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Privacy Policy

In Pheromone Perfume Labo, we are aware of the importance of the protection of personal information because we have customers use it in comfort, and all the persons engaged in the business in connection with a Pheromone Perfume Labo pay careful attention, and manage severely a customer's privacy and personal information.

[ 1 ]
Pheromone Perfume Labo observes laws and ordinances for the protection of the personal information and promises that we handle personal information transmitted by a customer carefully.
[ 2 ]
Personal information, such as a customer's name, address, telephone number and e-mail address, is used only in the range of purpose hereinafter prescribed. A.For sending of the bill of the goods ordered from a customer, etc., and shipping products. B.For corresponding to the inquiry from a customer. C.For providing product information and other information by a mail magazine, etc. D.For conducting a questionnaire to a customer. E.For providing services to a registered customer as a member of pheromone perfume membership.
[ 3 ]
In Pheromone Perfume Labo, when there is a just reason, except for the case where there is a customer's consent, a third party is not provided with the obtained personal information without notice. When entrusting business such as dispatch of goods to a third party, we put suitable management into practice so that there may be no disclosure of personal information even to a contractor.
[ 4 ]
When having to disclose based on a law rationally and judging to be necessary to protect other right of the user or our company, assets and safety, the personal information we received may be disclosed.
[ 5 ]
When there is an offer of disclosure, correction, suspension of use and deletion about personal information from a customer himself/herself, we will respond to it promptly.
Please contact us for inquiry.
[ 6 ]
As for this privacy policy, when the necessity for an improvement arises, the whole or some part are subject to change on the Web.


In Pheromone Perfume Labo, we are striving for prevention of unauthorized access on a customer’s important personal information, the loss, destruction, alteration, and leakage. We are using SSL for the screen which is input credit card information and a customer's important personal information. Thereby, since customer's data is enciphered and it is transmitted safely, you can enjoy shopping in comfort.