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Love Attraction Ylang-Ylang for WOMEN (Alcohol Free) Love Attraction Ylang-Ylang for WOMEN (Alcohol Free)

Love Attraction Ylang-Ylang for WOMEN (Alcohol Free)


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It is amazing. . .

I went for a meal with a person who was invited from before and suddenly kissed in a private room I went to the third one.
I was so surprised that he was as violent as I imagined from his usual cool head.
I did not see it as a heterosexual at that point so I stopped but he did not quit .... On the contrary, "You are too attractive so you do not have any choice to kiss, are you?" I was asked again and again many times.
I was not told something about the smell, but on this day I was trying the newly arrived Iran Iran ... Is it still an effect?
this. I do not recommend to use it as umimi lol


May 18, 2016


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Aroma of healing

Although we are a child of Arafo, there are men who are in the workplace about 10 years old younger.
It is tall and tall and has a nice appearance of salt face. Also, the attitude towards work is frank and well liked.
There were quite a few opportunities to work with just two people, but I was not able to shorten distance with him, either because I was too busy.
There is no aspiration that I want to enjoy Avanture and so on.
Beyond age, look up to him who is longing to admire, even if even a little ... I wanted to give courage and applied for a monitor.

The fragrance of Ylang Ylang has been rather weak as far as it is, but this item is really refreshing with a refreshing aroma that is truly refreshing, very healed.
Iran Iran putting on puts up work, even when it is tough, we can respond calmly and almost no mistakes.
Even everyone around me is tolerant and everyday is fulfilling.
There is not much progress with him that is important though it has not yet been developed, but as I spoke to you, I came to respond with much closer approach than usual.
Also, during the conversation, he did not talk to me as he gazed at her eyes and got to look at it firmly.
If there is progress, we will report again!


April 05, 2016


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Something is really strange ...

Pheromone perfume that I was curious about for quite a long time I thought that it was really perfume.
This time I love attractions. I tried using Iran Iran.
My workplace is a service industry, so my boss will change to almost one year later.
Because men are gone lost before getting along with friends ... That was spoken to by a newcomer who came in a week ago, until address exchange ~ It was a little surprising that there was not so far. And my husband has never admired me until now, but recently I asked it a little more often ... It is strange ... Is it the effect of Iran Iran?


April 10, 2016


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After all it was great effect!

Relationship with him who has made mannerism quite easily from usual · · ·. If you sit beside me casually, sitting next to me, how fast you hugged!
Something that I wanted to get scared without thinking of a fragrance that can not be said anything ....

Personally I want a smoky spicy a little more refreshing, but I sometimes think that the fragrance I usually do not have is also good.
After all it was a huge pheromone!


December 13, 2011


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A little surprised

I am shy and shy personality. I can not speak well though there are many men in the environment. I borrowed the power of pheromone perfume to gain confidence.
A barbecue on that day with Iran Iran, a man never told me will not leave my side. And, it is close! I gotten too close to you ,,, haha. Is it thanks to perfume?

Next, an acquaintance man who always picks up and picks up "What kind of softener is used? I always smell sweet ~" I did not think that it was perfume, but lol. At that time, I tried using pheromone perfume as a plus for perfume you always wear. Even though I usually do not say it, it seems that the smell was really bothering me. This is one of the effects!
I thought I should use it for a long distance boyfriend, but I could not meet him ...,. I would like to try using it again next time I can meet you!


April 11, 2016


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It is fragrant.

I usually use a mixture of romance, premium and secret, but I liked the fragrance of Iran Iran very much as well.
Although it was not clearly understood as an effect, I think that the effect of men around us as usual was as effective as romance etc. as with this one!


August 03, 2016


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I will be healed

If you pretend to be one when you feel a strong stress

I can see that my mood gets relieved.
It is one of my favorite perfumes.


February 29, 2016


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It's close to him

The date with him is always fun, but I have tried this Ylang Iran with little stimulation.
Then, I felt the distance to talk to him closer than usual. I sat side by side at the counter, but it is like I thought, "It's cool!"
I do not have too much fragrance, so from now on I will always put on when I date with him.

Still more

April 15, 2016


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Very nice scent

Having a fragrance is shorter than perfume, but it is a very calming fragrance. I like green and floral fragrance when I entered the flower shop.
Although it was effective, when he realized that he was thinking that he could not communicate anymore, he came to be close to him and sometimes was talked to.
It is minus 1 because it has a short fragrance and a small amount, but it is a product that makes you want to lip.

Cherry Blossoms

July 17, 2016


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It is effective for another person lol

I was a bit scared to smell sensitive to me, but unlike perfume, it quickly became familiar.
The other day we met the other day at the usual dinner party, and initially greetings were moderate and unfriendly, it seemed interesting and it was so exciting and I had a good time!
He wanted to invite me later, but I do not like being refused, so I heard that they wanted me to call again at the dinner party.
Iran Iran I wonder if it works good lol
I sprinkled on usual alcohol free but lol
Actually, this time, there is a person who is disturbing, I wanted to try that person, but the timing did not match and I could not meet yet. .
I'd be happy if you could really react to that person.
I would like to inform you if there is something again!


April 14, 2016


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Not only him but also around him

Iran Iran thought that it was perfume to be attached at night, but when I happened to meet with a boyfriend by chance, I was told that "something changed the atmosphere."
Besides, it was the same jeans as usual, and the makeup was about Fan de. That is not night, too (laugh)


May 02, 2016


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Finally I got used to work.

I changed my job recently and made my debut in the hospitality industry, but I was not familiar with the workplace easily, I was suffering from days going around idly because I could not afford.
If I can feel more confident in myself ... I thought of trying to make my hair a bit brighter, etc. I would rather change from inside of myself.
I found Iran Iranian perfume here and I wanted to try it out for some reason. I have a lot of floral perfumes of a young image but I want to borrow the power of mature Iran Iran ... Iron Iran's fragrance of the pheromone perfume laboratory is very elegant and delicate adult scent . It is a gentle fragrance like aroma oil.
The moment I put on it is not a honest smell that alcohol scent is quite hard, but when I become familiar with the skin it is a good smell that calms down very much.
Premium perfume is hard and I do not like it, cheap perfume is a cheap fragrance after all. Iran Iran 's perfume here smells like a body cream out of luxury brands pretty much for the price. It is quite favorite.
Since I started attaching, I feel that the job of customer service has gotten used to somewhat. Calm your mind and be healed. I can soak in the image where the charm of an adult woman overflows from me ... haha.
As long as I can not afford it I can not become a good woman of adults!
It is about time that this perfume is gone. It depends on the power of perfume and it can not be a single person, but because it is a favorite scent, I'm thinking ipi (^^) ♪


November 26, 2013


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I was happy.

I love Iranian Iran very much more than once.

This time, it was incomprehensible (I also did it freely) When I went out with a few friends who did not communicate with me, I used it with my favorite perfume

As usual, he is a godly attitude

Words were kind, praised and a lot of body touch was done.

When I became two people on my way back there was a fairly aggressive approach ... I have thought of various things.

However, being happy to be seen as a woman made me feel happy. Thank you pheromone perfume.


May 20, 2018


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It was my favorite fragrance.

I liked pheromone perfume because I was indebted to several times and that the response was very good.

It has been idle for about 2 years since I cut off my previous perfume, but recently my husband says "I am cute like I want to get rid of it" and it was said jokingly and lightly shocked I thought that I should try using pheromone perfume again after I received it.

Iran Iran's scent was the first time. A moment when you puffed up

"Oh, good smell ..."

I thought that this scent, I love you as much as possible, to the fragrant scent drifting like a somewhat somewhat somewhat in a sweet little elegance.

Although Iran Iran was a selfish image so far, I had imagined that the scent of Asian style was strong, so I was avoiding it, but I was happy to find that it is my favorite fragrance.

Well, it's an effect, frankly, I feel that I felt somewhat gentle looking from my husband. There was no mention of scent. However, I was surprised because this conversation came out for the first time in a seat where my husband was at home, "I heard such beautiful people often," from a little quiet master of a neighborhood cafe in the neighborhood. did. As I was happy for a long time, I feel somewhat happy. I also think that if you are wearing pheromone perfume, the girls' power also seems to rise naturally and this is actually a nice effect, too. I feel better if it is my favorite fragrance ^ ^

I like fragrance very much, but if you wish for the effect, it is still premium. But it is married and it is not good to be bothered from around, so I wonder whether it seems that "that woman is nice," I wonder.

I have used taboos or hyacinth so far, but Iran Iran is also a favorite scent from now on I think that I will put it as a candidate when purchasing.


March 30, 2018


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To create a mood ◎

I bought a bergamot last time. My husband also liked scent, so I had a feeling of being cuddled up somewhat, but I bought Iran Iran without enough. Before entering the bed, if you enter the bed as usual as it pushes 2 as usual I will snuggle or get stuck and start touching your body. I feel that perhaps because of nothing perfectly perfume on days without perfume. I have not got anything from people other than my husband yet (laugh) Next I decided to purchase a premium.


August 03, 2016


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Adult scent ...

I was a weak scent.
However, there is a time of smell that smells fragrant from myself (lol \)
Many people call out often in the workplace, being bothered down, aunt giving me rice, etc (lol \)
Pheromone effect It is a day I feel amazing (laugh)

Mandarin orange

March 14, 2015


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☆ I was touched ☆

Iran Iran 's fragrance is good.
Suddenly, my seniors at my workplace suddenly said it was sexy and it was about the third day of use. After that, it reminded me a bit and I was glad that I tried to be a lady (^ _ ^;) woman alone by remembering that. Because I am not confident as a woman .... I will continue to use it while enjoying ♪


December 20, 2011


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The smell

I usually use fragrance but I challenge it for the first time with fragrance. When attached, the smell of the flowers will be the power. Oh, it is a weak smell (sweat \)
But it will not matter if the smell flies soon. I thought that it would not smell, and if I had you smell the place I got on my child, I said "I am sorry (^^)". There is effect. Husband's skinship is so bad. Even in my workplace I will do my best regardless of young and old and young women (lol \)
Also for children and animals (lol \)
People who work at uselessly + scary feelings usually smile at me + mansin gun talk, surroundings are surprised. However, because I am not good at scent, I think that perfume type is suitable. Because the effect is about the same.


March 17, 2018


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good! (Additional notes)

Compared to the secret in which the same Iran Iran is blended, it is easy to put in the workplace because the fragrance is calm.
People who were anxious when using Venus were gentle, but if you turn on this after work I am invited to "Go to dinner after this" or give me a wife when you are working with two people working . I am giving the best results among the perfumed pheromone perfumes I used here. However, since it is not used in conjunction with the premium, I will try plus this next time.
<Additional notes> Since we did not use premium at the time of the above reviews, we started using premium + kore together. I am anxious that my work is too busy, but I'm anxious that I can not talk in the middle. But last month when I invited you to eat after work GO OK invited from your opponent GO! It's been a month since I used it but this effect Or the other party was hungry?
Whichever it is, it is a very good result. So it is lipid decision.
Also I use it to calm my own mood.


January 19, 2012


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Elegant scent

I have lost the habit of scent of ylang ylang of aroma, finished in an elegant and good fragrance. However, compared with favorite secret, the fragrance is weak, so even if it is attached, it is slightly fragrant, so I think that preference can be divided. The surrounding reaction felt weak reaction as weak fragrance. If you are using a secret, you can see the face in the train, even if you have plenty of seats, you will definitely feel that you are sitting next door, but Iran Iran does not feel it. When asking my husband about the scent of smell, it was an answer that Iran Iran did not know because it was not so smelly. As a scent, it is cleaner and smoother than the secret.


March 18, 2018


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