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Unscented pheromone perfume for women

Unscented type not using any fragrance. It is recommended for those who want to use it without being noticed by others or who want to use it with their favorite perfume. You can mix it with other perfumes and use multiple layers of perfumes. If you have sensitive skin, please select alcohol free type.

Oriental pheromone perfume for women

Oriental fragrance is the rich one with unique sweetness and warmth, based on the image of the Orient that has mysterious and exotic mood. When the exotic fragrance that will be unforgettable once people smell it is combined with human pheromone, it produces inner sexiness of women. It is recommended for the women that desire to excite men or have sensual nights.

Woody pheromone perfume for women

Fresh and woody fragrance that becomes fragrant when trees are cut down. Based on the image of forest, the perfume is comforting and refined. When deep woody aroma is combined with human pheromone, the perfume produces the charms of adult women. It is recommended for the women that desire to significantly develop relationships with the targeted opposite sex or increase the mood effect of night dates or physical intimacy at night time.

Musk pheromone perfume for women

Powdery musk fragrance with a hint of refined sweetness. It conveys sensual aftertaste by its fresh fragrance with a sense of cleanliness. Being combined with human pheromone, it brings out your potential charms and fascinate men. Soft fragrance such as slightly lingering scent of soap at the time of quick intimacy will excite your partner and impress you strongly.

Floral pheromone perfume for women

Floral fragrance of flower that is scented softly and gently. Being combined with human pheromone, it produces the sense of relief as if your partner were with you for a long time and the amicable atmosphere that you are easy to talk to and you can expect your upgrade of the favorable public image. It is a popular fragrance that produces gorgeousness in the office or in the private state.

Fruity pheromone perfume for women

Vivacious fruity fragrance based on the image of fresh fruits. By pure cuteness like a virgin that is hidden in the tenderness of calm adult women, it excites men and motivates them to “be protective toward you”. It is a recommended fragrance for women that desire to date boyfriends younger than them and to be lovely couples forever.

Green pheromone perfume for women

Refreshing and green fragrance based on the image of natural green such as forests, grass or leaves. It is said to provide a sense of relief. Being combined with human pheromone, it gives a good impression around you. It is recommended for women to desire for enhancing communication at their workplace and for the women that come in contact with a lot of people such as people in customer service or salespersons.