easily, as the phone calls come like everyday from him in Motemote, which will be announced from several people in a week. And I want to see you "(" I promise to meet you one week later is too long "), so that you will be proactive. And I met him for the first time in a month.
Iran Iran pushed 1 pushed, I gave it to the neck →, I did not say the scent, but I kissed a lot on the neck!
I wonder if it works well for the carnivorous system ... lol If you tell me that the body decides not to forgive until I go out, more than 10 younger people face each other seriously and talked deeply, I love you Yagai Chinza-chan "" I just thought of Chinatsu so much "" I wish time should stop "or proved that it is different from other girls and prove it is relieved Or ... I became to express love.
Continue to borrow the power of love attraction, I would like to work hard so that I truly feel confident and self-confidence.
Iran Iran, wow (* '∀ `\)
Recommended for those who do not dislike the scent of flowers. Personally, the scent and effect are the first in a row!


September 29, 2018


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Both thoughts.

I succeeded in dropping him as he liked.
When confessing with no good, ok is surprised with it.
I got the courage to confess confidently with confidence in myself whether combination with premium also had effect.


August 30, 2014


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☆ I was touched ☆

Iran Iran 's fragrance is good.
Suddenly, my seniors at my workplace suddenly said it was sexy and it was about the third day of use. After that, it reminded me a bit and I was glad that I tried to be a lady (^ _ ^;) woman alone by remembering that. Because I am not confident as a woman .... I will continue to use it while enjoying ♪


December 20, 2011


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Odor smell

She seems to be getting fucked by a carnivorous boy.
Walla Walla comes to me (laugh)


April 12, 2017


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Gentle fragrance

I bought it with Angel at the same time, it was soft, a little sweet smell, close to imagination, it was good.
However, because it is a formulation of Iran Iran alone, I can not deny the monotonous feeling.
(With mixed blending, the feeling of fragrance also changes a little over time)

But I think that this scent is not bad, as it will heal itself.
As an effect of the pheromone, I have no real feeling.
I think this perfume seems to be more effective when used simultaneously with perfume sold in general.
(I feel that it fits perfectly what kind of perfume it is)


April 18, 2012


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Iran Iran asked that the hormone balance will be adjusted

I feel relaxed after the fragrance of fluffy flowers, soon will not get bothered.
I think that the fragrance of aromatic oil Iran Iran will remain intact. It is a nice scent.
It is a very favorite smell, but the scent is thin, so I was wrapping around my neck and hair so that I can feel it well.
Then there was something interesting.
Seriously with him (?) After getting hot with the story of work, if the direction was also decided and the document was going down to return to his work, I saw the appearance of ours on the glass in front of you It was.
I thought he was strangely close to me ... I was sniffing my hair from behind obliquely so that I could not notice.
The mask I was wearing was staggered to the egg.
It looks too blatant, somehow, I feel embarrassed I'm happy ... I feel like I saw something I should not look at.
Because of the efficacy of Ylang Ylang, I feel like I feel calm.
If it runs out, it is a goods you want to purchase again.


October 28, 2015


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There is effect!

When I went to work and went to work, I became popular among the uncle of the workplace. As usual it is surprisingly surprising with a smile to someone with a shabby attitude.
I wonder if it is effective also for the girls of juniors?
Human relations will be very smooth.
Since scent is also not hard, it can be attached without problem even during work.


September 19, 2014


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Iran Iran is a night friend?

Love · attraction · Iran Iran

A slightly exotic sweet scent feeling was titled as a friend of night, but I will be healed even in the day ♪

I think that scent is an important item affecting memory, so I am directing myself from time to time.


January 13, 2017


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Calming scent

I bought the popular ylang ylang for the first time.
It was said that a good smell from around.
The effect is the same as other scents and comes naturally with people.
I can be amazed by other people because I can speak to my elusive boss in the office.
I may not be the one who hates me, but I really think so.
I can not give up.


April 15, 2019


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Good fragrance ~

Until now I have used a lot of happiness and peach etc, but Iran Iran started using it. I was surprised to put it on while thinking that it was not good as aroma-like scent. I upgraded my tension with a refreshing scent of flower system.

Although it is an effect, when I took this and joined the seminar, I asked men to exchange business cards nice, it is wonderful, there were lots of nice invitations to eat etc. after this, I felt that it was amazing.


March 28, 2018


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As soon as it arrives it sniffs the fragrance

The tension has risen considerably with a good fragrance like it very much. Because it was better than I expected ... soon I got to work on the next day at work and it seems I was playing talking with a customer regardless of gender regardless. Because I am a shy person, I usually have no voice to talk, so it may be thanks to Iran Iran.


October 26, 2018


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Fresher than I thought!

I usually like musk and vanilla, but I don't like the smell of flowers, so it's a bit unusual, but I tried ylang-ylang which is not cute.
The scent of the image of an herb or florist that is fresher than I thought.
The smell flies early, so I don't have to worry about the smell too much, so I'm going to work as well.
I am married and somewhat cool and masculine, but I can get along with ylang ylang and a premium to treat favorably for both men and women.
It's a little painful for my husband, who I am not interested in much anymore, to be pretty and to say “I became beautiful” and “Kawaii” every day (laughs).
I will try to repel Iran for a while.


March 12, 2019


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It is fairly sexy fragrance. You can feel elegant yourself if you do. Since I started attaching this, I think that the distance between him and me is close. All of this perfume, I feel on putting on my own, I feel good. Especially when it is beautiful, the style is not good either (laugh) Placebo effect? ​​That is it for me!

De S manager

November 24, 2017


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Did you like it very much?

I usually wear it like a perfume etc. It might be quite this though!
I heard that there is a pheromone perfume that I can not find what I think and I purchased it so that I would like to try it too quickly I got a day to the company one day I was not so kind at all my boss Today somehow I am kind of gentle and my colleagues are increasing more than usual I felt like giving up. I thought that the scent of Ylang-ylang is very compatible and I feel that there is quite a healing effect as well!
I liked it very much so I want to buy it again ~


March 05, 2018


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Effect Pear

I usually use taboo.
I tried using Iran Iran for the first time, but I could not feel any effect at all (^ ^; \)
So stop using it in 3 days (^ ^; \)
After returning to taboo, communication returned to original!


November 20, 2014


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I do not feel much effect ...

It is a fragrance of aroma and I knew the scent of ylang ylang, so I bought it but it does not have any effect.
Heterosexuality became aloofing, same sex did not change, I did not dislike aroma, so I thought that it was the best to use at home.
I am very sorry to have expected it.


September 02, 2015


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It was a little effective

I have been married for seven years, but I am still suffering from having children. Besides, I have not made friends with my husband about three months ago. Until then it happened once a month, but ... After I was invited to tell you that the waist hurts, I have been scared of inviting from here and now I will reach. There are lots of conversation between married couple just because they do not have night. I tried it with curiosity and purchased fragrance-free things a little while ago, but my husband's reaction did not change, so this time I decided to try scented ones. Even if I am not good at perfume, this scent is not tight and it is okay to calm down so it was okay. It is a refreshing scent like being in the forest. Now I am busy with my husband's work and sleeping is late so I do not have a night yet, but I feel I got a little easy. I think I will keep going on.


December 19, 2011


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Comparison between Secret and Iran Iran

I tried using it to make friends with the person of the intention.
(I think that there is also a partner 's mood or physical condition when I meet, but that is OK)
The secret has a strong scent, it feels like a fragrance made by a foreign country with a creation, but the effect on the opponent was enormous.
He is gentle and happy.
Iran Iran has a feeling that scent has tightened lily or daffodil like going through my nose.
The effect is so so so. The partner was tired from the beginning, but I have been going out with me for a long time.
I want to make friends, if it is degree Iran Iran. The day I want skinning is a secret feeling.
Both smells like scent seems like an artificial kitsui softener, but I can only put it on occasion, I got used to it for a while after putting on.
By the way, both of them, especially secrets, are not necessarily good for female partners.
The other day seems not to be fun on the day I put on.
Iran Iran is not as good as a secret, but I am stopping besides a date.


December 22, 2011


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The scent itself is the fragrance of the flower that drifts softly when passing through a flower shop. I feel that scent will disappear in a few dozen minutes after attaching it rather than a strong fragrance. I also tried other fragrances, but it is an advantage that none of the fragrance flies soon as it fly so it is not a problem. With regard to the effect, you can be confident in yourself. It is that the frequency of actually seeing your gaze from the opposite sex increases. I can not feel the difference in effect with other scents, but it seems that there is no big difference in any smell. Perhaps it is best to choose your favorite scent. I've been using patrons from various manufacturers for about 10 years since I learned about the existence of pheromone perfume, but I think that love attraction is a wonderful item that you can feel the price properly and effect well. Those who are worried about purchasing are recommended to think once they are deceived and use it once.


March 31, 2018


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