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The Secret of Pheromone Perfume

What Are Pheromones?

A pheromone is emitted to the outside of the body through sweat glands and the like to communicate certain information to the same species as yourself to “gather other members”, “notify other members of danger", "show the way to a certain place", "attract the opposite sex", etc. Pheromones do exist in a variety of animals, including insects, fish, and mammals.

What Are Pheromones?

For many years, it was believed that these pheromones were a means of communication for other animals than humans and humans do not have these pheromones or an organ to detect them, because, unlike other animals, they can use language. However, Dr. David Berliner discovered around 1987 that there are pheromones in humans, and humans also have the "vomeronasal organ”, an organ that senses them.

The world's only patented human pheromone

After discovering the existence of human pheromones, Dr. Berliner studied the mechanism of human pheromones and succeeded in artificially creating human pheromones. In 1991, a paper was published in an academic journal that reported the artificially created human pheromone was effective in affecting human behaviors. The pheromone was patented in the U.S. in 1992 and in Japan in 2000.

The world's only patented human pheromone

Moreover, in August 2001, an article was published in the Washington Post which reported the existence of human pheromones and the vomeronasal organ, which senses pheromones in the human body. The doctor’s human pheromone gained worldwide attention.

Prosty Co., Ltd. is a licensed importer and seller of perfumes using the human pheromone since 2003. Ever since we started the sale of the perfume products in Japan as a manufacturer, we have sold more than 300,000 bottles as of 2015.

Male Pheromone and Female Pheromone

Currently, two types of pheromones are known to exist, one acting on males and one acting on females.
Of these two types of pheromones, the one that acts on females is called “Androstadienone”, a male pheromone compound found in the human male sweat, and the one that acts on males is called “Estratetraenol”, a female pheromone compound found in the female urine.

In a study of human pheromones, for example, a female individual who sensed the "male pheromone compound" experienced in the increase in her female hormone secretion and so as her pheromone secretion.
Pheromones of the opposite sex helps an individual relax and secure, making him or her act more boldly and/or activating his or her pheromone secretion, which result in people around the individual finding him/her more attractive.

The Secret of “Love Attraction”: The Blending Ratio of the Pheromones

Based on the research on human pheromones, our pheromone perfume "Love Attraction" was born to enhance the user’s attractiveness from their inner self. The secret is the blending ratio of the pheromones. For example, the one for women contain 75% male pheromone and 25% female pheromone – more pheromone of the opposite sex.

The Secret of “Love Attraction”: The Blending Ratio of the Pheromones

Sensing the male pheromone unconsciously, not only do women become bold but also their pheromone secretion will increase because they feel happy being with the man she loves. Moreover, the addition of the female pheromone will increase the sex appeal from their inside to strong attract men.