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Love Attraction White Musk for WOMEN (Alcohol Free)

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There is effect!

As soon as I turned on this perfume, he told me that he was holding hands today, I was also wearing it on my wrist, I was surprised to be kissed by sneaking around his wrist Wow, it is effective Although I thought that the scent smells a good fragrance to him, I do not think it is my favorite fragrance, though I thought that the scent was different though there was an effect, I will use it until I lose it because I have an effect to cherish him!


May 30, 2016

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Than usual

He is currently in a long distance relationship, but I can not meet him so I wanted to make a strong impression and used it.
I have been with him for 4 years.
As it is only once a month even if we meet, it is not becoming a luxury thing ... but, even if we meet a few days recently, the pattern is the same and the crushing of the time when I got accustomed to the other person and started dating Such things are getting pretty thin (I like it, of course) but it feels like the other party. I thought it was a bit uneasy, so I decided to try it. By the way the opponent is considerably younger.
It is a refreshing fragrance of white musk (it is natural, is not it?). However, it does not smell long, it is a smell that disappears without refreshing.
Although the result did not feel much effect at the beginning at first, I feel that it appeared while reworking several times.
For the time being, it is a person who does not stick to it all the time (laughing), but unusually it often happens that I feel like something is different from usual saying selfishness of such a system or oddly stuck together . Although I did not change so much in my own feelings, my feelings towards the opponent revived when I asked the opponent that way, I was able to have a good time.
The other party seems to have taken plans to meet next month and I feel very happy.
I wonder if it works smoothly and it feels like this! Recommended for those who want to get closer to each other with him.


June 12, 2016

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this is…

When he was living in the excitement of himself, he was only going home quietly.
I got into the bag and went to date quickly when the perfume arrived!
Playing, eating rice, playing (Oh, I'm happy date, but somewhat lonely ... well!) On my way home, I tried attaching it.
I got it sent (as usual, it was fun, it was fun, was not it, ...) trying to get off the car, catch her arm "If you do not have enough time?" If you were surprised and nervous about what you were talking about, I do not want to leave ... "a shy person gently pulled me tightly.
If this aggressive appearance was for the first time surprised and hardened, he brought me a kiss with "Today is this far ..." and it was still a dreamlike day.
I borrowed the power of perfume, but I want to convey more feelings from me, I would like to become a relationship that I am amenable or obedient.
Thank you very much.

Peeling dead

June 16, 2016

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Unexpected Motet season ???

Sorry to be late for the review.
My boyfriend made a few months ago when I thought that I wanted to use a white musk.
Thanks to the fragrance of PP Lavo's Venus (laugh)

However, we are busy each other or for only other reasons we can only meet once or twice a month.
Moreover, my boyfriend thought that I would like to try the white musk of this place because there are uneasy things to various people because I am one or more younger than me.
The scent was written in other people's reviews, but it looked like the scent of hairdressing hairdressing (lol \)
I felt something close to the perfume of the musk of the boys later.
At the beginning of wearing, I think it will change gradually to a soft and gentle fragrance gradually, and the scent flies faster.
Although it is the effect of the main thing, it was good.
Because it did not like the taste of scent privately, it is star 4 but the effect is 5.
Before I met my boyfriend I sat on the wrists and put them under the ears.
I fixed it every two hours frequently during the date to realize the effect.
Then they acted differently as usual.
Sitting next to the sofa I wonder if he got stuck together like a dog Cunkun Starting from my back I started sweeping around the scroll ,,,,.
When it was over, I felt sticky for the first time I touched around the thighs (laugh \)
Did you feel the muskiness of musk ?? \?
Thanks to that I was quite demanded and I was able to spend good friends.
The smell effect is amazing, is not it?
I was thinking that it would be best to rely on pheromone perfume at first if there was something uneasy.

Incidentally, aside from White Musk, I felt an unexpected effect not only for my boyfriend but also for a boyfriend (quite younger) and a little younger in my office. It is as long as I am happy to have something to think about!

Herb tea

June 12, 2016

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Like soap?

I liked the scent of musk, so I bought it

I think that it is a clean fragrance like soap But it was not my taste so unfortunately I have not used it almost I did not feel any sense of incompatibility with the handheld SABON patchouli lavender vanilla

It may be effective for those who like this scent, so I'm thinking about giving up to my friend and checking the effect (~ _ ~;)


January 13, 2017

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Happiness, combined with premium

As musk alone, it smells fragrant and smells funny, so I decided to use it with Happiness!
It was because it turned out that the fragrance of happiness was sustained with the musk of + α.
Together, there was a tremendous effect at Happiness Musk Premium over Happiness Premium !!

It's mainly the older men's main, but it gets stuck and makes community easier.
Well issued often ...

There is almost no pheromone when being told that it is a fishy face with a baby face, but thanks to this it is managed (lol)

Makura Mikura

November 06, 2015

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Calm down quite

People on the workplace are mostly men, and even if they are doing their best they are thinking that things are unreasonable and that they will improve even a little.
As a result, the effect on men in the workplace is good, but it is wakaran, but as I relax as I add it, my mood got upward.
I think that reception of girls is better than men.
It is the smell I attached for the first time, but I love it so I will repeat it.


June 13, 2016

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There was effect

I used it for his intended purpose.
I tried challenging secrets and premiums, but when I saw a place where I did not step in, I thought that a pretty fragrance would be better? Even in the word-of-mouth, it seems that the reaction is good in my younger days, so I tried using it, the reaction of the opponent feels soft.
I think I will continue.


May 17, 2015

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Is it a scent of male uke rather than female uke?

I did not know what the fragrance of musk was and I tried it with interest. When arriving at hand and looking at the fragrance ... It was a fragrance that sometimes happens sometime.
But I feel that this fragrance, the loyal customer was overwhelmingly more male than the female. So it may be the fragrance the man likes. ★ The four are because they are not my favorite fragrance. Whether the fragrance diluted soon after splitting It was not painful to wonder whether the fragrance part that I do not like fly quickly.
And talk about the effect. There is effect! Again male uke is a good fragrance When going out, a man approaches intentionally purposely going near, the man who does not know opens the door or gives up the order and gives up the turn, and somehow the child of elementary school age (Regardless of gender or woman). Musk may be a fragrance to talk to something in humans. Of course it is not only the effect of musk scents but pheromone perfume so I think it is anyway white musk, there was an effect!
It will be white musk which makes me think that pheromone perfume will keep going on forever while enjoying various fragrances in the future.
It is the fragrance I want you to try by all means if you feel that the effect is not good with other pheromone perfumes.


October 17, 2014

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The fragrance continues ♪

I used the secret, I was glad that the fragrance continued compared to it.
It seems to me a little rich, but these things are perfumes ☆ like perfume ☆.
I try to use them properly.
I am using it with the premium.
The effect was felt. Although the other party does not know about scents as nothing of type, I do not know whether they are aware or not, but ☆ I am happy because I take satisfactory attitude.


August 30, 2012

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I purchase it once before and feel that my husband liked the fragrance, and I feel that my husband is more friendly than usual.
I had a smell of relief.
I will absolutely buy it again!


January 29, 2019

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I feel like a girl.

The fragrance that you let me patronize also increased, and in the past I was overlapping with my favorite perfume, but recently there are days that I can only select love attractions by feeling.
White musk is a good feeling even if you use one!
I have not yet met him in a unrequited love, I do not know the effect, but I will put musk on the office.
When I was watching the document, my younger 26 years old craftsman looked into me, the distance between men was close ......... !!

Also, when I meet him in unrequited love, I will contribute to the poster! Musk is a scent of a slightly gentle girl.
I feel as if I do not care much about myself "Honest."
If he has an effect I repeat absolute ♡


December 17, 2018

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Favorite scent

I used the musk before and I liked it. I usually use secret and premium, so I will try using musk for refresh. I remember having talked a lot with my younger people in my office. I wish I could report a good result again.


February 26, 2018

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Fragrance good! Cat gets estrus

The goods reached, thrilling and confirmed the fragrance!
When I looked at the word-of-mouth, I did not feel any alcohol smell or father's worry I was worried about (* ^^ *)

Purchased worriedly with my husband. I chose the scent with sexy route because it is over one or more.
I'm getting gentle \ (^^) / I will ask for a chance for a while.
Also, a cat that has not yet been castrated has estrus.
It may be irrelevant because it is a human pheromone ... I will buy the goods I was interested in!

Pheromone perfume beginner

December 08, 2017

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I am satisfied!

It is a sweet attraction now, I used a secret! It also has a considerable effect (^ з ^) - ☆ White musk is fresh and refreshing like it!
I went to the company promptly, but everyone was kind, and especially the boys were different from usual (lol \)
The motive for trial was to break down the manneri with the boyfriend ~ amazing Death (lol \)
It was more aggressive than usual ❤ Love was a long time ♡ (// ∇ // \)
Kedo who was scared of chopping too much ... But it is recommended to be lucky  I think that it is good for solving the mannerism with the boyfriend !!
I wonder if I should buy Kore this time (# ^. ^ #)


May 23, 2012

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nice smell

I wanted a child with my older owner but I did not want to tell him that it was an ovulation day, so I was looking for something that my husband would want to do naturally.
Using a secret here, my husband cares about Wednesday in the middle of the weekday that I did only weekend normally. Maybe it was good to have secretly attached to the bath!
Just a little secret has a unique scent, but musk is a good fragrance that you want to wear every day as perfume ordinary!
Turning on this, the master who usually does not get stuck will surely cling to it.
It is attached to the neck, but it seems to be smelling the smell around that.
Human pheromone is amazing !!!!!!


May 22, 2012

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The scent was not so good ... it was not good.
I think hyacinth is the best fit for me.
I'm refreshed, so it might be good for those who like that scent (● 'people `●)


January 02, 2019

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Aroma and effect ... 3: 7

Well, I thought that it is sweet feeling if it is a white musk of a car fragrance, but the top note is rather fragrance of a masculine white musk which is not sweet enough, and then a little auntie system of a cosmetic system Change to the scent of. I was disappointed. However, contradictory effects were quite good. Always a regular student and a child who speaks real intention to other staff suddenly, because they like it suddenly, they gave gifts specially, and there were quite a few other people with different attitudes. It is subtle because it is not my favorite fragrance. Even if I do not like it inside, I will not use it so much I hate it so I will use it until the end. Please make it a sweet floral white musk.

I love perfume

January 01, 2019

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There was an effect.

Until now I have avoided scent of animal type, but I tried trying to see the scent of soap here.
Surely the scent of soap scented faintly ... There is no animal smell. It is a good scent.
The main effect was ...!
First of all, the boss of a man who had a strong hit until now gentle, and it is possible for us to speak to himself or herself almost entirely from the customer. Although there is an effect regardless of gender and woman, I felt that muskiness is better if musk rather than what I used to date.
I will try to use it for a while and verify thoroughly!


December 22, 2018

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Perfume-like fragrance

Because it is an odor fetish, we are constantly stretching the antenna, in search of favorites such as softening agents and perfumes.
It was very pleasant to be able to smooten human relations, especially with fragrance.
I tried various pheromone perfumes before this pheromone perfume, but the real feeling did not clearly come up.
However, because I wanted to be self-confident, I bought a premium with a good reputation and a secret together, it was the first time I tried using it, but at the first drinking party for the first time I got to work it is a rumor that the pheromone is amazing It was told that it is.
Maybe they are all gentle ... lol

Then if you want to try out variously, add karma, taboo ,, this time it is white musk.

I was wondering if the fragrance claims are more strong, but I feel a little fragrant, not like a musk I feel like a musk, not a feeling,

Of course there were effects, too. As usual, my boss who is cool will speak to me, making the simple follow-up casually, everyone will be kind.

Perhaps the opponent may change the way the effect differs depending on the difference in scent.
I really feel the effect, so I'd like to seek more fragrance that I like to go up to tension as I like.


December 21, 2018

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