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※ These reviews reflect each customer's personal experience. Please note that they do not guarantee you will get the same or similar result.
The reviews on this website include those for Love Attraction, which is sold only in Japan. Please also note that alcohol-containing products cannot be shipped to international addresses.

I have always patronized.
It should be odorless

Calm down. Of course, the level is much higher than the high-class perfume of brands. Really I do not want to tell Tomodachi absolutely 99.8% absolutely men who are intention!

First of all, the man who did not fall was not inside of me ~ ~.
Really secret !!!

Coco is amazing! Even if you do not care about the opponent, it seems you can not hold it down.
It is "magical perfume" in me.
Besides, I am getting captured with this scent. It is strange and exciting ... Haa ~. . It makes me feel drunk anyway anyway!

I certainly want you to experience this magic perfume and make more love with a lot more people.
Because I am ugly, I'm totkatto because I'm fat. Toka · There are various complexes.

I'm too tampering ~~~~~ !!


February 18, 2010


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Secret of longing

The result was good but the smell liked and disliked by the fragrance was clearly separated so we wanted to avoid the failure and he was lost in purchase.
The first impression of having it reached at hand and sprayed on the neck resembles romance ... I imagined Obasan 's cheap scent that my head would hurt so I betrayed it in a good way.
The fragrance which was sprayed on the neck and an hour passed is wonderful.
Day 1: The first impression was the fragrance of romance, but frustrated with the calm aroma when familiar, it got frustrated.
Day 2: I tried it at work at once, but somehow I got a cake of a cake shop popular with my boss just for me, so I bought a lunch for lunch, but I went out alone at work but a man at work Three people were already eating at the shop, so they bowed away at a place and sat on a table away from them so they asked me a voice before they finished lunch! I went out in the store and I was surprised to say that men 's customers are being accustomed to the shop when the meal ended and the accounting was done.
Thank you for returning to the office floor immediately and thanking them but the person who accounting was one of the three senior employees (^ ^ \)
It was a one push in the morning at the left earlobe, one push on the premium left earlobe.
Day 3: Leena has a happy aura from a senior employee of a woman! After all it is told during lunch break that I am an aura! I am listening and listening to me ('▽ `)

Brand perfume is also wrapped up and there may also be a scent with this, but it may be a commodity that does not disappoint the secret expectation.


February 10, 2016


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As I mentioned in the introduction to this perfume, I tried using "I want to keep his heart alone" ++ I like the sexy fragrance. I feel like an adult woman above a notch.
Although it is about the effect, I think that there are individual differences, but I was a side effectiveness ^ ^ The other day, I participated in a new year party at a friend 's house with my favorite people.
When he is in multiplayer he is not usually entwined so much. (↑ The boyfriend is not a title and it is a complicated relationship so she is supposed to be a secret; \)
However, on this day I went on with perfume, I feel he is always next to me. Moreover, at the short distance where the body can touch. It may have been thought that from a surroundings "Are you dating?" ^ ^; Even when I left my seat to wash my hands, he came from behind and caressed me cuddly.
Next time we went to play with two people this time but it seems that his atmosphere is softer than usual.
And I could see his smile more than usual.
On my parting I was stroking my head ... Most of all, he was more aggressive on the bed than usual
It also makes me feel a little relaxed. .
I remembered the explanation of this site "Iron Iranian smell ..." to stir the bridegroom's lust.
Anyway, I often thought "I'm better than usual".
After all the power of fragrance is amazing. Double attack of scent and pheromone. I liked this perfume quite a lot ☆ I do not love plunder love ... haha ​​I definitely want to lipipate!
And I hope someday that I can become a "girlfriend" with him.


January 21, 2010


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I took a love attraction / white musk and went to a pub I was talking to a lady who was able to take three people, but when I wake up after drinking I was not strong, I got frustrated, one of them , I sat next to himself at the counter and stayed even after my friends came home "I want you to send me to the station", so I will keep hands from there on my way, so I will not resist when I hold it After that ... There is a secret (laugh)


May 08, 2016


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Sometimes there is a fast food restaurant to stop by, but as soon as I can turn on this, I have spoken to someone who is interested. It seems that myself has changed.

Chunichi Fun fan

September 11, 2011


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There is a person who intends to use Iran Iran. She is younger than her young worker. Because there are many things that we are in a meeting on the standpoint, we push 2 before each meeting. Until now, I often sat in the front so that I could talk easily, but since I became like Iran Iran, I always became next to it. And they are pretty sticky. Even after the meeting I am talking a lot with a smile. Is it Ylang Ylang effect? ​​Well, there are other officials, and in the meantime a person who does not care at all suddenly hugged in the hallway. Hey, it's a company. Is this also Ylang Ylang effect?


March 18, 2016


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The reason I tried using the item "Love attraction · taboo (for men)" is wild, with a magnificent dream with a large scale such as "I want to become a moto" that many people see in the comments by others of other people Unlike men, they can get married, married, unlocked from their formal framework of marriage to their wife, who accompanied me for a long period of about 20 years and who walked together, I decided to let me test this pheromone perfume with the expectation that I feel nice if I feel a sense like romance remembering Tokimeki.

As a result, unfortunately we could not see "lovey" reactions which the male side imagined and expected selfishly can not happen in reality.

However, when considering while paying attention to details, while being chased by busy everyday, while doing a conversation, do not devote much of your line of sight, firmly staring at my eyes for a moment There will be more time to remember Tokimeki, time spent with a wonderful smile will increase etc etc ....
Anyway, I feel like I was able to fully feel the positive change in continuing a familiar family ♪

And the pheromone perfume laboratory suggests that we should not forget as an impression that we used items as a kind and courteous response of staff members who never feel uneasy about purchasers & It is reliable and perfect support.

Regarding that area, I feel that it is probably not the exaggeration to say that it is the industry top level.

So, among those who are planning to challenge for the first time in the field of pheromone perfume, if there are people who are feeling uneasy and do not have the courage to take the first step, the item of pheromone perfume laboratory is one push ☆


April 10, 2016


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In about two weeks, get 3 people!
Besides, they have a boyfriend (laugh)

If you invite at the ear, you usually drink with two people, if you bring it to the story of cheesy, you already have a good eye, Ike!

I think that the closer it is to bring out the effect as my pheromone, the more effective it is ♪

Re: Bad child

April 13, 2016


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Thank you for being a monitor this time. For the verification of this time, we performed on the premise that we will not change pheromone perfume every two to three hours, behavior, and clothes as usual. The period is 10 days. Results ,,, There was tremendous effect. Specifically, women in the workplace have become very cooperative, they also did their own daughter who usually does not help much. However, it may be said that all women have reacted. Apparently there seems to be individual differences. There was no reaction for men at all. I felt it was an indispensable item to upgrade human relationships.


April 11, 2016


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It is an event under examination of a love attraction taboo in a date with her the other day.
Is it about 1 or 2 minutes after getting into the car?
Because what it is hot Because it says that the temperature of the air conditioner is lowered, it is 20 degrees when seeing the set temperature. I am comfortable, is she getting hurt? If you think so, suddenly will not she start to take off the pantyhose!
It is good because I do not know unfamiliar, but it was my first reaction so far, it might be amazing taboo!
I also want to attack with a taboo next time.


April 13, 2016


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There was a woman who is a new staff member who is interested in the sports gym which I attended from about a year ago and I knew that woman liked me as well and heard from members of good members, Because my age is considerably younger than mine and a child who is pretty familiar from young male members, I lose my confidence that I am something wrong ... I can not speak to a degree like saying a greeting It was.
It is such a day. I found this perfume and used it. The scent is like a plant type scent and I feel Iran Iran more gently stopped.
At first I thought that it was a fair degree to give confidence to myself, but first of all I feel excited about sniffing this scent if it is effective. And one more thing. One day, about one week passed since I started using it, the biggest luck for me came.
When I tried training as usual and tried going home, a woman staff woman handed me a secret letter together with my membership card. Although I made it as a KTONTO with surprise, when I returned home and looked inside I saw the text of the content close to the confession and the e-mail address. I was surprised really because I had never experienced a love letter.
For the time being, I made an e-mail and promised meals that night, went for a meal and went for a drink as it was, but I was able to finish my first date with a good atmosphere until the end.
Now I got to talk to a gym and I always have a phone call or e-mail exchange like every day.
As a result, I felt quite jealous by the young men who were aiming for her, but I was very pleased by the members who have been supporting me for a long time. Now I feel more motivated to train than I did before and every day is full of happiness. Thank you very much.


August 15, 2015


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I tried using Love Attraction · Taboo this time.
I am rehabilitated by electric therapy every day because of low back pain.
Most of the doctors there are women.
It seems strangely that all the women have become gentle after using taboo.
Among them, one person was very kind and I began to body touch, I'm looking forward to it ^ ^.


April 15, 2016


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A secret and a white musk arrived at hand, but the scent personally liked the white musk, so I immediately tried the woman who is interesting.
From the conclusion, at first it was not a shameful attitude, but since that evening, I got to talk intimate e-mails almost every day!

Also, as there was an alumni association, when I tried it, I was hugged by two or three women! (Lol)

As a result I think that the effect has come out, I'd like to try out the effect by using a secret in addition to other women yet ♪


May 12, 2016


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Last time I used it was January.
In the early days, there was no odor except for alcohol smell at the moment of attachment, so it was half-trusting that "I was cheated ...", but on a certain night there was a drinking party hosted by a friend, from a woman next door, " It is a nice odor, what do you use? "

Before I went out, I was shocked and I was honestly surprised to hear that I got a perfect love (PL hereafter).
Perhaps it was a scent of a commercially available body shampoo (cheap (laugh)), but it is obvious that her favor is gained, and as her drink goes on, her actions escalate and my neck of my shirt Pull up his nose in the shirt every face and say "Ah what ?? This nice scent" and everyone who was around me truly donned (laugh)

It was a PL night.
After that, every time I got there, I became indebted to PL, and I got to carry it in bags.
In the past year and a seven month, I became likable to homosexuality and opposite sex, and my feelings came to be positive.
And this time, I tried using "Sweet Attraction" for the first time.
Although the capacity slightly decreased (T_T), the effect seemed to have increased persistence rather.
First of all, at the moment of attachment, there is a component that comes with "Tone" which was not found in PL, but it is a selfish interpretation but it feels like a pheromone concentrated liquor.
Of course we are carrying it in the bag, so whenever you are ready to have Naniga at any moment!

Needless to say (laugh)

I feel like I'm going to have more ~ ​​♪

August 03, 2009


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Purchased attracted by PP Lab's product introduction. Personally I also love pears. I took a shower in the morning and brought in my feet on both ankles to work (I do not want to put on work, ears, wrists, armpits). 30 minutes by commuter train. I was surprised yesterday. Countryside trains are crowded in the morning hours, but I'm standing by the door to concentrate and read the newspaper. People usually do not stand around me usually, so it was yesterday as well. When I got on board and stood in place I noticed that a lady in the late 20's standing standing by me. She stood against me against her back and attached her back to my back. Although I do not have to bother to go beside such anymore, I am concentrating on the newspaper thought that I do not have to stick to it. It was 30 minutes as it was ....
Thanks to Feel, I'm looking forward to commuting on Monday.


April 16, 2016


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I am 43 years old this year, but shy I have never made her before.
We can do daily conversation but it is no use unless you are conscious of your opponent.
Because I am not confident in myself and can not become aggressive.
I think that I would like to have a happy family soon and I thought that I would like to change myself and would like to use it as long as I can become confident even a little.
I usually do not use the perfume kind too much, but the fragrance does not get stiff and it smells faintly so I think that I could come into contact with women without worrying about the smell of sweat. Somewhat recently I feel that the distance of talking with a woman's colleague at a company is getting closer. I would like to try other scents.


February 20, 2016


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This time it showed outstanding effect! ___ ___ 0

After all the premium + Venus superimposition was the strongest !!!

It is a pleasant surprise surprise that you showed quite good effect to younger men (≧ ∀ ≦)

Male from 24, 26, 27 years old got me a favor !!!

From 24 years old I was invited by lunch and karaoke because my music taste fit.
In a room of karaoke it was such a feeling that "I do not mind sitting next to me?" And the distance is close and "I have long hair and it is beautiful" and I have been stroking my hair forever and touching my cheek. I was told to meet again and I parted that day.
I met with 27 years old and went for lunch and drinking at night.
I was seduced something and developed into a romantic relationship with one another.
However, it was hard to meet each other because they were busy with each other Keeping my mind apart There was a new encounter next to me.
It is an encounter with a 26 year old.
I promised to go to the drink after drinking the line, but the conversation was rather light and the first impression was not good.
He came to the meeting place and he apologized for the conversation on the line as soon as I saw him.
And while I was drinking, there was a serious attitude that was opposite to the light interaction on the line.
When I meet a person, I usually re-attach perfume to the nape and both ear and wrist every two hours.
After all, the likability to me is completely different if I reattach it to coma. I also reconciled and I felt a lot like the impression of him and he said from me that he was "the first person I could relax and talk" and sit next to me and touch my hair and cheeks. . .
After leaving the shop, I was handed in and confessed on the way and said "Let's go out".
About the station As I parted suddenly I was cuddly hugged and I heard a sucker smothering something scent strongly on my head (lol)

Oh, it is awfully sniffing ??? Like a laugh can not be without a effect of the perfume!
Every time I use Venus I feel familiar with myself I feel as if I demonstrated the outrageous motemote effect as the third one.
If you want to drop the younger, you definitely decided to premium + Venus !!!
Pheromone effect is scary as hard !!!
I will definitely repeat from now on !!!

Milk tea

February 25, 2016


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About a year after having been with him in the company's popularity No. 1, it has been almost a year since I knew each other, but the tendency of manneri began to emerge, thinking that stimulation is necessary among us, sweet attractions · taboos (For women) was used.
We are in the same department so the floor is with us, but it was common that we did not match our face until lunch break. However, on the day we used the above items, we had the usual greetings in the morning, but on the day we see eye-to-eye with him. When I went to the hot water supply room, he came and said, "Let's go for a meal for the first time in a long time". At first I was stunned, but I thought it was due to pheromone perfume?
When we finished our lunch and returned to work, a male colleague and an elevator came together. He seemed to have seen a gentleman opening the door and checking the floor gently, and he seemed to have seemed to see it, and as usual, he was calling me with an eye to eye, "what he said to him "Were you" caught a yakimochi suddenly? "" You like that bitch? ", And it has exposed the desire to monopolize. When I got back to the desk, I got a message from him at the elevator posted that I should not have dinner next time. I arrived in the morning when I got to the office and I had lunch breaks and every 2 hours in the morning. As far as yesterday, I was convinced that this was not a coincidence, but a pheromone perfume, as if it were a completely different reaction. Although there may be individual differences, I'd recommend that everyone use it.


October 06, 2012


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I decided to use a secret this time. At first it is a spicy scent, but I feel familiar soon. It is a good feeling. I feel that girls are doing kun kun. Do you understand?
It's at a nursery school where she always sends her daughter. Since I left something behind, my homeroom teacher goes to the play room. Since I thought that it was cute from the past, I greet and I am looking for something to forget ... hugging from behind. When asked, "Teacher?", "Can you stay a little as it is?" After that, I go often to pick up something I forgot. amazing!

My name is

February 19, 2016


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It is a great effect.
I felt my fate with a dramatic deployment of great reversal.
He was supposed to get married, but he dismissed her engagement and propose to me.
I liked myself from the front.
He seems to have felt destiny as well.
The proposal is also romantic and can never be forgotten.
He was the most popular company in the company but he seemed like this for the first time but he told me that I only love me all my life.
I am very happy.
I am getting married in June.
Happy Junebride.


March 09, 2016


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