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Love Attraction Ylang-Ylang for WOMEN (Alcohol Free) Love Attraction Ylang-Ylang for WOMEN (Alcohol Free)

Love Attraction Ylang-Ylang for WOMEN (Alcohol Free)


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I was worried ...

With the preparedness to end the spring which is too long in the state of manners, I secured Ylang Ylang secretly and met him. As soon as I got on the car I came to pick up, it was obvious that I heard something nice smell, so it was obviously different from what I had been doing, which was what I did, what I did? Even though my next promise was always sudden because of his circumstances, I was told that Christmas and the year-end should be left open. I think that the effect is overwhelming. Why, not just him, men are more friendly than ever in companies and customers - I think that it is better not to turn on crowded trains.


December 21, 2011


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Great success?

I have been associating group with him and my friends who have been very popular. Even from around girls, he is a very popular person. I long for a long time.
However, after all I thought that I wanted to see me, and as a result I tried using love attraction · ylang ylang. If I thought that the first few days would look good on him, today is the plan for Christmas? It is always with everyone, was it said that two people can not leave anywhere? True, love Thanks to the attractions · Iran Iran. Of course I will date you on the day as well. Thank you very much?


December 22, 2011


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It is too effective

I tried using a love attraction · ylang ylang!
Iran Iran was somewhat distinctive and strong image, but when I tried it it was not a strong scent but a natural feeling.
I was not conscious of it for a week, but I felt strongly this time.
It's in the train.
Although I was standing and riding, I came across the spectacle that there is a perfect men just behind though it is not so crowded around.
When sitting, the next men got closer and closer.
It was not frightening but a bit scary.
Perhaps because of Iran Iran? I got in trouble for a moment because it was too effective (lol \)
Even in the workplace, men are more gentle I also feel like I was able to spend brightly every day with a feeling of being healed.
It is a product I would like to recommend to women who think that every day is various melancholy.
Of course I will continue to patronize!


May 09, 2016


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I hope to get along better!

A few days after Iran Iran arrived ... I thought that scent is not claimed and it is effective even if it is very reserved.
There was not feeling that if you use premium and double use, it is hardly wearing perfume.
One day I was invited to a few party drinking party from my unrequited love who did not make progress recently.
I just got alone on the way home.
It may be because I was drunk, but it made me very friendly!
Of course, a sweet kiss ... It was a short-duration event but it seemed like a dream!

I thought it would be nice if I could feel the fragrance of Ylang Ylang a little more, but along with the premium I am supposed to help you unrequited love from tomorrow!


May 14, 2016


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It is too much effect! It is posted again unexpectedly !!

Report after use → It is a fragrance which is really healed even by myself ♪ Immediate effect is great! He said that it was "a smell comfortably settled" by bringing his nose close to his ear that wears Ylang Iran many times. It is approached considerably aggressively, even the excitement of conversation is different from usual. While I was busy and I could not meet easily I promised until the next meeting ... I am honestly surprised (^ - ^) I never thought that this was just an immediate effect ali !! I will repeat again ♪ Two days after the post ... I had a liaison unless I could wait until next time we met, he came. It is an apparently different attitude than before turning on Iran Iran. After all I repeated it many times as "a good smell" !! Have you come to see me with a smell rather than me? (Laugh) Anyway the effect is overwhelming !! It's the next time you decide (^ - ^)


February 23, 2012


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I'm repeating

I thought that I wanted to look back on him and bought it.
However, while not meeting with former formerly, I came to be invited to rice from my senior who I longed for before going out with him.
And it became a relationship to be funny. Thank you very much.
Also, there was a chance I saw him ex-girlfriend by chance, and then suddenly came home and was persistent.
It is about a little too effective. Lol


August 22, 2016


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A lovely flower scent

I had never actually seen or smelled a flower called Iran Iran, but in reality it is a nice flower scent!

Even so, I do not insist too much, I get used to it as if my scent was that scent.
It is frustrating to take years to get old or to young people to feel uncomfortable, but if you add this perfume, you will be confident in yourself and the relationship will be smooth.
Because of the fragrance, the attracting men will change, so I will continue to verify from now on!
It is a perfume you want to tell all women.


April 03, 2016


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If you do not turn on this

I can do it only in front of him, but the reaction really comes out remarkably.
Today was also a short time, whispered that I want to do something I'm really fascinated with now.
I really think that I should put it only in front of him.


June 06, 2016


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To be healed

The impression of Iran Iran is healed by a faint fragrance. is.
I thought that Iran Iran was a more exciting and sexy aroma with my own selfish thought. However, in fact it is healed by using a fluffy fragrance (lol \)
I challenged Iran Iran on the occasion that a man who was interested for the first time in a few years was made, but unfortunately it turns out that he is married!
However, it was a faint and healing fragrance so I was using it at the company ... ... oh ... ohhh ... somehow I could talk from a man who had not talked much before, or I got messed up better than before It is a surprising succession. This is the power of Iran Iran (lol \)
I could not try it on him who is interested (I'm married ... so cry!), I think that it will be smooth for communication.
I think that Iran Iran will show its power in that time when a single men who will be worried next will appear. Until then, I will use it for my healing before going to bed at night.


April 08, 2016


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It is originally a favorite scent

Iran Iran regularly loves using even aromatic oil. Just like Iran Iran, who is regarded as an aphrodisiac, his nostalgia is amazing (laugh) With this scent he can not leave me!


April 26, 2016


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A thump

I used it only when I was on a date.
I do not feel the scent whether the amount to be attached is small.
First of all, you can hug you as soon as you meet.
To the extent that it is troublesome, I will touch the hot body.
I was told that I was cute as many times as I was stared and I feel confident.
And it makes me cherish like a princess (^ - ^ \)
I felt the effect was scary.


April 15, 2016


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Married six years. Today at around this time I have gradually declined the number of times at night and became mannerized. My husband often slept after saying that I got tired when I got home from work. I tried entering the bed this time by pushing Iran Iran to the neck. My husband was already sleeping, but after about 10 minutes I was in a half-sleeping state unconsciously, so I was surprised to get in close contact with my body! It was a nice atmosphere as it is and I can not suppress it more carefully than usual It was like feeling. It seems that they suddenly become uneasy suddenly when they ask in the morning ?! This is the effect of Iran Iran ?? There was nothing that we did not use by the way.

Bamboo grass

March 18, 2018


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Be made gentle

I tried using the monitor's products, all the surrounding men got tender.
Even while talking, the opponent's eyes are wide open. I can feel the uplifting feeling.
Every other hour, when I arrived back to work by putting in a toilet, a man nearby cuckooed it. After that, I was very gentle, the work got much easier.
As a result, we have managed to do a lot of hard work. I think it can be said clearly thanks to this perfume (^ ^)


April 18, 2016


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Lipi decision !!!

I tried to try out Iran Iran that I wanted to try before, surprised with a nice scent (* _ *) It was the favorite scent more than Jasmine and hyacinth I bought before ♪ It was the best in floral pheromone perfume (^_^) Men next to each other in my workplace were usually tough to speak with little feeling, but I was surprised not to talk to me unusually and end up trying to end the conversation.
I'd like to patronize from now on too (^ _-) It is Rihi's decision ☆


April 20, 2016


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It is a favorite scent

It was the fragrance of my favorite flower, I wanted to wear it all the time regardless of the pheromone effect (lol) I think that there is immediate effect on the effect. When I went to a byte ahead, I usually spoke to a senior who was small in my mouth as much as I was surprised and he said from other seniors that "they got along well together" (laughs) Other men also I think that I talked to you more than usual. I'm very glad that it has such an effect with a good fragrance so I want to continue using it (^ ^)


April 17, 2016


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It is a good fragrance.

It is gentle and healing scent like Jasmine's flower scent. I bought vanilla musk and angel, but this is the best for me. I am afraid that the surrounding men are very cooperative and will do so. I can not use it when I am with him, but I have great expectations.


December 09, 2011


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It is motemote (o ^^ o)

In my thirties, I got older and worse ahead of workmanship, but I met my perfume and every day became fun and I really appreciate it ☆ I heard that the company people recently became beautiful It became like becoming to be talking with customers, being sneaky ... I was able to use it even if it is not colored, even if it is not me at all. W I will also use ('· Д ·)'

To see

April 13, 2016


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Effect immediately?

I was hit by a day when I started attaching (laugh) It would be amazing if Iran Iran's effect ...


September 09, 2016


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Very interesting

Two kinds of usual perfume and Iran ylang are attached.
Even though he likes a perfume of tightness, he seems to smell the fragrance of my perfume, it smells nice. I'm getting close to being messed up while at work.


December 15, 2014


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Elegant scent of ylang ylang

For women, even if you want to get along with a lovely person around you, or want to become closer, you can not be proactive from yourself. So I thought I would like to borrow the scent of Ylang Ylang and the power of pheromone perfume for the first time. Even if you do not speak to yourself from the result, you will feel comfortable talking to men from the result, perhaps it seems that you are attracting? Since it seemed repeated so many times, it is effective. The fragrance is also sensual but elegant and satisfied. It seems to be repeating again.


March 30, 2018


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