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Love Attraction Ylang-Ylang for MEN (Alcohol Free) Love Attraction Ylang-Ylang for MEN (Alcohol Free)

Love Attraction Ylang-Ylang for MEN (Alcohol Free)


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Hey, it's a company.

There is a person who intends to use Iran Iran. She is younger than her young worker. Because there are many things that we are in a meeting on the standpoint, we push 2 before each meeting. Until now, I often sat in the front so that I could talk easily, but since I became like Iran Iran, I always became next to it. And they are pretty sticky. Even after the meeting I am talking a lot with a smile. Is it Ylang Ylang effect? ​​Well, there are other officials, and in the meantime a person who does not care at all suddenly hugged in the hallway. Hey, it's a company. Is this also Ylang Ylang effect?


March 18, 2016


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Calm down.

Immediately after putting on, it smells intensely specific to Ylang - ylang, but it quickly becomes a soft and sweet smell.
This time it is the first time for me to have fragrant pheromone perfume because I used a fragrant premium.
I am using it at company and private, but my heart can relax first and afford than my opponent's response.
I think that the other person feels comfortably by that.
I think the scent of ylang ylang is a fragrance to be liked and disliked but I liked the fragrance of ylang ylang from the origin but I prefer ylang ylang even for aroma, so I chose the scent I am accustomed this time, but with aroma again I liked it with a different impression.
I will also try using various scents, but Iran Iran will also repeat.

Scent seeker

March 14, 2016


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The impression is good.

The opportunity started using pheromone perfume with the wishes of becoming familiar with a child who is concerned about body odor and anxious even a little. It is not a special strong scent, but I feel something.
Although I do not know the effect at the moment, it seems that a favorable image (impression) liking is also possessed by the person who was first to meet.
Moreover, it has an effect to make you confident by using it !?


March 15, 2016


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It is my favorite fragrance

When attached, I thought that it was a good smell, so I used it as a proactive hand. Two women said "It smells nice", so I can now do hugs that I have never seen before.


September 01, 2016


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Monitor product

It is a monitor, but I feel like honest effect ?? I like scents.


March 23, 2016


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Is it best at the entrance of the night?

When I first smelled the scent "I thought this was the identity of my favorite scent!" It is a fragrance common to "Love attraction / secret", but it is not so tight, it feels slightly fragrant. With everyday use, I did not realize the effect so much. I realized the effect was when a woman approached me more than necessary. I can not write the details, but it was definitely a feeling that "I felt a sensual feeling." Unfortunately the woman was not my type, so I felt painful, but like the PP Law 's propaganda, Love Attraction · Iran Iran is "a person who wants to approach opponent" I was convinced that it was for.


November 30, 2017


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It is amazing!

I was surprised!
I was not accustomed to engaging with women so much, but I was able to get along with a woman in my office!
I used it little by little at about once every 3 hours, but it had a very high effect.
I wanted a little more if I wanted greed.
Perhaps I am using too much. . .


February 13, 2015


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On commuting

Since I used Iran Iran, I feel that the fact that women are nearby during commuting has increased. Is it a reverberating fragrance? For a while, I think I will go with this scent.

Stay gold

December 28, 2015


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Pheromone effect?

As a comment I tried, it was not clear form yet, but it seemed like a way of contacting women changed.
I went for a cup of coffee with a perfume, and I went for a cup of coffee, usually a child with little dishonesty spoke to me with a smile. The conversation was about a small international talking degree, but I felt a different feeling than usual. Pheromone seems to be a device that works for myself and enhances my potential, but I certainly feel that it seems like an effect?

To kim

December 23, 2009


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I expected to have.

I expected to have.
There is a woman aiming at.
The effect is later !!


April 11, 2011


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I think that it would be a reference for perfume selection, I will post though it is a personal impression. First of all, just use perfume, easy to mind! Please discard the idea like. First of all, this product of men's perfume seems to contain 75% of male pheromone 25% female pheromone. As you can see from this, I learned a feeling close to love at the moment I used it. It is difficult with words but it is like Muramura? I think that my pheromone is secreted more and it is getting higher. I feel a sense when both people of same sex and opposite sex have favorable feeling.
I can feel confident in myself. There was also a relaxing effect. A margin was born for feelings.
In the workplace, I can work smoothly and comfortably with the same sex, and in private it seems that it has increased more than usual to be able to speak from the opposite sex.
The usage period is one month!
Weekdays use at work place!
The holiday was used outside! Inverse Nan Although it is an example, it was a result that it was two days and two clubs and four off-clubs. Even without Nanpa, I came from a girl. Well, it is not good to misunderstand because this result is not just by adding perfume. As part of self-polishing, I think that if I do not use it as a charm of plus alpha, I will not be able to realize how long it will be. It was felt that the perfume itself had an effect. However, it is attached to the fragrance of other fragrance, so it is half distrustful.

Scent model

June 19, 2018


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More than saying sexy ...

As I wrote that "I'm going to bed in my newlyweds first night in Indonesia", I was worried that it would be fine to work on work but it is no problem at all with a fragrance that feels refreshing rather than sexy. With this, scent is the fifth try, but it is the scent that goes into three fingers by saying from my reactions and reactions around me. Three of them are hard to put on, so I'm worried about which to do next.


April 07, 2013


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It is more effective than I thought

I borrowed a little from my friends, but it is more effective than I expected.
Since I was able to unite with her I was aiming for before, I purchase it myself and use it this time.


November 24, 2009


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After all the line of sight?

Although I purchase pheromone perfume several times at this site, it is the gaze from the opposite sex feeling every time, when I got on this former train I was able to see it wonderfully Women often sit next to the seat I feel like I got it.
I am writing a review from a laptop computer at a coffee shop now, but I am also concerned about the sight of a woman who is sitting next to him (I can only see a woman's line of sight at the mirror's position)

I usually mix it with my favorite perfume in a roll-on type atomizer and use it by painting it on the back of my ear, but it seems to be unpopular only to her (it is popular with other women and heterosexual friends)

From the consciousness that pheromone perfume is attached, it may be like a placebo effect, but since it is interesting, I think I will purchase another kind of perfume next time.

Other effects?

October 27, 2010


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I was invited by fireworks

I was calling out to someone who was intrusive or inviting me on line, but a lively reply was not returned and I was giving up halfway. I knew the existence of a love attraction and tried it with suspicion. There was not any reaction for a while, but suddenly there was an invitation from the fireworks festival on the line. After that I asked to eat. I do not know if it is due to love attraction, but now it is ecstatic.


August 11, 2018


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Adventure ☆

I mainly use Perfect Love. I bought it because I wanted to try a little adventure this time. I will try various scents.


December 02, 2009


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There was a good thing.

I understand each other's feelings, but since I sometimes go out with only a girl friend who can not go beyond my friends pretty much, I tried using it as it would make it progress.
Originally a woman with a lot of body touch, I often hug it to hit my arm like my chest, but this time I had a nice happening that the woman walked down a bad place and stopped holding it for a moment.
However, although I try using some of this series, the fragrance is good but I feel that my nose is bad or I do not understand it in a few minutes with a scent.
Although I do not feel the progress that I tried using this time, I think that I will use it for a long time.

Life is a digestive game

November 22, 2014


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I mixed it and tried it

I tried mixing it with the premium I purchased before, but I also like the fragrance and I think that the reaction of the opponent is also good. I think that it can not be helped but I think that it is still better if the effect will continue a little more.

White leopard

November 27, 2014


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feel well

I use it together with the premium.
It is a good feeling because the scent of Iran Iran wins than the premium. It is a little feeling that she is becoming bold. I guess I should go with this combination for a while (laugh)

White leopard

May 09, 2015


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Somehow to another person

For the first time, Iran Iran was used. I wish I could get along with those I care about, but since I started using it, I began calling out to others a lot. People who are intention did not feel so much because of hay fever, but I think I will try using it a little more.
From now on, this is my expectation.


March 29, 2013


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