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Love Attraction Ylang-Ylang for MEN (Alcohol Free) Love Attraction Ylang-Ylang for MEN (Alcohol Free)

Love Attraction Ylang-Ylang for MEN (Alcohol Free)


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The person you care about

It seems that a woman sitting in front of me often got to sit on my side or next door at the time of the meeting. Up to now, since men often sit next to me, I think that it will be effective.

Indecent nature

March 14, 2016


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More than expected effect

I have heard that Ylang Iran is an aphrodisiac fragrance preferred by women and I was curious about what it is. There was hope that if this scent adds human pheromone, it might be wonderful. It was more than expected than I thought that the prediction was in the middle of using it immediately.
There were four farewell dinners in the latter half of the month, but whenever I drink and noticed it is always in the center of a woman's ring. Second party is amazing thing, from girls in their twenties to ladies in their 50s, a big mote. Thanks to you, I had a nice day.


March 29, 2013


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I expect it.

It seems like there was a certain effect using the goods here so far.
Because of that, I am struggling with a woman who is a business partner and eating (... only ^^;).
Next time, I decided to eat at the New Year's party.
Probably ... I'm sorry ... The results will be reported at a later date.
I expect you.

A part

January 09, 2010


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Indeed, this is amazing.

It's still only a month to use.
It was a half-trust.
The price is never cheap.
Still, I could not overcome my curiosity and purchased impulsively.
Although I am not an environment with much involvement with women than usual, women who come into contact with everyday feel why they are bright and gentle.
Why is this?
In fact, it may be a kind of placebo when using this item, but as a man it boils itself.
Although it is thought that if you are doing a workout (muscle training), it is thought that you can sympathize, but as you work out, adrenaline, testosterone, etc. are secreted, and you feel that you are full of charm as a man.
This product can get that feeling.
It is still a half-doubt that human pheromone works on heterosexuals, but this is amazing.
To be able to control the mind should be useful in this stress society.
Who are those who are not confident and who are more comfortable with the game than a kind of security agent?


September 06, 2016


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Please try using it by all means! !

Up to now I have overwhelmingly girls' friends, envy from male friends, but I have had almost no life to develop into romantic relationships.
It is because female friends totally treated girls.
Of course he is not a hone (lol \)
It seems that it is reason to come with girls' talk, but it was not pleasant at all for me even if the number of girl friends increased.
At that time I wanted to know about love attraction · ylang ylang and try to increase the options to change my life, I used it.
Although I actually tried it, I personally felt that it had a tremendous effect.
Because it was with a period of two weeks, I thought that it was hard to understand the effect if it was a girl friend, and I used it only in my workplace.
There was no woman of the same generation in the workplace of 4 months after being transferred, there was only one older woman, but in the situation I was not able to get along well yet, the effect comes out from the fourth day using started.
First of all, we only talked about work with each other, but as chatting became more and more days got along well, the whole workplace became a bright atmosphere.
It was a workplace where there was no drinking party at all, but a drinking party was also decided!
I think that I will stop abandoning because it will be troubled by contrary if the effect comes out any further in my workplace, but I strongly wanted to use it in private in the future.
As I mentioned at the beginning, it was a life without motivation at all, so I tried various pheromone perfumes until now but it was the first time I could feel the effect.
We will also report again if you use it even if you use it private!
Thank you very much!


November 28, 2014


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It might be amazing!

I pushed away on the day of date with her, always on her date, on her wrist, side by side, behind her ear and went out.
A handkerchief on the forehead!
On that day I was able to spend more time than ever and have a good time.
I heard it later, the body suddenly burned. is what they said.
It may be recommended to a couple who is starting to remember the sense of rambling?


October 20, 2014


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Effect of perfume

I like the smell and feel the effect so re-purchase. I will be able to talk to three ladies closely.
One person, hug, kiss, nipple and so on. One person is still in close contact with the story (first looking \)
One person has reached SEX at the third time.
Thank you pheromone perfume.


September 01, 2016


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5th type

I am tried in order of sandalwood → no fragrance → premium → secret → ylang ylang. This is the 5th type. I feel the most fragrant in this. It is my favorite fragrance. First day of use: Women are getting close at work and smelling. Lol. Day 2: I got a conversation with a different woman. Day 3: During the conversation, the woman caught me by myself. I will also write about it.
※ Additional notes: 10 km thin, I got married!
I think that pheromone perfume has an effect when continued use.


March 19, 2013


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I was surprised

When I was meeting a friend, I used this product because my friend did not come easily. Then things happened that never experienced before. The woman asked the way. At first, two women of foreign nationals. The next is a Japanese woman. I did not expect to be able to ask the way from two pairs in a short time. I realized the magnitude of this product again. I would like to continue to patronize from now on.

A student

November 24, 2011


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I tried it,

I think that it is a great effect. In the workplace the number of times a woman could talk to him increased and more heterosexual friends. Even if I go shopping, it has an effect, it was spoken to a clerk and even I had an effect and I was speaking about 30 minutes to 1 hour without being interrupted lol He seemed to be liked by a contact person It was. I tried many things thought that it was real, but it looks like reality. Because this is going to happen I thought that I was cheated and everyone Love attractions Please try using Iran Iran!


November 25, 2014


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I asked for a product different from ordinary.

I usually ordered a premium, but I thought that a different scent is also good and asked.
The scent has an atmosphere of adults, which makes me feel very favorable.
Also, it is quick to get along well with women, including the products we used so far.
Some people smiling fetish who socialize say that they can not leave my smell.
For those who first met with us, it is too early for distance to approach.
Everyone reading this, please try it!
However, I would like to ask you in a different area from me!


December 02, 2017


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Fresh and elegant good fragrance

I use it properly according to the odorless premium and the scene, but I will use all Iran Iranian people during the hot and sweaty hot season.
Because it is a southern countryish, sweet good scent, it is perfect for directing summer on your own!
Moreover, even in the transportation facilities of commuting and business trips, when wearing this scent, there is nothing to be hated by men consciously, and conversely the distance to the surrounding women is close, or they are pushed and caught in congestion I will definitely feel the attractiveness that it is as it is.
When I go drinking or sitting at the counter, the distance to the woman becomes quite close and intimate feeling, I realize that I was wearing this scent.

Ojaruto & Tsukkyu

August 16, 2017


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I feel that the mood of the surrounding woman improves.
I am aware of the unity of the workplace that I had never used before, as far as I was using it at a woman 's workplace, unfortunately everyone around me got excited around the center. Recommended for everyone in managerial position.


December 29, 2010


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As expected!

I have purchased this perfume before. While trying various other things, while feeling various effects, I was seeking which one is best for me and thought of trying Ylang Iran again at such a time. My percussion will turn on perfume. This is confirmed effectiveness by saying from her friend's woman and workplace woman that the atmosphere like sexyity and cool coolness comes out. The interesting thing changes the treatment to oneself after all. It was a little disgusting as a person who was bad was gentle (^ _ ^;) It is interesting that people who do not work and people who do not change change by the fragrance and effect of perfume.
Even those who I do not know are still watching my face or in the workplace because there are always few women in the range of activities I was watching the women gathering and the flowers were blooming in the scenery (lol) It might be exaggerated It will not draw a woman unconsciously, is not it? It is effective for women who think that the threshold is high for myself! It is my first excitement because I feel excited to be excited more than anything, so I realize the first effect (lol)

Some people feel that the scent of perfumes is hard, so we devised them and applied them directly to the skin that hides in our breasts and feet, clothes, so that they are fragrantly discouraged. By doing this, I think voluntarily will be slow, I do not think so selfishly.
My own excitement, the things that people around me are throbbing also is that my family is thrilled to use it when I have a family, so I will make me misunderstand the bad one so that I can select the scenes to use I will.
This is a sexy type in myself, so the degree of excitement of your opponent is different, of course. People who have favor with themselves still feel that their favorably is more easily understandable. It is something that such a pheromone naturally comes out of me (lol), the surrounding male team unusually uneasy as excessive action (they say something abnormally unpleasant recently ~) (^ _ ^; )) So it may be better to refrain from company (^ _ ^;) I thought that it would also work for same sex.
But I put myself everyday ʅ (◔ 4 ◔)

Lemon sour

August 20, 2018


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I feel like a good smell on my own

I do not know the effect of pheromone because it is not a workplace where a woman is in, but a very nice smell is pleasant and I put it on my chest during work and sniff myself at the moment I was relieved.
Originally I started purchasing to calm myself upset, but this became one of my favorites.
Like an incense like a lily like a rose ... expression of smell is difficult, but it calms down. I always wear it when I go to public. Even when you go drinking.
Even though I felt that I felt so, I accepted them favorably.


November 26, 2014


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I think that the sense of distance has changed

Originally I used a fragrance-free material, but I did not understand the effect well. I thought of trying this Iran Iran. I thought that I was disgusted with the perfume smell of a man, but I felt that it was fragrant and fragrant, and it felt nice and it was a nice feeling.
Try putting on, the girls in the workplace which were originally good friends on the 2nd and 3rd days do not have any special jobs, but as I often come close, I mask them all the time, but when they are talking off I will remove the mask Do you want to feel the scent?
I knew that there was a favorable relationship to each other to a certain extent, but I feel like I got close to two steps without saying a step.
It seems like this fragrance likes it, so I will try to use it for a while.


July 25, 2017


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I am looking forward to going out every day (^ ^)

Although he is an engineer, I often meet with some industry people who have lots of women, so I was looking for a good perfume to feel a little fancy.
Then, I was attracted by the word that I learned patents with fragrance, reached this site, I accidentally chose to use "Love attraction · Iran Iran" from among several lineups.
Then, other people are told, but women in the workplace started talking to us more often than before, and I came to chat with them even though they were not in particular.
And, even for women who do business outside the company, they are said to be "in a good atmosphere!" Or on holidays "I'm coming to the local of Mr. ○ at work but if I can please guide you?" It began.
As I do not intend to change my heartfelt and behavior in daily life because I am wearing perfume, I still think that there is some effect.
The fragrance is an alcoholic scent of a degree not to mind.
Even if you put on before meals, it is a scent that does not get in the way, so I think it is OK before the date.
It is recommended!


November 23, 2014


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It was more refreshing scent than expected!

I have been using it for a long time with no fragrance premium, geranium.
As expected, Iran Iran is also wonderful this time as expected.
However, rather than a sexy type like a product comment, it was rather refreshing feeling.
Rather, it was a feeling like a faint scent like soap, without Iyami that can do both business scenes and date.
One favorite dish has also increased.

Large sky

March 28, 2013


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First fragrance type

I always used a fragrance type, but this time I tried the Iran Iranian fragrance type. In the first place, there are lots of women in my workplace, and I can not do that unless I can get it right. At the time he joined the company, it became a prey for the station's intense dislike, but after using pheromone perfume, I was able to become the best favorite of the station. I thought that it was good to just buy it. I also feel the same effect even using Iran Iran's fragrance type this time. Also, perfume type may be noticed in the workplace, but it was good because it is not pointed out. I would like to continue looking for pheromone perfumes of the perfume type that I can suit from now on. There was one disappointing thing, but my favorite female employee was not able to test the effect because I was wearing runny nose and mask with hay fever this time. I hate pollen.

A gun

March 24, 2013


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I love you so much ...

I used the secret before.
However, I did not like my favorite smell but I tried trying Iran Iran this time.
Iran Iran, I smell very nice.
I feel refreshed with a refreshing scent.
Personally I like my favorite fragrance.
I am very satisfied because I can refresh when I put it as my favorite smell.
The pheromone of the essence is not yet realized.
I think that seasonal going out and invitation will increase, so it would be nice if you demonstrate the effect!

I have not realized the pheromone effect yet, but this evaluation was because I liked the smell I liked the most among perfumes I have tried.


March 28, 2013


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