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Love Attraction White Musk for WOMEN (Alcohol Free)Love Attraction White Musk for WOMEN (Alcohol Free)

Love Attraction White Musk for WOMEN (Alcohol Free)


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A musk pheromone perfume that makes men find you attractive and fall in love with you

Love Attraction White Musk for WOMEN has an alluring top note with a sexy but soft under tone that stimulates men’s sexual instinct. This pheromone perfume with a subtle note of musk, which many men find to be pleasant, is for women who want to move onto the next phase in their romantic relationship with someone they love.

The patented blend of human pheromones is complemented with a fragrance of musk that has been used as an aphrodisiac from old times in European and Arab culture. An aroma created with the clean scent which is like a freshly-washed white shirt and the sexy but sophisticated scent helps you become more attractive to men.

The musky fragranced pheromone spray helps make him find you more attractive and triggers his sexual arousal. It is the pheromone perfume for those who want to make a date night with your crush unforgettable or who are trying to become someone special for the one they like.

…Just in case whenever you need it,
Love attraction comes in a travel-friendly bottle making it perfect to keep handy.

Patented Pheromone Perfume

Patented Pheromone Perfume

Pheromone is a transmitter substance which is secreted to convey information such as danger and propagation, etc. from people to people, from an animal to an animal of the same species. It had been thought during many years that it did not exist in people with communication means, but it was discovered that there was also an organ for the human to detect it by Dr. David Berliner around 1987.
The patent was acquired in the U.S. in 1992 and the process patent was acquired in Japan in 2003. …more >>

What kind of fragrance should I use?

If you are a woman who wants to initiate a romantic relationship with the guy you like: a sexy fragrance that enhances his feelings toward you
If you have a crush on someone and get into a romantic relationship with him, wear a sexy fragrance that enhances his feelings toward you. The fragrance helps give him a strong impression about you with the human pheromones that stimulate his "sixth sense" and a sexy aroma that brings out your sensual side from your inner self.

How to use

How to use

Shake the bottle well before use.
Please use it in the same way as normal perfume.
By spraying parts of the body that have a higher body temperature, the human pheromones contained in the perfume diffuse into the air when the moisture vaporizes. The effects usually last 2-3 hours. For the best result, we recommend you apply a small amount and reapply frequently.

How to use most of Pheromone Perfume >>


Water, BG, glycerin, citric acid, Na citrate, methyl paraben, fragrance(human pheromones , white musk fragrance oil)
Please note that, depending on the type of product, the liquid of the product is colored. This is due to the natural color of the fragrance oil used for the product and not a defective product.
Net Contents
10ml (0.34 Fl. Oz)

Scent components

Musk is an aromatic substance derived from a glandular secretion from the musk deer. It is probably one of the most popular ingredients for It has a fresh, soap-like smell, but it actually is a pheromone for male deer to attract femal deer. Animal fragrance made from deer secretions called musk deer. It is a very refreshing scent similar to soap, but it is said that male deer is a pheromone to attract female deer. The fragrance is so popular in perfumery, it is used in many perfumes and cosmetics.
Human pheromone
Human pheromone
Pheromone is a transmitter substance which is secreted to convey information such as danger and propagation .etc. from people to people, from an animal to an animal of the same species. It had been thought during many years that it did not exist in people with communication means, but it was discovered that there was also an organ for the human to detect it by Dr. David Berliner around 1987.

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The reviews on this website include those for Love Attraction White Musk for WOMEN (Alcohol Free), which is sold only in Japan. Please also note that alcohol-containing products cannot be shipped to international addresses.

It is the best fragrance! It's amazing

Actually, despite being married, someone who is interested has been made.
I am sorry if I feel uncomfortable.
First I bought alcoholic-free fragrance and bergamot. When I tried both when I met with a guy who is always hard guard (6 years younger, I'm not singling alone), the response was clearly different from what I have ever been (≧ ∇ ≦ \)
Until now I have avoided eye view, I had only had lunch and talking at his home, but when I started using pheromone perfume, I took him to the drive.
I am really surprised!
It is more gentle than usual, (I have not left the area of ​​friends yet, I do not have anything lol) It was such a seriously serious person that I was really surprised. White musk is also purchased anymore. It seems to be the most feminine among the three, it is not too sweet, but the most feeling rises when attached (^ _ -) - ☆ It may not be directly related, but after purchasing pheromone perfume The appetite that was unusual until now has decreased, and it has lost 10 kilos in one and a half months. (* ^ _ ^ *) It's still so long as I gained 15 kilograms after birth.
Were you able to have confidence in yourself by putting perfume? (Of course, I guess there are also tokimei due to the people I liked, but lol \)
It is thanks to pheromone perfume that I reconfirmed that I am a woman ?!
It was nice to really buy !!
I was not able to use it well because it was ruined, but I think that I will try using it normally.
Lipi is definite when you run out!
I like that much (≧ ∇ ≦ \)
Absolutely, a telephone came suddenly today, and suddenly we will meet! It's just surprising though!
I went out quite far away by car (* ^ _ ^ *) Although I was cautious whether it was considerably passive or not, until the way back, (at the moment I want to see you) only ○ ○ (my surname) , ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ 0
I am surprised by the rapid deployment!
Even while I was seeing you, I was kind and gentle.
I was really surprised.
After that, even the young older brother who had a cashier at the local supermarket gently touched me like I was surprised!
Pheromone perfume (white musk) It is too amazing!
Be sure to repeat before you run out!
It 's a really great effect and amazing ~!
Please, try it!

A throat of 41 years old

June 09, 2016


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My boyfriend is ready !!

I thought that I wanted to get around with my boyfriend who had broken up about a year ago.
I had the opportunity to meet as a friend so I wish I could have had a little impression on him at that time I thought that I used the pheromone perfume.
One day when I went for dinner, "suddenly I enjoyed something" suddenly, I always thought that it was a pheromone perfume because I would not say such a thing, but that day ended without anything in particular.
When I meet after that I added pheromone perfume without missing every time.
And the other day I finally got to go out and told you again!
I am really pleased because it was the opponent who gave up already !!
Of course I think that each person has an effect, but I think it's worth a try (^ - ^)


June 08, 2016


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White musk is dangerous

In a sense, I recommend a product to those who want to get married, married soon after use I thought that it was an effect of white musk I told I would not get married gently for a lifetime I can use it for everyday use White Musk used to be sorry for men, I used it for him as a friend of mine for the time being, but it makes me feel as if I only cheered his mood .... I do not feel comfortable.My is not so comfortable I feel sorry and I will use it only twice.I think that gakunani is nice as well.I think that geranium is also good.I always use it when I am on good evening.It seems like a nude feeling pretty.Such gloss It seems like a woman with a white musk for this monitor recommended to those who want to get married soon.

Anonymous request

June 06, 2016


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I feel I have a lot of skin ship

Although I was going out with him for a year, he was super-pace with my personality, even if I met him at all times, he was smothering and sometimes became uneasy about what I thought of myself.
Because I knew this perfume at that time, I tried using things, but besides when I was talking, I felt that I was staring at myself and that my skin was touched when I suddenly To do.
Also, maybe you are more concerned than before ... This is how it used to be on the first day you used, so I will try it for a while ~


June 07, 2016


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I decided to meet him in a subtle relationship for the first time in a while and attached it to my neck.
If I was reloading frequently as I explained, he has not put out any hands so far, he buries his face in the neck and "I smell nice" .... He says that suppression will not work.
It is absolutely recommended for those who want to step forward.


June 05, 2016


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If you notice, your youngest boyfriend ... ♪

The smell of refreshing feeling of the limited pheromone "vanilla musk".
At the moment of attachment flower → It seems that it will change as smell of musk (musk) itself → smell of solid soap ... after a while.
The rest of the smell is not about as much as vanilla musk, but it is said that it is okay.
I feel healed by the smell of the white musk which I feel when I suddenly feel it.
At the moment when I passed, both men and women of the work colleagues began to sniff their nose and was praised many times as "Oh! Ningyo something very good odor ~!"

... I realized that he was 7 years younger than I was.
I think now, it is the incident right after adding "White musk".
It was a nice effect.

Every day from him he's been shooting "Nane is really cute and sexy" ♪

I think I will also buy repeat.


May 22, 2012


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People come by

Musk has a rich image, but when I see other reviews I also had an unexpected comment called "fragrance of soap" and tried it with interest.
However, when attached to my skin, it became an animal wild scent, rather than soap, as it was the image of the original musk.
Since the fragrance fly quickly, there is no problem even if it is attached at work.
I am up for hair, so I pushed 2 behind my ears and necklace in the morning and continued 2 pushing at noon and 3 o'clock for several days.
Your eyes are in the office, but the alcohol-free type you bought last time got dramatic effect and the distance shrunk, so expecting further effects ... Everyday, although it is little by little, the chance to talk is increased and suddenly When I raise my face my eyes match, and I am glad that I wonder if the effect is coming out.
Also, I feel that when I use this, I can speak spontaneously from various people in my workplace. People who have not had a chance to talk much so far stopped bothering to come and talking to us ... regardless of gender.
Anyway, it is a nice effect, I want to patronize from now on.


June 07, 2016


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There is effect!

As soon as I turned on this perfume, he told me that he was holding hands today, I was also wearing it on my wrist, I was surprised to be kissed by sneaking around his wrist Wow, it is effective Although I thought that the scent smells a good fragrance to him, I do not think it is my favorite fragrance, though I thought that the scent was different though there was an effect, I will use it until I lose it because I have an effect to cherish him!


May 30, 2016


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I just added it, but ♪ postscript

It smells like musk This is a soapy scent like the feeling like this.
Even though it's called soap, it smells like a small soap wrapped in paper placed in a business hotel (this should be quite accurate ...)

My husband rarely kissed from her husband when I was sleeping on arriving night! This is amazing

~ Addendum ~ I went to a company drinking party soon I got stuck in unfamiliar drunk I got a nice feeling as a colleague of my company (I had a relationship before, but it was shaken)

Something is somewhat different from usual!
I think that it is very effective especially for the partner who is drunk.
Since I was drunk, the reason was weak, so I felt that I would make it instinctive by the effect of white musk !!


August 18, 2016


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I have been using fragrant materials for a long time and have been wearing regular perfume on top of it. This is the first time for me to use white musk, it is a soft image that is very nice fragrance. I felt that not only men but also women would be kind as they might feel gentle just by putting on.


May 31, 2016


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